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Bull - Cutting Corners
02:49 — Bull and the team get one of Withrow's employees to testify against him.
‘I’ve Known You To Conjure And Construe Facts,’ Says Man To Former Stepdaughter Accusing Him Of Abuse
01:18 — Angie comes face-to-face with her former stepfather, Ralph for the first time in nearly 16 years. She’s accusing him of molesting her and her daughter (more…)
Dr. Phil Questions Man’s Reasoning For Shooting Neighbor To Death
03:15 — Dr. Phil questions Hector Campos about why he shot his neighbor, Ana Weed, after a reported altercation – instead of leaving the scene.
Looking Back, Would Man Who Killed Neighbor After Reported Altercation Do Anything Differently
04:02 — Hector Campos shot and killed neighbor Ana Weed after a reported altercation in front of their homes. Looking back, would he do anything differently?
‘You Said You’d Had Her In Ways That I As A Husband Never Will,’ Claims Man To Wife’s Alleged Abuser
04:53 — Angie’s husband, Rich, claims that before he married her, Ralph, Angie’s former stepfather, bragged to him about having his way with her. Ralph adaman (more…)
My Life as a Mermaid
05:03 — The Doctors are joined by Tessie who has spent thousands of dollars on equipment to live her life as a mermaid.
Man Who Shot Neighbor Dead: 'She Was The Element That Caused This'
01:41 — Does Hector Campos, who shot and killed his neighbor, Ana Weed, after a reported altercation, say he feels any remorse for his actions?
Man Accused Of Sexual Abuse Agrees To Take Polygraph Exam: His Results Revealed
03:45 — Ralph’s polygraph test indicates he was being deceptive when he said he didn’t molest his former stepdaughter Angie or her daughter Hannah. He profess (more…)
Why Hector Campos Says Shooting Ana Weed Was Self-Defense
05:03 — In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, Hector Campos recalls what he says happened the day he shot his neighbor, Ana Weed, to death and why he’s cla (more…)
Hector Campos Describes Two Events Leading Up To Fatal Shooting Of His Neighbor
01:19 — Hector Campos describes two contentious incidents between him and his neighbor, Ana Weed, that he claims occurred before the fateful day he shot her t (more…)
How Man Learned His Wife Had Been Shot And Killed By Neighbor On Their Front Lawn
00:47 — The husband of Ana Weed, who was shot to death by Hector Campos, describes how he says he learned his wife was lying dead in their front yard.
Hector Campos Explains His Relationship With Neighbor Whom He Shot And Killed
01:53 — Hector Campos explains his relationship with neighbor Ana Weed whom he shot and killed.
‘For The Record, I Deny Ever Hurting Angela Or Hannah,’ Says Man Accused Of Molesting Former Stepdaughter and Step-Granddaughter
04:53 — Ralph admits he took baths with his former step-granddaughter Hannah when she was little, but insists it was all innocent. He says he didn’t do anythi (more…)
‘He Would Tell Me To Keep It A Secret. That It Was Our Secret,’ Claims Woman Accusing Her Step-Grandpa of Molesting Her As A Chi
03:26 — Angie and her daughter Hannah both claim Angie’s former stepfather, Ralph, molested them. Ralph adamantly denies the alleged abuse. He comes face-to-f (more…)
Woman Claims Former Stepdad Wanted Custody Of Her Daughter So He Tried To Scare Off Her Future Husband
05:06 — Angie claims her former stepdad, Ralph, started mentally terrorizing her after she and her daughter, Hannah, moved out and he divorced her mother, Let (more…)
Neighbors Of Hector Campos Claim He Emotionally Abused His Wife
04:42 — The family of Ana Weed, who was shot to death by Hector Campos, claims that Campos emotionally abused his wife – an accusation he denies.
‘Whatever Else, I Would Like To Be Able To Walk Out Of Here And Say I’m Done,’ Says Man Who Denies Molesting Former Stepdaughter
03:58 — Dr. Phil offers Ralph, who is accused of sexual abuse of his former step-granddaughter, Hannah, the opportunity to take a polygraph exam to clear his (more…)
Family Members Recall Last Moments Of Woman Who Was Shot And Killed By Neighbor
03:24 — The husband and mother of Ana Weed, who was shot and killed by neighbor Hector Campos, recall their loved one’s final moments.
Woman Who Denies Witnessing Sexual Abuse Says ‘I’m Devastated That I Have Lost That Much Of My Life’
04:54 — Angie confronts her mother, Leta, about the alleged sexual abuse she claims she witnessed over several years. Leta says she didn’t see it or hear abou (more…)
Neighbor Shooting: Self-Defense or An Angry Husband Out For Revenge?
00:30 — A deadly neighborhood shooting stuns a quiet Texas suburb. Hector Campos fatally shot his neighbor Ana Weed, a mother and grandmother, after an alterc (more…)
Homeless-Inspired Fashion?
01:59 — One fashion designer showcasing their line in New York Fashion Week is being called insensitive for its “homeless-inspired” line. Do you think this de (more…)
‘There Were Times That He Would Make Me Touch Him,’ Says Woman Who Claims Step-Grandfather Molested Her
01:31 — Hannah claims her step-grandfather, Ralph, molested her until she was 5-years-old. She says her grandmother, Leta, was sometimes in the same room, but (more…)
“My Entitled, Lazy, Adult Rapper Son is Sinking This Family!”
00:30 — Cindy and Jim say they are fed up with their 35-year-old son, Brandon. They say he’s a moocher who refuses to get job, wears superhero costumes on a d (more…)
“My Ex-Boyfriend Believes He is Jesus and Scolded, Starved and Tortured Me”
00:47 — Jem says she believes her ex-boyfriend is dangerous and delusional. Jem says during their relationship, Joshua told her he was Jesus, Gilgamesh and li (more…)
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