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Man Who’s Been Arrested Over 15 Times Says He Wouldn’t Have To Yell If Family Would Just Obey His Rules
02:53 — Sheri and Eric have a volatile marriage. Sheri says Eric is hostile and impatient, while Eric says it’s Sheri who pushes his buttons. The couple have (more…)
“All My Ex Cares About Is Acting and Singing For The Lord, Not Our Daughter!”
00:30 — Danielle and Brandon are in an ongoing custody war over their 10-year-old daughter. Danielle, who currently has only visitation, wants custody back be (more…)
‘We Feed Each Other’s Insanity’ Says Wife Of Couple’s Mutual Aggression And Hostility
04:17 — A couple mired in more than a decade of angry exchanges and mutual aggressions, each admits their own role in the hostile conflicts of their marriage.
“Our Mom Did Not Protect Us Against Sexual Abuse”
00:30 — Sisters Amy, Alisa and Susan say they want their mom, Tammy, to acknowledge and accept that Alisa was sexually abused multiple times as a child by two (more…)
Dr. Phil Challenges Combative Couple To Put Their Children First
04:04 — After more than a decade in turmoil, Sheri and Eric are challenged by Dr. Phil to make fundamental changes to themselves and their relationship, for t (more…)
“My Fame-Obsessed Ex Spreads Lies That I Tried To Poison Our Daughter With a Sports Drink”
00:30 — Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Danielle and Brandon who are in the midst of a heated custody battle. Danielle has accused Brandon of abusing t (more…)
Married Couple’s Volatile Relationship Leads To Multiple Arrests, Hospitalizations And Allegations
01:15 — Sheri and her husband, Eric have been sparring verbally – and physically – for over a decade. The consequences to their family include multiple arrest (more…)
Kevin Love Cone Hop Shooting Drill
01:58 — This shooting drill from Kevin Love and Cleveland Cavaliers shooting coach Phil Handy will help your players develop proper footwork and shooting form (more…)
Phil Collins: From workaholic to alcoholic
00:46 — In this preview of a profile to be broadcast on "Sunday Morning," pop star Phil Collins talks with Jim Axelrod about how his success fueled a drive to (more…)
Advice From A Transgender Teen And Her Mom On How To Support A Transgender Child
04:07 — A transgender teen and her mom share what they believe are important ways to support a child who is transitioning.
Transgender Teen Confronts Mom Who She Says Doesn’t Support Her
04:07 — A transgender teen confronts her mom about what she calls her mom’s unsupportive behavior. And, hear some of the statements the teen says her mother h (more…)
Mom Says She’s Ashamed To Be In Public With Transgender Child
04:23 — A mom says when she learned her child identifies as transgender, she was angry and refused to go out in public with the teen. Hear how she says she an (more…)
What is Phil Mickelson's legacy?
02:01 — Kyle Porter joins Chris Wittyngham to discuss Phil Mickelson's legacy.
Transgender Teen Describes Her Parents’ Reaction – And How It’s Impacted Her
04:41 — A teen who says she has been transitioning from male to female for the last two years shares how her parents reacted when they learned, and how her re (more…)
Transgender Teen Lets Cameras Follow Her For The Day
02:25 — Follow a 17-year-old transgender teen as she goes through her day, and learn about the challenges she faces.
Sleeping with the Enemy
00:30 — Sheri says her husband, Eric, “rants” and “fusses” when he doesn’t get his way. Eric says if his family would obey his rules, he wouldn’t have to yell (more…)
‘I Feel Like I’m Torn Between My Husband And My Mother’
01:42 — Nicole is caught in the middle between her husband and her mother. Each says the other takes up far too much of her time.
Woman Accused Of Monopolizing Daughter’s Time Claims Emotional Abuse By Her Own Father: ‘I Was A Puppet’
02:05 — Alana describes her relationship with her father as “enmeshment.” With Dr. Phil’s help, she begins to see how the same dynamic is repeating itself in (more…)
Why Newlywed Says He Feels His Mother-In-Law Is Trying To Sabotage His Marriage
02:05 — Danny says he feels his mother-in-law Alana sabotages his time with wife Nicole and the couple’s baby daughter. Alana claims it’s Danny who wants his (more…)
Daughter Says She’s Responsible For Mom’s Happiness: ‘If I Wasn’t There For Her She Would Probably Die’
01:43 — Dr. Phil helps Nicole to come to terms with her mother’s depression and her own codependency, telling her: “You don’t have the ability to fix this and (more…)
Coming this November on The Dr. Phil Show!
01:23 — Don't miss the all new episodes of Dr. Phil coming this November.
Phil Collins Reveals Secret 14-Year Feud With Paul McCartney
01:06 — Collins gets candid about a 2002 encounter the former Beatle.
Will Phil Keep Thrilling Through 2017?
04:35 — Phil Mickelson finished T8 at the Safeway Open. What does the momentum from last season mean for the 46-year-old, and can he build on his success this (more…)
‘He Seduced Me’ Claims Former Substitute Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With High Schooler
01:57 — “I am the victim,” claims former substitute teacher Mary Beth Haglin. She admits to having sex with her student but claims the boy seduced her.
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