Wish Fixers
12:28 — Jorgen Von Strangle, toughest fairy in the Universe, orders Timmy to undergo a program that will teach him to make harmless and responsible wishes. (more…)
Indie rock godfather Bob Mould reflects on career
04:10 — Mould was a musical pioneer whose career began with the band Hüsker Dü, back in the punk era of the late '70s. That band influenced the likes of Nirva (more…)
Pixies - Exclusive Trailer 1
02:16 — Joe Beck (Bill Paxton) has lost the love of his life (Alexa Vega), thanks to a Pixie's Curse and he now needs to figure out how to get his girl back, (more…)
"Biggest Frenemies" Opening Monologue
SHUT UP! NO, YOU SHUT UP! Watch Craig's opening monologue from "History's Biggest Frenemies" to learn all about his trailer named Freedom and sex with (more…)
The Woman Obsessed With Gnomes
Ann Atkin holds the world record for the largest collection of gnomes and pixies, with over 2,000.
Fall Out Boy, Lenny Kravitz, Headline SunFest
Fall Out Boy, Pixies, Lenny Kravitz and AWOLNATION are among the top acts set to perform at SunFest 2015 in West Palm Beach.
Bratz Fashion Pixiez - Official Trailer
01:48 — Discover the fantastic power of helping your best friendz in this totally new, enchanted Bratz movie that will have you looking at the world in a spar (more…)
Gameplay Videos - Persona 2: Innocent Sin: You Want Some
02:30 — Lisa and her gang take on some vile pixies in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin.
DEBATE: Rock And Roll Hall of Fame 2016
Nothing gets rock fans arguing like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Musical taste is so subjective that pleasing everyone is impossible. Hard rock fan (more…)
'Sister Wives': The Pixies & Peter Pan Find Home
The Brown's daughters and their son have finally found a place to call home.
Robert Plant to Bring Sensational Space Shifters on the Road
Robert Plant will hit the road again this year with his Sensational Space Shifters backing band for a tour that wraps itself around festival appearanc (more…)
Pixies: Silver Snail
Pixies go for the horrifying weird-out element in their new 'Silver Snail' music video from their latest album Indie Cindy.
Pixies: Ring The Bell
In the Pixies 'Ring The Bell' two girls run around dumpster diving, finding the hippest of the hip treasures before landing at a bubble filled, glow s (more…)
Pixies: Indie Cindy
A girl finds a creative way to deal with an abusive male companion in the Pixies' music video for 'Indie Cindy,' which can be found on the band's new (more…)
Pixies: Magdalena
Pixies - 'Magdalena' - Not what you would expect.
Total Warr: Where Is My Mind
French duo Total Warr do their take on The Pixies' classic, 'Where Is My Mind'.
Pixies: Bagboy
The first piece of music released by the Pixies since 2004's 'Bangthwok', 'Bagboy' leads to further speculation about a full-length studio record.
Pixies: Blue-Eyed Hexe
The Pixies unveil more new material with the surprise release of the not-so-cleverly-titled EP-2 and this video for 'Blue-Eyed Hexe'.
Pixies: Andro Queen
Last month Pixies released their semi-reunion piece EP-1, following a 22-year hiatus. Today, they shared the Ondi Timoner-directed music video for its (more…)
Pixies: Greens and Blues
The Pixies construct a boy meets astronaut love story in their video for 'Greens and Blues.'
How to Skip That Awkward Growing-Out Phase With Your Pixie
As easy as short hair may be in the styling department, when it comes to the growing-out process, pixies are no picnic. The days and weeks seem to mov (more…)
'People Were So Happy To See Us Play'
00:26 — Kim Deal explains what it was like for the Pixies to get back onstage as a group. (3.27.08)
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