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Grey's Anatomy: Sandra Oh Bids an Emotional Farewell to Cristina Yang

Sandra Oh

Less than three months away from leaving Grey's Anatomy for good, Sandra Oh is feeling quite punchy on the set of the ABC medical drama. "I don't listen to you anymore," she playfully tells a crew member who comes to collect her from the ambulance bay to start shooting a scene. "Yes, I'm acting out! Can you tell?" A lot of fans have felt the same way ever since it was announced that Oh would leave the hallowed halls of Grey Sloan Memorial last summer.

The cast of Grey's Anatomy says farewell to Sandra Oh

It's natural to feel a sense of loss when any TV character exits a series, but Cristina Yang isn't your garden variety character... read more

Fox Picks Up Steven Spielberg Soap, Arms-Dealing Drama

Steven Spielberg

Fox has ordered a new comedic soap from Steven Spielberg and a Traffic-esque drama centered on arms dealing, has learned.

Red Band Society is a comedic soap following a group of teenagers who meet as patients in the children's wing of a hospital and become unlikely friends and a surrogate family. Spielberg will... read more

Michelle Pfeiffer: I Used to Be in a Cult

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer says she became involved with a cult when she first moved to Hollywood, but didn't realize she was in one until she left.

The actress told Britain's Daily Telegraph that upon moving to Los Angeles at age 20, she became involved with a "very controlling couple" who practiced breatharianism — the belief that the human body doesn't need food or water, only sunlight, to survive. It was only when she met her first husband, actor Peter Horton, that she realized she was part of a cult, because he was researching cults for a role in a film about the Moonies.

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CSI: NY's Season 9: This Year, It's Personal

Gary Sinise

After being on the bubble for the second year in a row, CSI: NY ended its last season celebrating the team as one big, happy family.

Fall Preview: Get scoop on your favorite returning shows

Now that the show has once again been saved from cancellation, the producers want to continue to celebrate the show's characters by offering the audience peeks into their private lives throughout the season. "We'll take characters home," executive producer Pam Veasey tells read more

Keck's Exclusive: First Look: CSI: NY Goes to San Francisco


CSI: NY's Gary Sinise and Sela Ward flew to San Francisco from the show's L.A. home base to shoot the gripping Oct. 12 episode (8/7c, CBS), which finds their characters, Mac and Jo, embroiled in a puzzling murder case. Along the way they are joined by Jo's ex, FBI agent Cade... read more

Keck's Exclusives: CSI: NY Casts a thirtysomething Vet

Peter Horton

When CSI: NY heads to San Francisco for an early October episode, the gang will be joined by a former thirtysomething fave... read more

Life Unexpected's Shiri Appleby Previews the Fallout of Cate and Baze Sleeping Together

Life Unexpected, Shiri Appleby

Although she may not look like your average on-screen mom, Life Unexpected's Shiri Appleby says the role of Cate is exactly what she had been looking for. Mostly known as Liz from the WB series Roswell, Appleby told she's glad to be back on the network where she got her start, and on a show that's "about people being there for one another."

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"Kumar," Grey's Producer Ink ABC Deals

Variety reports that ABC and Touchstone have inked Kal Penn, a cast member on the coming season of 24, to a talent-holding deal in which the network will develop prospective projects, mainly single-camera comedies, for the Harold & Kumar star. Peter Horton, meanwhile, has also signed a new, two-year, seven-figure pact with Touchstone to continue on as an exec producer on Grey's Anatomy, in addition to serving as a consultant on Six Degrees. read more

Were you as psyched as I was ...

Question: Were you as psyched as I was to see Teddy Dunn on Grey's Anatomy Sunday night?

Answer: Not sure if psyched is the right word, but I was definitely surprised. I'll tell you who was doing cartwheels: the Grey's writing staff. "We were also excited to get Teddy Dunn to play Heath, our overly enthusiastic hockey player," blogged Gabrielle Stanton on "When he left after his audition, I turned to Peter Horton and said, 'Oh, my god. He plays Duncan Kane, Veronica's boyfriend on Veronica Mars. I love him!' Peter looked at me like I was nuts, but Harry and I watch that show religiously and thin read more

Grey's Anatomy Remember the year...

Grey's AnatomyRemember the year Alias followed the Super Bowl? ABC made sure Sydney Bristow was scantily clad so that all the testosterone-fueled football fans would keep their network on, hoping for boffo ratings. I was wondering how they would achieve the same effect tonight with Grey's, so how perfect was it to start the episode with George having a steamy dream? Hilarious. Of course, his dream ended with him confessing his love for Meredith. Oh, George. I loved how Cristina went from saying to Meredith "This is me being supportive," to "Whatever! Everybody has problems!" Cristina's second statement certainly summed up the episode. Now we all know what a Code Black is, and if you're ever in a hospital and you hear someone scream those words, leave! You read more

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