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Thu Sep 29 12:00am
FriendsThe One with the Invitations(Season 4, Episode 21) NIK

In a clip show, Rachel receives her invitation to Ross and Emily's wedding. Emily: Helen Baxendale. Rachel: Jennifer Aniston. Ross: David Schwimmer. Chandler: Matthew Perry. Monica: Courteney Cox.

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Thu Sep 29 12:33am
FriendsThe One with the Worst Best Man Ever(Season 4, Episode 22) NIK

Best man Joey (Matt LeBlanc) loses Ross's heirloom ring; pregnant Phoebe has mood swings. Stripper: Lisa Rotondi. Ross: David Schwimmer. Phoebe: Lisa Kudrow.

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Fri Sep 30 5:00pm
Home ImprovementEye on Tim(Season 5, Episode 19) HALMRK

Jill sees her Tool Man become a "drool man" when a pretty TV reporter does a feature on "Tool Time." Kelly Barnes: Rosalind Allen. Nick: Dex Sanders. Al: Richard Karn. Wilson: Earl Hindman. Tim: Tim Allen. Jill: Patricia Richardson.

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Tue Oct 4 5:30pm
Home ImprovementFuture Shock(Season 6, Episode 2) HALMRK

Jill's distress over catering to Tim's daily routine leads both to dream of their senior years, and each has a different view of how Tim's "self-discipline" has affected their lives. Dolores: Shirley Prestia. Marge: Francesca P. Roberts.

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Thu Oct 6 5:00pm
Home ImprovementTool Man Delivers(Season 6, Episode 9) HALMRK

Heidi goes into labor---on the road with Jill and Tim, who act as coach and receiver, respectively, while Wilson offers instructions over the phone. Ned: Tom Poston. Sparky: Patrick Cronin. Wilson: Earl Hindman. Tim: Tim Allen.

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Fri Oct 7 4:00pm
Home ImprovementWorkin' Man Blues(Season 6, Episode 11) HALMRK

Brad throws himself into his new job at a sporting-goods store, but Jill and Tim worry that it's becoming his top priority. Rob: Mitch Rouse. Holly: Caroline Keenan. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan. Jason: Jarrad Paul. Tim: Tim Allen. Jill: Patricia Richardson.

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Mon Oct 10 4:00pm
Home ImprovementTotally Tool Time(Season 6, Episode 15) HALMRK

"Tool Time" is taped in front of Swedish buyers who are considering the show for the European market. Sy: Drew Carey. Fred: Harry Groener. June: Gretchen German. Director: Peter Bonerz. Bjorn: Craig Richard Nelson. Al: Richard Karn.

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Mon Oct 10 4:30pm
Home ImprovementA Funny Valentine(Season 6, Episode 16) HALMRK

A singer hints that she had an affair with Tim's father; Tim forgets where he hid Jill's Valentine's Day gift. Liddy: Anne Francis. Tina: Janeane Garofalo. Mel: Anthony Russell. Tim: Tim Allen. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Al: Richard Karn.

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Wed Oct 12 4:00pm
Home ImprovementThe Feminine Mistake(Season 6, Episode 23) HALMRK

Jill protests the inequality between Brad and his girlfriend, who's doing his laundry and cleaning his room. Angela: Kristin Clayton. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen.

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Wed Oct 12 4:30pm
Home ImprovementTaps(Season 6, Episode 24) HALMRK

Jill's father passes away the day after she fibs that she's ill in order to postpone his visit. And the lie lingers when she arrives back home for the funeral. Lillian: Polly Holliday. Linda: Carlene Watkins. Tracy: Maryedith Burrell. Jill: Patricia Richar (more…)

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Wed Oct 12 5:00pm
Home ImprovementKiss and Kiss Off(Season 6, Episode 25) HALMRK

A visit from original---and beloved---"Tool Time" girl Lisa (Pamela Lee) has Heidi feeling threatened; Randy and Lauren go on a date. Lauren: Courtney Peldon. Heidi: Debbe Dunning. Waiter: Vasili Bogazianos. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

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