King Of The Hill Season 9
King of the hill is a half-hour animated comedy that follows the day-to-day activities of Hank Hill, his family, and their neighbors in a suburban Tex (more…)
00:30 — Mac is sick, and the rest of friend's are worried.
Only Hurt for a Second
00:36 — Bloo sticks up for Mac and makes Terrance hit himself.
Bloo Morning
00:27 — Mr. Herriman wakes Bloo up and expects him to make his bed before he does anything else.
00:38 — Mr. Herriman confronts Frankie about the party not being ready because there are no streamers.
Corners of Apartments
00:39 — Bloo shows Mac that you can see Mac's apartment from Fosters.
Carousel of Tomorrow
01:08 — A look ahead into the future of science.
The Well
00:59 — A Viking tries to convince Jack to not go onto the island that is defended by the Three Blind Archers.
Robot Army
00:58 — Jack fights a robot army.
Looking in the Mirror
00:59 — Jack must face an evil version of himself.
Berry Love
00:40 — A new friend to the house falls in love with Bloo.
Something Evil
00:56 — Aku has hired three mummy mercenaries to destroy Jack.
The Cave
00:56 — Jack goes deep inside a cave facing numerous obstacles only to realize he must face a lava monster at the end.
The Details
01:00 — An underwater colony has a time machine that Jack can use to get home, but they may not be all that they seem.
Help Me
01:00 — Jack helps what seems like a snugly creature, but he may have been wrong to do so.
On a Bridge
00:58 — Jack is insulted by a very large Scotsman.
Tales of the Samurai
00:55 — Aku decides to spread stories of how great he is and how Jack is not so good.
Aku Ha Returned
00:59 — Aku terrorizes Jack's hometown and keeps his dad from fighting.
Topsy Turvy
00:46 — Jack learns that Aku is terrorizing all parts of the universe.
Coco Smack Talk
00:32 — Coco and Mac have an argument about getting Bloo back, because a jerky kid adopted Bloo.
In the Club
01:00 — Jack faces robots that are disguised and armed as gangsters.
Bullets Fly
00:51 — Jack face some of Aku's largest robots.
Mr. Herriman's a Star
00:42 — Bloo's selling tickets for everyone to see Mr. Herriman's embarrassing video.
Inside Bloo
00:38 — It's Adopt-A-Thought Saturday at Foster's but Bloo has to stay inside so that he doesn't get adopted, but he hates missing a party.
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