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Exclusive Dads Sneak Peek: Jamie-Lynn Sigler Gives Eli a Lesson in Bullying

Seth Green, Peter Riegert, Jamie-Lynn Sigler

On tonight's episode of Dads, Eli (Seth Green) finds himself the victim of bullying — by Gene, the son of the single mother he's dating (guest star Jamie-Lynn Sigler). Their rivalry really comes to a head when the boy steals the prototype of a new game that Eli needs to present at an important meeting.

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Exclusive: Sopranos' Jamie-Lynn Sigler to Romance Seth Green on Dads

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

One of America's most famous TV daughters is coming to Dads.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, best known for playing Meadow on The Sopranos, will guest-star on... read more

Fox Picks Up a Full Season of Dads

Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green

Seth McFarlane's freshman comedy Dads, which has caused a stir because of its possibly offensive material, has been given a full-season order, Fox announced Friday.

"Fox has been looking to break into the multi-camera format for some time," Fox's Chairman of Entertainment, Kevin Reilly, said in a statement. "With... read more

Exclusive First Look: See the New Poster for Dads

Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi

One month after its debut, Fox's Dads is still making no apologies for its raunch.

A new poster for the comedy highlights the words "hilarious" and "irreverent."  (This week's episode featured Giovanni Ribisi's character getting a rectal exam — during which his doctor dies.) Check out our exclusive first look at the new artwork below.

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The Tuesday Playlist: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Dads Premiere; Covert Affairs, Suits Depart

Andy Samberg

As an object lesson in the extremes of new fall TV, welcome to Fox's new and not entirely improved Tuesday comedy lineup. (Unhappily missing in action, but for how long: Raising Hope, currently designated to return for its fourth season in the Friday swamplands in early November with back-to-back episodes, a scenario few believe will ever occur.)

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Dads Producers on Backlash to the "Offensive" Pilot: "We're Used to It"

Seth Green, Peter Riegert

If there's one new fall show that everyone seems to have an opinion about, it's Dads, the new Fox comedy from the production team behind Family Guy. Based on the pilot episode alone, the show has been derided as "racist," "offensive" and "morally wrong" by critics. But Fox is using the backlash as a selling point — using such comments in promos for the show to try to foster tension between fans and (in the network's telling) and out-of-touch critics. And the show's producers — Seth MacFarlaneWellesley Wild and Alec Sulkin of Family Guy, along with former Simpsons showrunner Mike Scully — don't seem to mind the negative attention either.

"We're used to it. That's what we do," Wild tells

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"Tastes Like a Ho Ho"

Things we learned or had confirmed this week on FX's Damages:• Frobisher robbed his employees' retirement accounts to the tune of $1.4 billion dollars.• Katie saw whatever it is she did or didn't see five years ago, in June 2002.• Katie, speak of the devil, used to be a bad, bad girl.This episode (No. 4 of 13) was one of my favorites thus far, if only because I am a sucker for a "Pygmalion story," and I loved seeing Katie be made over from a craptastic witness ("Wow, she's not ready") to a sassy deposition-giver. How about her preemptive strike against the inevitable invasive line of questioning, capped with, "If these past few answers make you blush, Mr. Fisk, I apologize." I was practically cheering her on from my sofa.Katie, though — poor, poor Katie — was unwittingly being set up for a fall. She was fed bogus information from Greg (I saw that coming) and her worthless testimony was in turn used by Patty to give the defense a false sense of security. Risk... read more

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