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Does Lauren Graham Want to Get Married?

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham played a single mom on Gilmore Girls and currently plays one on Parenthood — so would she ever want to settle down in real life? Perhaps.

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"I admire that ... read more

William Baldwin Joins Parenthood

William Baldwin

NBC has nabbed another Baldwin.

William Baldwin will join Parenthood's sophomore season for a multi-episode arc, the network announced Wednesday.

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The 47-year-old actor will play ... read more

Pilot News: Krause, Tierney and Nelson Try Parenthood

Peter Krause, Maura Tierney, Craig T. Nelson

Peter Krause's latest role is neither dirty nor inherently sexy. Instead, he has been cast as Adam Braverman — aka what we are calling "the Steve Martin role" — in NBC's Parenthood pilot based on the 1989 movie. Sarah Ramos (American Dreams) will play Krause's TV daughter, who actually was a son on the big screen. Yeah, this project is sounding more and more like "inspired by" than "based on."

Also on board for Friday Night Lights creator Jason Katims' adaptation of the film is ER fave Maura Tierney ... read more

VIDEO: Will Peter Krause Have a Dirty Sexy Affair?

As evidenced by the season opener, Peter Krause says Dirty Sexy Money will "live up to the title this season more so than last." Though ABC was concerned about the characters being nice and likeable, he argues, "You can't make a high-stakes primetime soap with people getting stabbed in the back."

In a new video, Krause goes on to ponder Letitia Darling's arrest ("Nick is more suspicious of someone else"), the prospect of Nick defending his own father's killer (at the 2:25 mark), and the possibility that Simon has a hand in this latest wrinkle (3:00).

As for things being "OK" with his alter ego's marriage, Krause counters that Nick and Lisa "are on pretty shaky ground" (3:25), adding that Karen (and her considerable charms) might not be the only female interloper to worry about!

Watch the Krause video here.

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The Birthday Present

Welcome back Dirty Sexy Moneyites The Darlings were back in full swing no villainous stone left unturned This ep started out where it ended A birthday for Nick on the Darlings yacht turns into a nightmare but not the one expected Paddy and Tripp have been reconciled Lisa is missing and then turns up looking stunning but only after a very meaningful glance between Karen and Nick Ellen is also missing and spoken of as alcoholically indisposed again And Tripp hands over the keys to the yacht to Nick Nick thanks Tripp Has he crossed over to the dark side Lets back it upSimon and Karen are still at it and although she is spying for Daddy Simon tells her he loves her She says Thank you which is hilarious Ive done it You probably have too Anyhow anyone who seems as sweet and trusting as Simon cannot be trustworthy To hide the fact that she was toying with his mobile she picks up a crystal swan and asks Simon to tell he read more

“The Nutcracker”

Im not sure how many more eps of Dirty Sexy Money are in the can but I am worried we are going to get stuck in the middle of a serious cliff hangar I suspected when Tripp got on the phone and told the person on the line to find out what Simon wanted with the Darlings financials that it was Karen But I wasnt really sure until the last scene So if shes getting busy with Simon for her Dad then what are her reasons Is it just to get Nick Walking into the Nutcracker crying certainly got his attention Though I think Tripps reasons are far more business related And theres some question as to whether Tripp isnt using Nick to make it seem though hes protecting Karen from Simon And speaking of which Simon inviting Karen over to meet his ex was a little mean he could have warned her at least Because if he is just using her then why did he want to get approval from his ex unless Could the Princess be in cahoots with him aga read more

“The Watch”

Its all happeningOh how I hate to gloat but way back in the second episode of Dirty Sexy Money The Lions I offered the following Did we see a tiny glimmer of kindness from the bitter Brian when he sent the boy to bed Perhaps he and Nick are half-brothers Or could it be that Tish and Dutch had two children Brian and Nick the other set of twins Hmmm Tooting ones horn is so unbecoming but TOOT TOOT Many of you had the same idea as well so Im sure I wasnt the first to think it I just got to point it out Good to know were all on the same track Im still not 100 certain that Tish isnt somehow Nicks mom as well The boys are the same age And Nicks mother was quick to dismiss him Once again I say HmmmSo we have confirmation that Brian and Nick are brothers if we didnt know before the show started we should have been able to tell as they strode side by side into the courtroom be read more

“The Country House”

If there was ever a thrill-a-minute Dirty Sexy Money tonights episode was the one Simon Elder has a different name one I imagine starts with the letter C no doubt I could not believe that he had the cahones to dynamite the old Darling Plaza Has he no heart Has he not seen those touching scenes of Tripp waxing nostalgic about the 15-story building he once called home Ah cruelty As if that wasnt shocking enough Ellen really pulled the rabbit out of the hat when she shot Paddy in the leg and boy did he deserve it We knew she had it in her when she invited Carmelita to tea and yet it was a complete surprise when she pulled the trigger It was the emotional relationship with Carmlita that pushed Ellen over the edge more than the sexual one More power to you sister Patrick was such a mamby-pamby during Ellen and Carms meeting it begs the question how does a guy like Patrick have two women fighting over him Ellens face when read more

“The Wedding”

Or not Karen and Freddie were married in a beautiful ceremony and divorced 45 minutes later a record even for her We knew she wouldnt last long with the second-rate golfer but the big news was that she finally admitted that she is in love with Nick I found it rather sad that she was so freaked out when Freddie got down on his knees and professed his love for her and she immediately requested a divorce He did get 3 million worth of Dirty Sexy Money so how hard could it really be Letitia tried to drink the candle when Karen said she wanted to marry Nick and asked Karen to let me help you completely conspiratorially All I can say is Karen may be a lot of nasty things but she looks good without makeup When Karen kissed Nick he ran guiltily home to Lisa and told her how much he loved her Im yours he repeated twice because everyone on this show has two loves Somehow I wasnt totally convinced the second was for his wifePatri read more

“The Game”

Two words Freddie rapping Fantastic The Game was not a Halloween reference to bobbing for candy-covered apples or pinning the tail on the ghoul It referred to a high-stakes poker game where money you know its Dirty Sexy Money is worthless and real estate is king I had a heart attack just watching them toss around 80 million at a time I didnt understand why Tripp would argue with Nick in front of the poker players I found it unlike Nick for pushing something that hard with Tripp although when I learned the truth behind it it made more sense Tripp folded but I wonder what hand he actually had He may have thrown the game My favorite scene of the entire show was when the brothers played the video game It was too short-lived But one of the best lines came from that scene Doesnt your conscience feel the tiniest prick Not until you walked in Brian Funny and so nice to see the brothers interacting They dont get to do that read more

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