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TNT and TBS Unveil Slate of Programs From Steven Spielberg, Frank Darabont, Steve Carell and More

Jon Bernthal, Eric Dane

TNT and TBS unveiled their new programming slates Thursday, including projects from Frank Darabont, Steven Spielberg, Steve Carell, Dick Wolf and more.

"For a decade, we've been beating the drum the loudest — that cable is as good as broadcast," Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks, said in a statement. "Now, our industry has reached a tipping point. From creative strength to ratings power, cable has emerged as the leader in television. I'm proud of the role we've played at TNT and TBS. Today, we're looking toward the next horizon — becoming a multiscreen video company serving multiple audiences."

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We Grill George Foreman About American Inventor

George Foreman, American Inventor

ABC's American Inventor kicks off its second season tonight (at 9 pm/ET) with three new judges having been brought onboard to deliberate with executive producer/judge Peter Jones. One of those judges is the Olympic gold medalist, former heavyweight champion and bona fide grill master George Foreman. spoke with Big George while he was in Las Vegas promoting his new book, God in My Corner. Why did you decide to sign on as a judge for American Inventor?George Foreman: It's strange, because I was a good boxer and I made some money. I had done good with Madison Avenue, doing commercials for McDonald's and Oscar Mayer. Then somebody approached me with a little machine nobody was interested in read more

A.I.'s Judging Jury Gets a Foreman

Pugilist turned lean, mean griddle giant George Foreman will join Season 1 holdover Peter Jones and fellow newbies Pat Croce (a former NBA exec and talk-show host) and Sara Blakely (undergarments entrepreneur/creator of Spanx) on the judging panel for the new cycle of ABC's American Inventor. Other tweaks to the compeition, according to Variety: The judges will kick off the competition by visiting six cities and culling a finalist from each; the half-dozen wannabe Thomas Edisons will then build prototypes, with the best entrepenuer netting $1 million and a chance to mass-produce his or her gizmo. They also got a new host you won't recognize. read more

Who Should Win American Inventor?

Peter Jones, American Inventor

Tonight at 9 pm/ET ABC presents the debut-season results show for American Inventor, in which one of four finalists will be deemed to have developed the best gadget. Who is likely to have earned America's vote? Who should win? And what changes are in store for the just-renewed competition's second round? went to judge/cocreator/executive producer Peter Jones for answers. As someone who gets an idea or two along the lines of "Someone should invent a...," I have to say this show has been interesting. I like it.
Peter Jones:
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Doc, Heal Thyself
A medical mystery hits home on House

"Did you call Jack Bauer?" Dr. House snarks to his agitated boss when told the hospital's crisis this week has escalated to a Biosafety Level 3. Funny line, as usual. But also telling. Because House (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET on Fox) often feels like the 24 of medical dramas. It's that extreme, and that suspensefully entertaining. Besides, given the acidic way House treats patients and staff, his behavior isn't that far removed from Jack's methods of casual torture. The desperation to solve the latest deadly puzzle is absolutely excruciating in this week's remarkable two-part thriller (Part 2 airs on Wednesday at 8 pm/ET). It's a tour de force, not just for the delightfully curmudgeonly read more

American Inventor Here's an invention:...

American InventorHere's an invention: some little twisted paper firework that snaps when you throw it, used to emphasize speech, especially after dissing somebody. Imagine it: Doug Hall releases one of his classic barbs, and the other three judges go "Oh, snap! Snap! Snap!" while throwing my invention at the floor in celebration. Pretty sweet, huh? If you don't like it, you probably didn't like Doug telling that guy "this isn't called American Sob Story." Too bad for you, it was funny. Well, it could happen, as much as this show is produced. Let's take a look. We already accepted that they're showing us some of the worst of the worst, some of the most dramatic, and some obvious crowd favorites. American Idol taught them well. But come on, I'd really rather see another walking stick than that comedic montage hinting at the two least read more

American Inventor "Guys, get this!...

American Inventor"Guys, get this! I invented this show that will totally blow your socks off! What? You're not wearing socks or something?" That was me about three months ago when I found out that my idea for a new show was already taken. Damn you, Simon Cowell, damn you! However, I do like the show. Even if I'm not sure how we Americans will do the actual voting. And speaking of Americans, and shows with "American" in the title, what's with all the Brits? First Simon and now Peter Jones? OK, so the Brits invented the invention show. I'm over it. Another judge is Doug Hall. He's my favorite, he's possibly Canadian, and he honestly seems like the most qualified for the job. But for the love of the spork, if they keep saying that read more

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