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The Amazing Race - Monkey Dance! (Sneak Peek)
01:12 — Racers embark on a gut wrenching, 40-foot plunge and teams make a difficult decision when faced with a double U-turn, on The Amazing Race, Friday at 8 (more…)
The Amazing Race - Monkey Dance! (Preview)
00:30 — There are only three episodes and five teams left, but no shortage of U-Turns! The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8/7c! Only CBS
The Amazing Race - Snakes in Armpits
05:04 — Tyler & Korey discuss their creepy experience carrying the snakes, are confident they can beat Sheri & Cole, and list each team's racing tactic.
The Amazing Race - You Can Procreate
03:27 — Kurt compliments the way Zach & Rachel ran the Race, and the couple talks about what's next for them in life.
The Amazing Race - A Student of Knot-Tying
03:40 — Burnie explains how he got ahead at the Roadblock, and he and Ashley discuss the fact that Brodie now has to do every Roadblock.
The Amazing Race - Raw From The Race, Episode 9
01:15 — Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the ninth week of The Amazing Race Season 28 as your favorite social media personalities vlog about their adventu (more…)
The Amazing Race - We're at Sea Right Now!
01:45 — Teams wobble to the mat, Burnie reveals that Brodie & Kurt used the Express Pass last leg, and everybody compares muscles.
The Amazing Race - Back at Number One
00:53 — Tyler & Korey win the leg.
The Amazing Race - Let's Go Fly a Kite
02:01 — At the roadblock, teams race to build a kite and fly it.
The Amazing Race - Cruising
03:16 — Dana & Matt discuss the weather in Bali, and complain about their slow taxi.
The Amazing Race - Never Touching a Snake Again
02:03 — Zach & Rachel are grossed out after carrying the snakes.
The Amazing Race - This Looks Like a Temple
01:36 — Teams get lost in their first challenge.
The Amazing Race - Helpful Hints
03:32 — Brodie struggles to put together his tent at the overnight hold, and eventually elicits Sheri's help.
The Amazing Race - How Is This Our Lives?
02:38 — Phil watches Tyler & Korey's approach to the mat, and Korey reveals his trick for finishing the kit Roadblock first.
The Amazing Race - Walk the Plank
00:41 — Zach & Rachel are eliminated from the Race.
The Amazing Race - It's Sheri and Cole!
01:03 — The mother and son surprise the other teams by arriving at the Pit Stop after non-elimination.
The Amazing Race - Worth Their Salt
02:41 — The teams struggle to finish the salt challenge. Rachel falls behind and Cole speeds ahead.
The Amazing Race - Have Fun But Stay Calm
02:07 — Teams freak out when they have to carry snakes.
The Amazing Race - Smart Choices
02:16 — Cole is happy he did the salt Roadblock, and he and Sheri are proud of their placement after completing the Speed Bump.
The Amazing Race: Salt That Sand Trailer
00:52 — In a tight race to the mat, teams row and swim to the Pit Stop located on a boat, where the losers walk the plank and are eliminated.
The Amazing Race - I Wish I Was the Gnome
00:43 — Dana & Matt choose "Oasis" and have a hard time trekking with a camel in the endless desert.
The Amazing Race - Those Swim Trunks!
03:40 — Teams react to their outfits at the Roadblock.
The Amazing Race - My Legs Are On Fire
01:13 — Brodie & Kurt win the camels in a photo finish and fall to the ground exhausted.
The Amazing Race - Let's Get Freaky
01:03 — The teams suit up in tight gold lamé bathing suits to go swimming with the sharks.
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