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Thu Jun 2 11:00pm
Six Feet UnderSix Feet Under (Pilot)(Season 1, Episode 1) HBO2

Nate Fisher (Peter Krause) flies home to L.A. from Seattle for Christmas, but his arrival coincides with a tragic event, and the family spends the rest of the holiday coming to terms with their loss. Ruth: Frances Conroy. Nate Sr: Richard Jenkins. David: M (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 12:05am
Six Feet UnderThe Will(Season 1, Episode 2) HBO2

The reading of Nathaniel Fisher Sr.'s will adds to the friction in the family; a grieving widow (Tracy Middendorf) finds out an unpleasant truth about her late husband; Ruth decides to make some changes in her life. Gabriel: Eric Balfour. Gilardi: Garrison (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 1:00am
Six Feet UnderThe Foot(Season 1, Episode 3) HBO2

A “death care” conglomerate continues to pressure the Fisher brothers to sell; Claire puts her foot down when Gabriel (Eric Balfour) can't keep a secret; Ruth spends a day at the races. Keith: Mathew St. Patrick. Federico: Freddy Rodriguez. Tommy: John (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 2:00am
Six Feet UnderFamilia(Season 1, Episode 4) HBO2

The police investigate a fire across the street from the funeral home; Brenda's first dinner with the Fishers doesn't go down so well; David decides to stand up to Kroehner Corp.'s bullying; an L.A. gang member is laid to rest. Powerful: Lombardo Boyar. Pa (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 3:00am
Six Feet UnderAn Open Book(Season 1, Episode 5) HBO2

Nate learns more about Brenda from her parents (Joanna Cassidy, Robert Foxworth); David is asked to be a deacon at his mother's church; Ruth and Claire explore their mother-daughter bond; a porn star's death brings back memories for Nate and Federico. Vive (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 4:00am
Six Feet UnderThe Room(Season 1, Episode 6) HBO2

An elderly man (Bill Cobbs) dispenses unsolicited wisdom after his wife dies; Nate learns there was more to his father than met the eye; David tries to spice up his social life; Claire takes a shine to Brenda's troubled brother. Billy: Jeremy Sisto. Hiram: (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 5:00am
Six Feet UnderBrotherhood(Season 1, Episode 7) HBO2

Ruth juggles the men in her life when she starts working for Nikolai (Ed O'Ross) and invites Hiram (Ed Begley Jr.) over for dinner; David is in favor of a progressive young priest; Nate and Brenda plan a weekend getaway. Billy: Jeremy Sisto. Brenda: Rachel (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 6:00am
Six Feet UnderCrossroads(Season 1, Episode 8) HBO2

Federico considers an offer from the competition; Ruth weighs her feelings for Hiram (Ed Begley Jr.) against her yen for excitement; Claire enjoys a hike; Nate is uncomfortable with Brenda's choice in houseguests. Parker: Marina Black. Nikolai: Ed O'Ross (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 7:00am
Six Feet UnderLife's Too Short(Season 1, Episode 9) HBO2

Nate is unnerved by Brenda's scheme to improve his sales skills; camping with Hiram (Ed Begley Jr.) opens Ruth's eyes; David tries to keep up with his younger partner; Claire is reunited with an adversarial classmate. Gabriel: Eric Balfour. Kurt: Steven Pa (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 8:00am
Six Feet UnderThe New Person(Season 1, Episode 10) HBO2

Claire does her best to console Gabriel (Eric Balfour), who's still reeling from the death of his little brother; a gallery opening for Billy (Jeremy Sisto) has its share of disruptions; Nate and David search for Federico's replacement. Keith: Mathew St. P (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 9:00am
Six Feet UnderThe Trip(Season 1, Episode 11) HBO2

Federico has a difficult assignment when the Fisher brothers attend a conference in Las Vegas; Ruth sets out to prove Nikolai (Ed O'Ross) wrong; Claire comforts Gabriel after yet another tragedy. Gilardi: Garrison Hershberger. Vanessa: Justina Machado. Rob (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 10:00am
Six Feet UnderA Private Life(Season 1, Episode 12) HBO2

Claire accompanies Gabe (Eric Balfour) on his first day back to school; Brenda confronts Billy (Jeremy Sisto) about his behavior; David is haunted by the funeral home's latest client; Ruth asks a co-worker for advice; Nate is spooked during a trip to pick (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 11:00am
Six Feet UnderKnock, Knock(Season 1, Episode 13) HBO2

