Peter Ustinov



Year Title Description
2007 Film Genre: Epics Episode, Remarks by
2003 Classroom: Victoria & Albert Episode, Actor - William IV
2003 Sunday Encore: An Evening with Sir Peter Ustinov Episode, Performer
2003 Luther Movie, Actor - Prince Frederick the Wise
2002 Stratford Gold: The Stardust Years (1978-80) Episode, Guest
2002 Opening Night: An Evening with Sir Peter Ustinov Episode, Performer
1999 The Bachelor Movie, Actor - Grandad
1999 Animal Farm Movie, Actor - Old Major
1999 On the Trail of Mark Twain with Peter Ustinov TV Show Series, Host
1999 Stiff Upper Lips Movie, Actor - Horace
1992 Lorenzo's Oil Movie, Actor - Professor Nikolais
1989 Around the World in 80 Days TV Show Series, Actor - Fix
1988 Appointment With Death Movie, Actor - Hercule Poirot
1984 Memed My Hawk Movie, Writer
1984 Memed My Hawk Movie, Director
1984 Memed My Hawk Movie, Actor
1982 Evil Under The Sun Movie, Actor - Hercule Poirot
1981 The Great Muppet Caper Movie, Actor - Himself
1981 Charlie Chan And The Curse Of The Dragon Queen Movie, Actor - Charlie Chan
1981 Doctor Snuggles TV Show Series, Voice - Doctor Snuggles
1980 Grendel Grendel Grendel Movie, Actor - Principal Voice
1979 Ashanti Movie, Actor - Suleiman
1979 We'Ll Grow Thin Together Movie, Actor - Victor
1978 Death On The Nile Movie, Actor - Hercule Poirot
1977 Jesus of Nazareth TV Show Series, Actor - Herod the Great
1977 The Last Remake Of Beau Geste Movie, Actor - Sgt. Markov
1977 The Purple Taxi Movie, Actor - Taubelman
1977 The Mouse And His Child Movie, Actor - Manny
1976 Treasure Of Matecumbe Movie, Actor - Dr. Snodgrass
1976 The Muppet Show: Peter Ustinov
Season 1, Episode 8
Episode, Guest
1976 Logan's Run Movie, Actor - Old Man
1975 One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing Movie, Actor - Hnup Wan
1973 Robin Hood Movie, Actor - Prince John
1972 Hammersmith Is Out Movie, Actor - Doctor
1972 Hammersmith Is Out Movie, Director
1969 Viva Max! Movie, Actor - Gen. Maximilian Rodrigues de Santos
1968 Hot Millions Movie, Actor - Marcus Pendleton
1968 Blackbeard's Ghost Movie, Actor - Capt. Blackbeard
1968 Hot Millions Movie, Writer
1967 The Comedians Movie, Actor - Ambassador Pinada
1965 Lady L Movie, Director
1965 Lady L Movie, Writer
1965 Lady L Movie, Actor - Prince Otto
1964 Topkapi Movie, Actor - Arthur Simpson
1964 John Goldfarb, Please Come Home Movie, Actor - King Fawz
1962 Billy Budd Movie, Writer
1962 Billy Budd Movie, Actor - Capt. Edward Fairfax Vere
1962 Billy Budd Movie, Director
1962 Billy Budd Movie, Producer
1961 Romanoff And Juliet Movie, Director
1961 Romanoff And Juliet Movie, Writer
1961 Romanoff And Juliet Movie, Source
1961 Romanoff And Juliet Movie, Actor - The General
1961 Romanoff And Juliet Movie, Producer
1960 The Sundowners Movie, Actor - Venneker
1960 Spartacus Movie, Actor - Lentulus Batiatus
1960 School For Scoundrels Movie, Writer
1957 Les Espions Movie, Actor - Russian Agent
1957 The Man Who Wagged His Tail Movie, Actor - Mr. Bossi
1955 Lola Montes Movie, Actor - Circus Master
1955 We're No Angels Movie, Actor - Jules
1954 The Egyptian Movie, Actor - Kaptah
1954 Beau Brummel Movie, Actor - Prince of Wales
1952 Le Plaisir Movie, Actor - Narrator, English Version
1951 Quo Vadis Movie, Actor - Nero
1951 The Magic Box Movie, Actor - Industry Man
1951 Hotel Sahara Movie, Actor - Emad
1950 Odette Movie, Actor - Arnaud
1949 Private Angelo Movie, Actor - Pvt. Angelo
1949 Private Angelo Movie, Producer
1949 Private Angelo Movie, Writer
1949 Private Angelo Movie, Director
1947 Vice Versa Movie, Writer
1947 Vice Versa Movie, Producer
1947 Vice Versa Movie, Director
1946 School For Secrets Movie, Writer
1946 Carnival Movie, Writer
1946 School For Secrets Movie, Director
1946 School For Secrets Movie, Producer
1944 The Way Ahead Movie, Actor - Rispoli
1944 The Way Ahead Movie, Writer
1942 The Goose Steps Out Movie, Actor - Krauss
1941 One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing Movie, Actor - Priest
1940 Mein Kampf--My Crimes Movie, Actor
Mighty Continent TV Show Series, Host
Alice in Wonderland TV Show Series, Actor - Walrus
Omni TV Show Series, Host
Inside the Vatican TV Show Series, Host

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