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Peter Alexander Takes How Eye See It Blindfold Challenge to Support Sister
06:35 — NBC News national correspondent Peter Alexander’s sister Rebecca has lost most of her vision due to a retinal degenerative disease, but that hasn’t st (more…)
Charlotte Faces Harsh New Reality
02:57 — Associate editor of Charlotte Magazine, Adam Rhew, joins NBC’s Peter Alexander to discuss how the protests that began peaceful turned violent in Charl (more…)
Rep. Cleaver Responds to Charlotte Police Shooting
04:15 — Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-MO, talks to NBC’s Peter Alexander about how the Congressional Black Caucus is reacting to the recent fatal police shootings o (more…)
Rep. Jeffries: Trump Is a ‘Day-Late, Dollar Short’
02:28 — Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-NY, joins NBC’s Peter Alexander to give his initial reaction to Donald Trump finally admitting that President Barack Obama was (more…)
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Reveal Health Details; Clinton Resumes Campaigning
02:46 — As Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail Thursday after her bout with pneumonia, Donald Trump takes a shot at her health on the same day his a (more…)
Stores Are Spreading Sales Beyond Black Friday
02:07 — Retailers are trying to entice shoppers with super sized holiday sales over an entire week. Could the Black Friday stampede be a thing of the past? NB (more…)
Report Finds No NFL Cover-up of Ray Rice Video
02:25 — The independent investigation into the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice scandal has wrapped up, and found no evidence of a cover-up by the league of the (more…)
Black Hat Bandits: Hunt for Bank Robbers Outside Washington, DC
01:30 — The FBI is asking the public for help in catching the “Black Hat Bandits” behind an increasingly dangerous ring of bank heists close to our nation’s c (more…)
Slashed US Ambassador: ‘I Feel Pretty Darn Good’
02:20 — Mark Lippert, the U.S. ambassador to South Korea, is out of the hospital and talking about the terrifying moment he was slashed by a knife-wielding at (more…)
Is Clinton Campaign in Jeopardy Amid Email Scandal?
02:41 — Hillary Clinton hasn't even announced she's running for president, but the scrutiny over her emails has many Democrats nervous. She’s reportedly consi (more…)
TV Host Fired Over Michelle Obama Remark
02:04 — Univision host Rodner Figueroa was fired after saying on a panel that the first lady looked like “she’s part of the cast of ‘The Planet of the Apes’ f (more…)
Tom Brady’s Agent: Suspension Is ‘ridiculous’
02:46 — The Patriots quarterback’s agent blasts the NFL over Brady’s four-game suspension for “Deflate-Gate.” NBC national correspondent Peter Alexander repor (more…)
Police On Hunt for More Suspects in DC Murders
02:35 — With one suspect behind bars, authorities are hunting for others they believe were involved in the brutal murder of the Savopoulos family. NBC’s Peter (more…)
Donald Trump Defiant As NBC Severs Ties With Him
02:29 — NBC has severed its business relationship with the “Celebrity Apprentice” host, real estate tycoon and declared Republican presidential hopeful after (more…)
Nation Wary As Officials Monitor for Possible Fourth of July Threats
02:23 — As large crowds gather all over the country for Fourth of July celebrations, there's heightened concern about terrorist attacks. NBC’s Peter Alexander (more…)
Trump and Sanders Steal the Spotlight
09:20 — Donald Trump’s favorability surges in the Iowa polls as Senator Bernie Sanders closes in on Hillary Clinton. NBC’s Peter Alexander breaks down the lat (more…)
Donald Trump Packs the House at Massive Dallas Rally Ahead of Debate
02:50 — As he prepares for a showdown with more than a dozen rivals at the next GOP debate on Wednesday night, Donald Trump is receiving a Texas-size welcome (more…)
Donald Trump Leading in Polls in Iowa, New Hampshire
02:43 — Two new NBC News-Marist polls have Donald Trump at or near the top in the states of New Hampshire and Iowa, while other candidates scramble for tracti (more…)
Donald Trump Returns to Fox News, Shows a Softer Side
02:52 — Six days after vowing not to appear on Fox News, Donald Trump did just that Tuesday night, part of what appears to be charm offensive showing his soft (more…)
Trump, Sanders Surge Ahead in Latest Iowa Poll
02:17 — The summer continues to upset many 2016 presidential campaign predictions, with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders surging forward in their respective po (more…)
Hilary Clinton’s Trade Stance Isolates Joe Biden
09:09 — MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and NBC's Peter Alexander analyze Hillary Clinton’s decision to stand against the TPP. MSNBC's Anthony Terrell also joins from (more…)
Bush Vows to Improve As Candidates Emerge from Contentious Debate
02:41 — The GOP race is in flux after Wednesday’s debate as Jeb Bush insists his campaign is far from over, while Chris Christie is dealing with calls to drop (more…)
Up for Debate? GOP Campaigns Meet, Agree On List of Debate Demands
02:56 — Sidestepping the Republican National Committee, GOP candidates’ campaigns came together for an unprecedented closed-door meeting Sunday night, agreein (more…)
Obama to Welcome French President Hollande, Discuss ISIS
01:27 — President Obama is facing increased pressure to up the U.S. campaign against ISIS as he gets set to welcome French President Francois Hollande to the (more…)
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