Nate and Brenda have a scare after visiting Billy; Gabriel (Eric Balfour) sinks back into old habits; David makes a difficult confession; Father Jack (Tim Maculan) comes under fire from the deacons; Federico throws a party for his son's christening. Marc: (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 12:00pm
Six Feet UnderIn the Game(Season 2, Episode 1) HBO2

Nate consults a specialist about his brain condition, and Ruth is less than ecstatic in the aftermath of her dinner party. Becky: Alexandra Holden. Brodie: Shawn Hatosy. Eddie: Terrell Clayton. Angelica: Melissa Marsala. Gabriel: Eric Balfour. Nikolai: Ed (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 1:00pm
Six Feet UnderOut, Out Brief Candle(Season 2, Episode 2) HBO2

A more formidable Kroehner representative (Julie White) visits the Fishers; Brenda is nervous about hosting dinner for an old boyfriend (Tuc Watkins); Claire begins to believe the things she's heard about Gabe; Federico asks Nate and David for a loan. Vane (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 2:00pm
Six Feet UnderThe Plan(Season 2, Episode 3) HBO2

A psychic (Mare Willingham) has trouble letting go of her late husband; Nate attends his first meeting with other L.A. funeral directors; Claire is frightened by Gabriel's behavior; Brenda goes back to school. Scott: Grant Show. Robbie: Joel Brooks. Gabrie (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 3:00pm
Six Feet UnderDriving Mr. Mossback(Season 2, Episode 4) HBO2

Brenda and her mother (Joanna Cassidy) share a unique bonding experience; David helps Keith out of a jam by baby-sitting his niece (Aysia Polk); Ruth puts her new plan into motion; Nate returns to his Seattle stomping grounds. Lisa: Lili Taylor. Scott: Gra (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 4:00pm
Six Feet UnderThe Invisible Woman(Season 2, Episode 5) HBO2

Claire's guidance counselor (David Norona) makes a startling admission; Ruth is obsessed with the Fishers' latest acquisition; Keith puts David in an awkward position; Nate and Brenda make an important decision. Federico: Freddy Rodriguez. Claire: Lauren A (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 5:00pm
Six Feet UnderIn Place of Anger(Season 2, Episode 6) HBO2

Kroehner's Mitzi Huntley (Julie White) makes another offer to the Fisher brothers; Ruth receives an unexpected visit from her sister (Patricia Clarkson); Federico and Vanessa deal with marital strife. Vanessa: Justina Machado. Ruth: Frances Conroy. Federic (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 6:00pm
Six Feet UnderBack to the Garden(Season 2, Episode 7) HBO2

Claire discovers more than she bargained for while visiting her Aunt Sarah (Patricia Clarkson); David and Keith (Mathew St. Patrick) rekindle their relationship; Federico questions his cousin's intentions. Vanessa: Justina Machado. Federico: Freddy Rodrigu (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 7:00pm
Six Feet UnderIt's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year(Season 2, Episode 8) HBO2

A biker gang celebrates a Christmas funeral at the Fishers'; Brenda's mother (Joanna Cassidy) has a holiday surprise for her daughter; Ruth helps Nikolai after he has an accident; Claire's new boyfriend doesn't meet her expectations. Toby: Stark Sands. Bil (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 8:00pm
Six Feet UnderSomeone Else's Eyes(Season 2, Episode 9) HBO2

Ruth learns how Nikolai (Ed O'Ross) was injured; Claire is inexplicably drawn to Billy (Jeremy Sisto) after he gets out of the hospital; Brenda can't make up her mind about Nate. Claire: Lauren Ambrose. Ruth: Frances Conroy. Brenda: Rachel Griffiths. Writt (more…)

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Fri Jun 3 9:00pm
Six Feet UnderThe Secret(Season 2, Episode 10) HBO2

Nate confides in Lisa (Lili Taylor) about his relationship; Keith's future with David may be hampered by a family secret; Claire considers her future. Karla: Nicki Micheaux. Nikolai: Ed O'Ross. Brenda: Rachel Griffiths. Claire: Lauren Ambrose.

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Fri Jun 3 10:00pm
Six Feet UnderThe Liar and the Whore(Season 2, Episode 11) HBO2

Nate and Brenda look to a rabbi for help in their relationship; Ruth makes another self-discovery; Kroehner Corp. has a hand in a lawsuit against Fisher and Sons; Federico is suspicious of a woman's death. Vanessa: Justina Machado. Federico: Freddy Rodrigu (more…)

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