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Eric Trump to Ted Cruz: Don’t Come On Stage if You Won’t Endorse My Dad
02:58 — On TODAY, Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump tells NBC’s Peter Alexander that Sen. Ted Cruz did not have many friends on the RNC floor when he did not endo (more…)
Trump’s Name Formally Placed for Nomination at GOP Convention
01:33 — NBC’s Peter Alexander stands on the convention floor as the delegates formally vote on the nomination of Donald Trump as the party’s presidential cand (more…)
Senator Kaine On Being Vetted for VP
06:49 — Senator Tim Kaine, D - Virginia, joins Peter Alexander to discuss being vetted by the Clinton campaign as a potential VP pick, as well as his thoughts (more…)
Elie Wiesel Dies at Age 87
02:39 — Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel was known as one of the greatest humanitarians. NBC's Peter Alexander reports.
Zika Funding Bill Dies in Senate Vote
00:38 — A bill to help provide money to help fight Zika in the U.S. has now failed to get enough votes to move forward. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.
‘Democratic Revolution’: Gun Control Sit-in On House Floor Rolls On
03:29 — Overnight, Congressional Democrats staged a rebellion on the House floor, demanding a vote on gun control, with chaos erupting as Speaker Paul Ryan tr (more…)
Trump's Family Takes Charge
02:11 — NBC's Peter Alexander reports on the central roles Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner may have in the campaign.
Trump Sends First Fundraising Email
05:19 — Former RNC Chairman, Michael Steele, joins NBC’s Peter Alexander to discuss how Donald Trump is reaching out for money to finance his campaign.
Shots Fired at Dallas Love Field Airport
04:41 — NBC News' Peter Alexander and Tom Costello report breaking news of a shooting that has taken place at Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas on Friday.
Elizabeth Warren to Endorse Hillary Clinton
01:19 — Peter Alexander and Bloomberg's Margaret Talev discuss the relationship between Hillary Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren, as Warren is expected to (more…)
Obama Endorsement Recorded On Tuesday
03:57 — NBC News' Peter Alexander reports that President Obama's Clinton endorsement video was taped on Tuesday, although it wasn't released until Thursday.
Donald Trump Vows to Get Back On Offense, Targets Clintons Over Money
02:48 — Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is promising new attacks on his likely general election opponent in a speech set for Monday. NBC’s Peter Alexande (more…)
Donald Trump to Surrogates: Intensify Criticism of Judge, Journalists
05:06 — Donald Trump is creating more unrest within his own party after he reportedly urged supporters to intensify criticism of a judge and journalists. NBC (more…)
Trump Attacks Federal Judge, Calls Him ‘Mexican’
05:08 — Donald Trump is escalating his attacks on the federal judge, Gonzalo Curiel, overseeing the fraud lawsuits against Trump University over his "Mexican (more…)
What Is Fentanyl, How Does It Relate to Heroin?
03:13 — Forensic pathologist, Cyril Wecht, joins NBC’s Peter Alexander to explain what Fentanyl, the drug that killed Prince, is.
Prince's Overdose Highlights Larger Epidemic
06:46 — NBC's Stephanie Gosk and forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht join Peter Alexander to discuss Prince's death due to Fentanyl overdose, and how it sheds li (more…)
Trump Fires Back at Clinton Over Emails, Foreign Policy
05:15 — MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Republican strategist Susan Del Percio joins NBC’s Peter Alexander to discuss how Donald Trump continues to fire back at Hillary (more…)
Paul Ryan Endorses Donald Trump: Will It Unite the GOP?
02:30 — House Speaker Paul Ryan says he will vote for Donald Trump this November if he is the Republican nominee, saying Hillary Clinton won’t advance GOP pri (more…)
Still No Endorsement from Speaker Ryan
04:24 — Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks, April Ryan, and MSNBC Political Analyst David Corn join NBC’s Peter Alexander to discuss ho (more…)
Inside the Obamas’ Post-White House Home: A Mansion With Famous Neighbors
02:16 — After they move out of the White House, the first family will remain in the nation’s capital, moving just two miles from the White House. NBC’s Peter (more…)
Trump Clinches GOP Nomination
03:03 — NBC News has confirmed that Donald Trump has officially clinched the Republican nomination for President by exceeding 1237 in NBC delegate count. NBC’ (more…)
Donald Trump Nears Delegate Goal, Launches New Hillary Clinton Attack
03:02 — Despite the protests at his rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Donald Trump launched a fresh attacks against Hillary Clinton. NBC’s Peter Alexander rep (more…)
Donald Trump Revisits Sex Allegations Against Bill Clinton
03:14 — In an Instagram video, Donald J. Trump has revived decades-old allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton, while Hillary Clinton says she r (more…)
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Dead Heat: New Poll
03:14 — Americans are nearly evenly split between likely White House candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton; Clinton’s margin over Trump has narrowed to (more…)
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