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Oh for the love of money Dirty Sexy Money that is Welcome to the world of the Darlings and their nonprofit-minded lawyer Nick George With a stellar cast including Peter Krause Donald Sutherland Jill Clayburgh and William Baldwin ABC just might have a killer hit on their hands We quickly learn of Nicks propensity to be a do-gooder and the Darling familys propensity to get in a lot of trouble This juxtaposition between Nicks righteousness and the Darlings sense of privilege plays intriguingly oft times to great humor Nick begins questioning whether the love of money is the root of all evil and ends wondering if maybe money isnt the real problem maybe its people wanting too much of anything The brief recap For 10 million plus an undisclosed amount for salary Nick George accepts the job his father used to hold as family lawyer to the richest family in New York the Darlings The family has very few boundaries when it comes to ot read more

You Can't Be Filthy Rich without Getting Dirty

First, a few words from Dirty Sexy Money creator/executive producer Craig Wright:"Hi.Of all the myths about television, the biggest myth is that shows are created by individuals. Certainly ideas are born, sometimes, in a single brain. But in television, those ideas are almost immediately retooled in conversation with producers, studio and network executives, and, perhaps most fruitfully, actors, into new creations. By the time the show gets on the air, what you see is the product of literally thousands of people — including people just like you who watched the pilot in a shopping mall or test studio and registered an opinion. This is a good thing.I like this system because, like theater, another highly collaborative art form, it mimics so closely the way reality as we experience it is generated: a small plan, an immense multiplicity of voices, a generous helping of chaos — and then slowly but surely a new thing comes into being — something no single participant ever c... read more

The New Season: Wednesday Heats Up

Lucy Kate Hale, Michelle Ryan and Molly Price in Bionic Woman by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo

First, an important public-service announcement: Tonight on The War, we relive D-Day, a momentous turning point in military history brought to vivid life by those who lived through it, courtesy of Ken Burns' masterful way with documentary narrative. I know this is premiere week, and Wednesday is the most competitive night for new shows this season, but I wouldn't be doing my duty if I didn't remind everyone that this is TV you not only shouldn't miss, but it's an experience you'll never forget. (The reality, though, is that PBS is giving viewers multiple opportunities to see these episodes, and I can't think of a better gift DVD for holiday season.) Back to the network game, where only one of the nine new series being launched on Wednesdays is MIA: ABC’s marvelous Pushing Daisies, its premiere pushed back a week by the tsunami-like launch of Dancing with the Stars, which once again is turning out to be the ratings monster everyone expected. (And the men, by and large, had a bla... read more

Peter Krause Is Over Under and Ready for Dirty Sexy Fun

Peter Krause, Dirty Sexy Money

Peter Krause is ready to get dirty. Not dirt as in a funeral plot, but as in scandals of the rich and famous. On ABC's Dirty Sexy Money, premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET, the Six Feet Under and Sports Night alum plays Nick George, a high-powered legal eagle who, begrudgingly, inherits his suspiciously passed-on father's role as consigliere to the Darlings of New York City. Headed up by Donald Sutherland and Jill Clayburgh, the ultra-affluent clan is littered by all manner of bad-seed offspring (and parents), giving Nick plenty to manage, spin-control and nip in the bud. Krause shared a sneak peek at the good 'n' dirty 'n' sexy times ahead. This is a r read more

ABC at TCA: Lost in Translation

Peter Krause by Bob D'Amico/ABC

Get lost, ABC. That was the hostile undercurrent behind much of the questioning for ABC's entertainment president Stephen McPherson Wednesday morning. We critics can be a surly group, especially this late in the TCA press tour. (ABC has the bad luck to be up to bat on the final two days of the three-week hype-a-thon.) But give us something legitimate to gripe about — in this case, the decision by Lost's producers to skip the TCA and instead address the game-changing events behind Lost's cliff-hanger at the Comic-Con fan convention in San Diego on Thursday — and you'd better watch out.One reporter even put it this way: “Are we not important enough for you?” At first, McPherson tried to shrug it off with a joke, saying that he has hired Don Imus — fired earlier this year from his radio and TV gigs for a racial slur — to join the show. (This was the closest he or anyone else came to addressing the Isaiah Washington/Grey’s Anatomy debacle during his of... read more

