The Amazing Race - Meet the Teams - Part 2
02:44 — Meet the rest of the Amazing Race 27 teams.
The Amazing Race - We're Ridiculous
01:17 — Kelly & Shevonne struggle to put their puzzle together at the Detour.
The Amazing Race - Whoop Whoop!
00:53 — Teams arrive in Rio De Janeiro.
The Amazing Race - Hoofing It
00:52 — Denise & James Earl talk about running to the Pit Stop after taxis refused to pick them up in their swimsuits. (3rd place)
The Amazing Race - Matt Damon and Clovers
01:48 — Alex & Adam are beyond thrilled to be in sixth place, and Alex offers a peek at his lucky boxer shorts.
The Amazing Race - Don't Pinch Me!
02:11 — Chris hates Logan's method of silent communication.
The Amazing Race - Fast Forward for Life
03:38 — Ernest & Jin are shaken to have almost been eliminated, and Phil advises them to play to their strengths.
The Amazing Race - The Show Falls Apart
02:47 — Supplies run short at the recycling Detour.
The Amazing Race - Fake Race Proposal
03:18 — Engaged couple Justin & Diana detail Justin's made-up Amazing Race, after which he proposed to Diana.
The Amazing Race - The Freakin' Bomb
02:11 — Denise is proud of James Earl for acing the tango Roadblock.
The Amazing Race - A Learning Experience
02:53 — Mother/son Denise & James Earl come to terms with their issues while waiting out their penalty.
The Amazing Race - Any Lead is Great
01:25 — Teams hang meat Gaucho-style at the Roadblock.
The Amazing Race - Mortuusequusphobia
00:44 — Danielle discusses her fear of ketchup.
The Amazing Race - Dumbfounded
01:39 — Teams marvel about Tanner and Josh's poor use of the Express Pass.
The Amazing Race - More Vibes
01:10 — Diana finds her swag at the Detour.
The Amazing Race - The Not Invisible Ghost
02:24 — Team are unable to find their clue in a French square.
The Amazing Race - Giving it All
00:54 — Team Alabama struggles at the rapping Detour.
The Amazing Race - The Other Fantôme Blanc
02:01 — Teams are sidetracked by another white-clad performer while looking for the Fantôme Blanc.
The Amazing Race - Freaked Out
03:27 — Logan fears that Chris will injure himself while bungee jumping.
The Amazing Race - Let It Go, Rick
00:55 — Chac Attack choose to wait for the bus over the tram.
The Amazing Race - Swing, You Muscle-y Bastard
04:08 — Tanner & Josh admit having mutual respect for Justin & Diana, and Phil explains the Race history behind the gorge jump.
The Amazing Race - Germany, France...
01:17 — Tiffany & Krista have no idea what country they're in.
The Amazing Race - Old Ladies Love Me
03:11 — Kelsey & Joey talk about working their magic at the Detour, and later discuss walking through the Oskar Schindler Factory.
The Amazing Race - Pom Poms and Miniskirts
01:18 — Teams arrive in Krakow, Poland.
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  • Profession: TV host, Producer

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