A Preview of the New Season of “How to Get Away with Murder”
00:30 — Get a glimpse of the new Thursday night lineup.
Asher-isms: On the Job
01:37 — Asher-isms show Asher Millstone may actually have a sharp legal mind.
Asher-isms: On Sex
01:42 — Asher makes us laugh just by speaking his mind, especially about sex.
Who Killed Wes Gibbins
03:38 — Annalise walks DA Denver on how Wes' voicemail pins him as the murderer.
Who Is Dominic?
01:08 — Laurel is about to confront Charles Mahoney before she runs into Dominic.
Annalise Calms Connor Down
02:14 — Annalise gets to the bottom of Connor's behavior.
Wes' Father
02:41 — Annalise finds out who is the father of Wes Gibbins.
Laurel Is Cross-Examined
02:06 — Laurel loses her credibility on the witness stand.
The Blocked Number
02:34 — Connor discovers the blocked cellphone call came from DA Denver.
Connor's Behavior
00:35 — Michaela and Asher want to know why Connor is acting strange.
Connor Went to Annalise's House
00:55 — Oliver determines Connor went to Annalise's house the night Wes died.
Laurel Uncovers New Information
01:44 — Laurel finds new information that may prove the Mahoney family killed Wes.
Frank Files a Subpeona
02:52 — Frank asks the judge for a subpoena of Rene Atwood's records.
Annalise Speaks to Frank
01:20 — Frank tries to reach Bonnie from the prison.
Episode 13 Sneak Peek: Laurel Can't Wait
01:19 — Annalise calls everyone over to discuss everything that's happened.
What's On Annalise's Phone?
01:12 — Connor wants Oliver to find out what is on Annalise's phone.
Annalise's Mom Wants to Protect Her
02:20 — Annalise's mom wants to take the fall for her daughter.
Laurel Wants to See Wes' Body
01:32 — Laurel asks for Nate's help in order to see Wes' body.
Nate Is Being Framed
01:11 — Someone used Nate's signature to transfer Wes' body.
Oliver Passes His First Police Interrogation
02:28 — Everyone helps Oliver prepare for the police interrogation.
Annalise's Parents Visit the Jail
00:53 — Annalise's Parents want to do everything in their power to help her.
Episode 12 Sneak Peek: Wes' Memorial
00:28 — Laurel walks through the aisle at Wes' memorial.
Michaela Needs Oliver's Help
01:29 — Michaela needs to talk to Oliver after Connor told him about Sam Keating.
Annalise Wants an Immunity Deal
01:44 — Annalise loses her chance of getting an immunity deal.
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