Tue Dec 1 10:00am
Doctor WhoA Christmas Carol BBC

The Doctor tries to save the soul of a lonely old miser in a bid to save Rory and Amy, who are trapped on a crashing space liner.

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Tue Dec 1 11:00am
Doctor WhoThe Impossible Astronaut(Season 6, Episode 1) BBC

Part 1 of 2. The time-traveling trio visit the Utah desert for an adventure that takes them to the Oval Office circa 1969 in the Season 6 premiere.

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Wed Dec 2 10:00am
Doctor WhoDay of the Moon(Season 6, Episode 2) BBC

Conclusion. The FBI pursues Amy, Rory and River Song while the Doctor is imprisoned.

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Wed Dec 2 11:00am
Doctor WhoThe Curse of the Black Spot(Season 6, Episode 3) BBC

The TARDIS becomes marooned on a 17th-century pirate ship manned by a crew under attack by a beautiful sea creature.

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Thu Dec 3 10:00am
Doctor WhoThe Doctor's Wife(Season 6, Episode 4) BBC

The Doctor endangers his companions and the TARDIS by following a Time Lord's distress call.

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Thu Dec 3 11:00am
Doctor WhoThe Rebel Flesh(Season 6, Episode 5) BBC

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Amy and Rory to a futuristic factory on Earth where cloned humans are tasked with dangerous jobs, and a solar event affects the status quo.

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Fri Dec 4 9:45am
Max TMCe

John Cusack as a fictional, one-armed Jewish art dealer who does his best to nurture the dreams of a fellow WWI vet: Adolf Hitler (Noah Taylor). Controversial, to say the least, but first-time director Menno Meyjes deserves credit for trying. Budapest subs (more…)

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Fri Dec 4 10:00am
Doctor WhoThe Almost People(Season 6, Episode 6) BBC

The Doctor urges cooperation between the factory workers and the doppelgangers to overcome a crisis of their own making.

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Fri Dec 4 11:00am
Doctor WhoA Good Man Goes to War(Season 6, Episode 7) BBC

The Doctor tries to raise an army and calls in favors from allies spread across the cosmos while River Song has something to tell him.

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Sat Dec 5 1:45am
Doctor WhoA Christmas Carol BBC

The Doctor tries to save the soul of a lonely old miser in a bid to save Rory and Amy, who are trapped on a crashing space liner.

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Sat Dec 5 7:45pm
Doctor WhoHeaven Sent(Season 9, Episode 11) BBC

Part 1 of 2. The Doctor faces his greatest challenge in the form of a fearsome creature known only as the Veil.

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Sat Dec 5 9:00pm
Doctor WhoHell BentNew BBC
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Sat Dec 5 10:20pm
Doctor WhoLast Christmas(Season 8, Episode 13) BBC

The Doctor, Clara and Santa Claus go on a dangerous sleigh ride through space and time.

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Sun Dec 6 12:40am
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Sun Dec 6 2:00am
Doctor WhoThe Magician's Apprentice(Season 9, Episode 1) BBC

In the season premiere, the Doctor is missing as an alien force freezes the sky. Later, he faces old enemies as his past comes back to haunt him.

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Mon Dec 7 10:00am
Doctor WhoLet's Kill Hitler(Season 6, Episode 8) BBC

The Doctor meets Adolf Hitler in 1930s Berlin, where he also encounters the greatest war criminal in the universe.

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Mon Dec 7 11:00am
Doctor WhoNight Terrors(Season 6, Episode 9) BBC

The Doctor makes a house call for a boy who is terrified of the monsters lurking in his bedroom cupboard.

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Tue Dec 8 10:00am
Doctor WhoThe Girl Who Waited(Season 6, Episode 10) BBC

The Doctor and Rory must rescue Amy, who has been quarantined in an alien hospital.

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Tue Dec 8 11:00am
Doctor WhoThe God Complex(Season 6, Episode 11) BBC

The time-travelers arrive at a mysterious hotel that houses their deepest fears.

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Wed Dec 9 10:00am
Doctor WhoClosing Time(Season 6, Episode 12) BBC

A silver rat in a department store causes trouble for the Doctor during his visit with an old friend.

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Wed Dec 9 11:00am
Doctor WhoThe Wedding of River Song(Season 6, Episode 13) BBC

History is out of sorts on the day the Doctor is supposed to die.

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Thu Dec 10 10:00am
Thu Dec 10 11:00am
Doctor WhoAsylum of the Daleks(Season 7, Episode 1) BBC

Season 7 begins with the Doctor being kidnapped and confined to a planetary prison that is actually an asylum.

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Fri Dec 11 10:00am
Doctor WhoDinosaurs on a Spaceship(Season 7, Episode 2) BBC

An unmanned spaceship carrying dinosaurs hurtles out of control, but the Doctor tries to save it and its prehistoric cargo.

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