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Why This Woman Says Her Son’s Girlfriend Should ‘Break Things Off’ And ‘Move On’ With Her Life
03:34 — A Woman claims her son is a “con artist” with a drinking problem and a history of abusing women. He wishes his mom and girlfriend would just “butt out (more…)
Woman Claims Son’s Pregnant Girlfriend Is ‘A Drama Queen Who Thrives On Chaos’
03:40 — Wendy, who says she’s concerned for the safety of her grandchildren, claims her son’s girlfriend is a “drama queen” who thrives on chaos.
Admitted Alcoholic Tells Mom And Pregnant Girlfriend To Butt Out: ‘Nobody Has the Right To Tell Me What To Do’
02:40 — Admitted alcoholic whose mother and girlfriend say they’re tired of his drinking says “I’ve always enjoyed chaos.”
From All-American Hockey Player To Homeless Aspiring Rapper: "Save Our Son From The Streets Of L.A."
00:30 — Twenty-one-year-old Nick left his hometown three months ago, hitchhiking over 2,300 miles to Los Angeles with no money, no phone, and no specific plan (more…)
Couple Who Met In Rehab Describes ‘Toxic’ Relationship After They Decided To Relapse
03:29 — Grant and Korin met in rehab. She says their relationship was initially good, then they both relapsed, and that’s when the relationship took a turn.
Dr. Phil’s Advice To Family In Crisis: It’s Time To Write A New Life Script.’
04:25 — A mom who claims her adult son has a history of alcoholism and abusing women says she sent him to foster care as a child.
Man Says He Lived In His Car For Days To Get Away From ‘Nagging’ Wife
04:06 — A woman claims her husband has a short fuse. He says she won’t stop “nagging him.” Can this marriage be saved?
Couple Claims Daughter’s Tumultuous Marriage Is 'Destroying' Their Grandchildren
02:37 — A couple claims they and their two young grandsons are suffering from their daughter’s volatile marriage.
“Dump My Son Now! He’s A ‘Lying, Abusive, Remorseless Con Artist’”
00:30 — Wendy claims her son, Grant, is a professional “con artist” who has a history of abusing alcohol and women, including his pregnant girlfriend, Korin. (more…)
“Beatings, Bruises, Withholding Food: My Mom’s ‘Cycle Of Abuse’”
00:30 — Twenty-two-year-old Joselyn claims when she was growing up, her mother, Aaliyah’s, use of corporal punishment was downright abusive. Tragically, Aaliy (more…)
Husband Reveals Secret To Wife He Says He Thought He’d "Take To Grave"
05:14 — A man who says he is in a rocky marriage, says he’s “come clean” to his wife and is not hiding anything from her. But when pressed, he admits there’s (more…)
Two Things This Couple Needs For A Chance To Make Their Marriage Work
03:25 — A couple struggling to save their marriage hears what each of them needs to do to try and make their marriage work.
5-Year-Old’s Heart-Wrenching Prayer: ‘Please Take Away My Evil Daddy’
00:21 — Hear the heart-wrenching prayer a 5-year-old boy has said for his parents.
Derek Theler’s Struggle with Diabetes
04:46 — Freeform’s Baby Daddy star Derek Theler joins The Doctors to discuss how he thrives with diabetes.
Teen Says Getting Paid For A Massage With A 'Happy Ending' Is Not Prostitution
01:53 — Is a teenager who gives massages with a “happy ending” engaging in prostitution? Cheyenne doesn’t think so, but the law sees it differently.
'My Teenage Daughter Moved Into A Motel With A Pimp And A Prostitute'
03:05 — Nineteen-year-old Cheyenne lives in a motel with an alleged prostitute and pimp. Her parents say they’re terrified she might be prostituting herself.
A New Low for Anthony Weiner
05:39 — Anthony Weiner has lost his wife, career and might even lose his son because of his past sexual deviances. And now he’s in the spotlight again, hittin (more…)
Man Denies Pimping For Teen Masseuse: 'The Money Goes Right Back To Her'
05:33 — Chris says he’s “definitely not a pimp,” but what does Dr. Phil say?
Trump on Health Care for Criminals!
05:09 — New York and New Jersey bombing suspect Admad Khan Rahami was arrested Monday after a gun battle with police. Trump made comments about the great qual (more…)
Man Denies Pimping Out Teenager, Claims He's Helping Her
03:08 — Nineteen-year-old Cheyenne says her new friends helped her get work giving massages. They say she is better off with them than with her parents.
What Life Is Like For A Teen Who Gives Massages With 'Happy Endings'
04:18 — A 19 year old woman and her two roommates talk about what it is like providing “happy ending” massages for a living.
Bull - The Woman in 8D (Preview)
00:30 — Dr. Bull and his Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) team must formulate a new defense strategy when they discover the jury has a subconscious gender bia (more…)
News in 2:00
02:08 — Get the latest health news you can use with “The Doctors”’ News in 2:00!
Coming This Fall, Season 15 of The Dr. Phil Show!
01:07 — Watch a sneak-peek of what's in store this fall on Dr. Phil.
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