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Episode 7: Drag U Later
John Polly and Jon Mallow recap this week's episode of RuPaul's Drag U.
Episode 2: Drag U Later
Logo's Jon Mallow and John Polly recap Episode 2 of RuPaul's Drag U. Bring on the dateless divas!!!
The A-List New York: Bonus Interview with Playgirl's Glenn
02:31 — The Easy A-List host, John Polly gets the low down from Playgirl's own Glenn.
Episode 1: Drag U Later
Logo's Jon Mallow and John Polly return to the fabulous word of online web vlogging to recap the premiere episode of RuPaul's Drag U!
Holidays with "The A-List: New York"
05:13 — Have you been naughty or nice? The boys of "The A-List: New York" chat with NewNowNext.com's John Polly about their holiday plans.
5 x Five - Colbert Moments: As Seen on TV
Stephen introduces his new friend Perfect Polly to the show, reviews the Banana Bunker banana protection system and debuts his laziness assistance pro (more…)
Perfect Polly
A plastic parakeet brings retirees all the joy of owning a real parakeet -- like chirping, perching and more chirping.
Daredevil Grandma Gets a Tattoo!
00:52 — Polly says she started ticking off items from her bucket list after the death of her husband. To help her accomplish one of her lifelong dreams, The D (more…)
Skydiving Grandma Loses Dentures!
04:35 — After the death of her husband, Polly says she decided to start a bucket list and do all the activities she’d been putting off her whole life. Hear wh (more…)
US Air Force Band Surprises Visitors at National Air and Space Museum
The US Air Force band staged a flash mob at the National Air and Space Museum, surprising and delighting guests by appearing one by one playing Christ (more…)
Caprica's sci-fi stars Pollly Walker, Eric Stoltz and Paula Malcomson discuss their show's controversial POV.
02:38 — Erin Fox interviews Polly Walker, Eric Stoltz and Paula Malcomson about the new hot show.|Caprica|Polly Walker|Eric Stoltz|Paula Malcomson|Erin Fox|
Giant Ice Boulders Floating Along Lake Michigan Shoreline
Huge balls of ice have been found along the shores of Lake Michigan in Glen Arbor on January 7. The large ice chunks broke off from over the water and (more…)
Polly McCourt Delivers Baby Ila Isabelle On The Upper East Side
Polly McCourt Has Baby Ila Isabelle On Street Corner Of 68th and Third Avenue in Manhattan on Monday afternoon and taken to Lenox Hill Hospital. Produ (more…)
Tell Me Why: Gay Rights
Experts may have all the answers, but when it comes to gay rights, 12-year-olds Quinn and Polly might have something to teach us. They join us to disc (more…)
How These 12 Year Olds Are Fighting For Gay Rights At Their Catholic School
Experts may have all the answers, but when it comes to gay rights, 12-year-olds Quinn and Polly might have something to teach us. They join us to disc (more…)
Mattel's Barbie Sales Plummeting
Mattel said Wednesday its second-quarter net income fell 24 percent, hurt by a continued slide in Barbie sales and a $14 million write-down on the toy (more…)
Ayesha Ali Death: A Shocking Telephone Call Made by Kiki Muddar Threatening to Kill Eight-Year-Old
A shocking telephone call made by Kiki Muddar to a friend on 3 July, 2013, where she threatens to kill Ayesha Ali. Muddar was found guilty alongside P (more…)
Why Polly Pocket Is Bad For Little Girls
Margot Magowan joins HuffPost Live to talk about why she feels that toys like Polly Pocket are bad for young girls.
The Women of Charleston: Hate Will Not Win
For Alana Simmons, 26, Nadine Collier, 47, Bethane Middleton-Brown, 45, Felicia Sanders, 58, and Polly Sheppard, 71, the shooting at Emanuel African M (more…)
Bank Employee Claims She Was Fired For Wishing Customer 'A Blessed Day'
Polly Neace, an employee of a Kentucky US Bank branch, says she was fired for telling customers to € have a blessed day € and has since fi (more…)
Pink Floyd Reveals Details Of First New Album In Two Decades
Pink Floyd's two-decade absence from releasing new music will end on Nov. 10, when the remaining members of the English rock band release their album (more…)
Woman Arrested For Biting Children's Faces at Bookstore
46-year-old Polly Beltramo was arrested in Mountain View, CA after she allegedly bit two small children in the face.
Tove Lo Reflects On "Polly" & Kurt Cobain, 20 Years After The Singer's Death
Swedish indie pop star, Tove Lo, Reflects On 'Polly' & Kurt Cobain, 20 Years After The Singer's Death. Watch the video to see how Nirvana influenced t (more…)
Charleston Church Shooting Survivors On Losing Loved Ones, Forgiveness
04:20 — Felicia Sanders and Polly Sheppard, two of three survivors of the deadly shooting, sit down with NBC’s Lester Holt for an emotional, difficult and at (more…)
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