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The One Where Vala Leaves the...

The One Where Vala Leaves the Show began with Mitchell finally getting "the band back together" viz., the return of Amanda Tapping's Sam Carter (who, by the way, would look even better with a perm). Together the gang of five sought to prevent their latest enemies from gaining a beachhead in our galaxy by using an übernuke that would detonate the Ori before the Priors could come flooding through the Stargate to preach his putrid gospel of obeisance. But no… the Ori used the energy of the weapons arrayed against them to create a HUGE Stargate that was disrupted only when Vala flew a cloaked cargo ship into its middle. The portal was destroyed (yay!) but Vala disappeared (boo!). Is she dead? Vala's unresolved exit gives Claudia Black the chance to return whenever her schedule permits — and let's hope it's soon, because she has been the unquestioned highlight of the ninth season. I haven't quite gotten used to Louis Gossett Jr. as Gerak, although it was certainly novel read more


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