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Entertainment Attorney Weighs In On Woman’s Claim That She Deserves Royalty Rights To Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’
02:03 — Annie claims the Michael Jackson song “Smooth Criminal” was written about her life and she deserves the royalties. Entertainment attorney Chris Chatha (more…)
Why Woman Says She’s Convinced Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ Was Written About Her
01:11 — Annie shares numerous reasons that she says prove to her that Michael Jackson’s hit song “Smooth Criminal” was written about her.
‘I Believe I Am Annie From Michael Jackson’s Song ‘Smooth Criminal’’
03:03 — Annie says she’s certain that Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” is based on her life – and she wants the royalty rights to the song.
Man Confronts Mother Of His 14-Year-Old Who Is Living With The Teen On The Streets
01:37 — The father of a 14-year-old who is living on the streets with her mother confronts his ex.
Woman Addresses Claims That She Is Delusional
04:34 — A woman claims her mother is “delusional” and often behaves erratically. How does her mom respond to her daughter’s allegations?
Woman Says Mom Is Convinced Michael Jackson Wrote ‘Smooth Criminal’ About Her
04:19 — A woman says her mother insists Michael Jackson’s song “Smooth Criminal” was written about her. She also describes what she calls her mother’s other “ (more…)
Michael Jackson’s Former Sound/Audio Engineer Reveals Who ‘Annie’ Is From The Song ‘Smooth Criminal’
02:57 — Michael Jackson’s former sound and audio engineer, who worked on the pop star’s record-breaking album Bad, reveals who the real “Annie” is in the hit (more…)
The Last Man On Earth: Some Friggin' Fat Dude Trailer
01:17 — Carol tries to nudge Todd and Melissa together, while Phil attempts to drive them apart.
The Last Man On Earth: Pranks For Nothin' Trailer
00:47 — Phil is outcast after everyone finds out about him telling the new women that his wife is dead.
Woman Starts A Crowdfunding Campaign To Hire A Divorce Attorney, Claims She Received A Donation From Her Husband’s Ex-Wife
02:57 — Michelle claims Tom sabotaged the crowdfunding campaign she started to help her hire a lawyer to divorce him. Tom says he suspects Michelle was trying (more…)
‘No Matter What Your Age, You’re Going To Learn From Somebody Else,’ Says Older Worker With A Much Younger Boss
05:06 — An older worker and an AARP jobs expert both weigh in on how older employees can adjust to working with a much younger boss.
Woman Claims Brother And Sister-In-Law Would Rather Be Drug Addicts Than Responsible Parents
02:44 — A couple says they took custody of their two nieces because their parents are drug addicts and neglect their kids. The parents say they are good paren (more…)
What Life Is Like For Parents Who Are Heroin Addicts
03:52 — A husband and wife describe how heroin has taken over their life, and why he was recently arrested. And, hear why they believe they still are good par (more…)
Woman Confronts Heroin-Addicted Brother And Sister-In-Law: ‘Your Kids Are Going To Live The Rest Of Their Lives Without You’
03:02 — A woman who fought for custody of her two young nieces makes an impassioned plea to her brother and sister-in-law about their heroin addiction.
“My Mom is Delusional and Believes She is Annie From Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’”
00:30 — Akeeya claims her mother, Annie, is delusional and believes that Michael Jackson wrote his hit song “Smooth Criminal” about her. Annie, a former model (more…)
Dr. Phil Goes To Capitol Hill To Demand Change To The Foster Care System
05:40 — Watch Dr. Phil address Congress about fixing the foster care system. And, hear from Congresswoman Karen Bass, whose mission is to advocate for and ove (more…)
Woman Claims Her Ex Is ‘Crazy, Delusional, And Dangerous’ And Says That’s Why She Won’t Let Him See Their Kids
01:21 — Michelle claims her ex-husband is “crazy, delusional, and dangerous.” He claims she tried to hire somebody to kill him and now, she refuses to let him (more…)
Woman Asks For Help For Her Ex-Husband ‘So That He Can Be A Healthy Father For Two Little Boys Who Need Him’
02:22 — Michelle claims Tom, is violent, abusive, mentally ill and “a deadbeat dad.” She says she’s seeking help for her ex-husband so that he can be “a heal (more…)
How Using Heroin Changes Your Brain
01:01 — Learn about some of the ways using heroin effects the brain.
How Young Woman Overcame Being Ripped Out Of Her Home And Put In Foster Care At Age 12
02:38 — A young woman who was put in foster care at 12 because of her mother’s addiction describes how that has greatly affected her life.
Man Claims Someone ‘Very Close’ To His Ex-Wife Told Him She Tried To Have Him Killed
05:08 — Tom claims his ex-wife, Michelle, tried to have him killed and attempted to stab herself in front of their kids. Michelle denies both claims. She says (more…)
Couple Insists That Drug Addiction Has Never Stopped Them From Being Good Parents
01:48 — A couple who admits to using heroin multiple times a day insists that they are good parents, despite the fact that they’ve temporarily lost custody of (more…)
"My Ex-Husband And His Wife Stole MY Son … And She Coached Him Into Admitting To Killing Animals and Harming His Baby Brother"
00:30 — Jerica says she’s sick and tired of her ex-husband Kody’s new wife, Kim, labeling her 8-year-old son, Michael, as a troubled child with behavioral pro (more…)
‘If There’s No Communication, It’s Really Hard To Co-Parent,’ Says Psychologist To Former Couple Embroiled In A Custody Battle
03:01 — Former spouses Michelle and Tom are introduced to Dr. John T. Chirban who specializes in counseling adults and families through the divorce process.
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