Darling Paris: ABC's Dirty Sexy Savvy Publicity Stunt

Last Friday, as Paris Hilton took another spin through the detention facility turnstile and TV-news crews swarmed, a lone plane flitted across the sky above, toting a banner:"We Love Paris — the Darling Family"Meaningless and/or misinterpreted to many, it was a joke appreciated by the (growing) few familiar with Dirty Sexy Money, ABC's new family sudser starring Peter Krause as the de facto consigliore for the Darlings, an ironically named brood populated by the headline-making likes of Paris herself. Donald Sutherland is the Trump-like patriarch, Jill Clayburgh his well-preserved wife, there is a flighty actress daughter, a hard-partying son.... It's storytelling by way of Access Hollywood.And that's precisely why the plane banner (and the similar full-page ads appearing in a handful of major dailies) was a perfect fit. Paris, not despite but because of her flaws, would feel terrifically at home bearing the Darling name.Would ABC risk the association, the whiff of capitalizing... read more

Sound Bites: Peter Krause on ABC's Dirty Sexy Money

As part of a recent Q&A, Peter Krause had this to say about ABC's Dirty Sexy What are the chances of the show getting picked up in mid-May?Peter Krause: I have no idea, but I can't see how ABC would want to pass up the opportunity. I don't think there's any other show this year about a wealthy family like this. It harkens back to Dallas, Dynasty, Knots Landing, and, of course, it has a new twist. Craig Wright (Six Feet Under) wrote it and the cast is great — Donald Sutherland, William Baldwin, Jill You play a lawyer who inherits his dad's job of representing a powerful, wealthy and dysfunctional family. Taking over the family business sounds a bit familiar.Krause: Yeah, yeah, strangely the show begins with the death of my father. That's part of the reason I said no to the project at first. I thought it was a little too familiar, but I eventually came Your character, Nick George, is much different t... read more

Six Feet Under's Peter Krause Is Ready to Play Dirty

Peter Krause, Civic Duty

For five critically acclaimed seasons, audiences knew Peter Krause as the troubled prodigal son who returned home to run his late father's mortuary on Six Feet Under. Since the HBO series concluded, the Minnesota native has been working on various projects, including Sci Fi's The Lost Room and the provocative thriller Civic Duty. Opening this weekend in limited release, the indie stars Krause as a recently laid-off accountant who begins to suspect that his new neighbor may be an Islamic extremist. spoke with the actor about Civic Duty as well as Dirty Sexy Money, a "can't miss" pi read more

TV Guide Goes Inside Sci Fi's Magical, Mysterious Lost Room

Peter Krause and Julianna Margulies, The Lost Room

America loves it when an average Joe suddenly exhibits superpowers — witness the success of the Spider-Man movies and NBC's white-hot Heroes. Now Sci Fi Channel is taking that premise one crazy step further. In The Lost Room, a sprawling $20 million, six-hour miniseries (premiering tonight at 9 pm/ET), it's not the people who have amazing abilities, it's the simple, ordinary objects. There's a comb that stops time, a nail file that induces sleep, a pen that can microwave a body and — the big-ticket item — a key to a 1960s motel room that will open a portal to any destination in the world. Crime lords covet these objects, as do millionaires and religious crackpots, because to possess one is to possess its power. But all Peter Krause wants to possess right now is some bug repellent. The actor, in his first read more

Men in Trees, The Lost Room - Roush Review

Elmo tickles me, and I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised. Not the cute Muppet but the fictional town of Elmo, Alaska, the gorgeously rustic setting of Men in Trees. Here, men are men, women are scarce and romantic comedy frequently erupts, spreading warmth all around.  At first, I dismissed Trees as a flimsy rip-off of Northern Exposure with a Sex and the City sensibility. (Trees' creator, Jenny Bicks, was a producer of that HBO hit.) I wasn't entirely wrong. Elmo can't hold a candle to Cicely's quirky brilliance, but it isn't meant to. As I caught up with episodes that had aired on Fridays until ABC moved it after Grey's Anatomy — a better fit than the pretentious Six Degrees — I began to reli read more

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