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How to Get Away With Murder Recap - Season 3 Episodes 1-4
02:16 — Missed the first four episodes of the season? Don’t worry! Watch to catch up.
Nate has some very important information for Annalise
00:55 — Nate tells Annalise that Wes already died before they found him in the fire
Everyone wants to know who died in the fire.
02:02 — Wes is the unidentified body pulled from the fire.
Annalise Accues Nate of Investigating Her
01:27 — Annalise meets Nate in the parking lot to ask if he's investigating her.
Michaela Sends Her Mother Away
01:35 — Michaela doesn't waste a second before sending her mom away.
Annalise Confronts a.D.A. Atwood
01:08 — Annalise wants to know why A.D.A. Atwood is asking around about her.
Episode 9 Sneak Peek: Nate Sees Wes at the Station
00:27 — Nate sees Wes walk through the police station.
Oliver Wants to Know Everything
02:07 — Oliver tells Connor to stop keeping secrets and tell him everything.
Frank's Excuse for Lying to Annalise
02:42 — Frank attempts to defend his actions following the accident.
How Charles Mahoney Lost His Alibi
02:02 — Laurel works with Nate and Frank to get the witness discredited.
Annalise Orders Frank to Stand Down
01:17 — Annalise won't let Frank harm another person.
Annalise Needs to Know
01:06 — Annalise has one question for Bonnie after she's locked up behind bars.
Frank Surprises Laurel
01:01 — Frank tells Laurel he screwed up and begs her to take him back.
Wes Is the Anonymous Source
00:56 — Wes works with the police to build a case against Annalise.
Laurel Dupes Mrs. Duvall
02:21 — Laurel puts on an act to trick Mrs. Duvall into telling the truth.
Annalise Listens to All of Their Issues
02:19 — The Keating Five tell Annalise all of their issues with her.
Bonnie Turns Frank Away
02:13 — Bonnie is done with Frank after he left her at the motel.
Nate's Warning to Wes
00:54 — Nate runs into Wes at the courthouse and gives him some advice.
Annalise Is Ready
00:57 — Annalise wants the Keating five to get everything off their chests.
Annalise Has Always Protected Wes
01:17 — Annalise tells Wes about the ways she's tried to help him.
Connor Threatens Wes
01:21 — Connor will kill Wes if he mentions his name to the police.
Michaela Is Asher's Family
02:06 — Asher explains why he feels Michaela is family.
Wes Chooses Laurel
01:43 — Laruel tells Wes that she's not in love with Frank.
Bonnie and Frank's Hypothetical Future
02:10 — Frank talking in his sleep awakes Bonnie.
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