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Caught On Tape
A horrified Julia learns that a sex tape of her and a former co-star turns up on the Internet, which results in a media circus for Lucy. Don gets a m (more…)
Caitlyn Jenner: 'I'm Doing This to Live'
10:51 — The first photo of Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce will be featured on an upcoming cover of Vanity Fair. Perez Hilton, Dr. Marci Bowers (a tra (more…)
Perez Hilton On Bullying & Past Celebrity Feuds
01:29 — Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reveals to Larry King how his stance against bullying has forced him to change his tune regarding his own celebrity-bas (more…)
Party Patrol: Gossip Girl
01:42 — "On Hollywood 411, the stars of Gossip Girl and Dancing with the Stars at the Paley Center for Media and Perez Hilton's 30th birthday red carpet.|Blak (more…)
In Perez Hilton's Hot Seat
The contestants must survive a grueling interview with celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton in the challenge from Episode 9, "The Hot Seat."
The Kids Sing the "Pop Game" Theme Song
After being handed a set of lyrics, the cast perform their best cold sing of a fake "Pop Game" theme song in this exclusive.
Miss Universe Judge Perez Hilton On Steve Harvey: 'I Don't Know if He Was Truly Paying Attention'
01:35 — The Miss Universe judge weighs in on the pageant controversy.
Perez Hilton Peeks Down Jill's Shirt
00:23 — It's Perez Hilton's party so if he wants to peek down Jill Zarin's shirt, he can!
Paris Hilton's My New BFF Season 1
Paris Hilton will invite 20 potential best friends to Los Angeles to live in a house and compete in tests of loyalty, endurance and girl politics to f (more…)
Who's Talking to Perez Hilton?
02:36 — The last thing Bethenny Frankel needs is her mug on one of those blogger sites.
Everyone's Cuckoo For Gaga
00:43 — Perez Hilton, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and others are firmly in Lady Gaga's corner. (9.10.09)
Lady Gaga's Performance Is 'Next Level'
00:30 — "She's always trying to top herself and I think she's going to," Perez Hilton predicts. (9.8.09)
The Talk: June 28 Trailer
03:01 — Commando or No Commando? THE TALK hosts reveal whether or not they like 'going commando' (without underwear) in public. Each host had a different take (more…)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Funny Valentine Trailer
01:21 — When a famous rapper brutally assaults his girlfriend, the SVU squad must battle music industry politics in pursuit of justice. Dave Navarro, Jeffrey (more…)
Episode 6: The Laura Linney of Bravo
On Perez Hilton's hair, on flying, and electronics.
Episode 6 - With Perez Hilton
Season 3 Preview: Kathy hangs out with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton!
Jackie's Judges
Season 2: Perez Hilton, Tessa Benson, and Donna Katz were Jackie's judges.
Episode 6: Perez Hilton At Outfest
Season 3 Lost Footage: Catch up with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton at Bravo's Outfest party!
Remaking The Video With Perez Hilton
01:30 — Perez re-enacts D'Angelo's classic 2000 video "Untitled (How Does It Feel)".
Episode 6 - Lunch With Perez
Season 3 Preview: Join Kathy and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton on their lunch date!
Fashion and Fighting
Smack in the middle of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, LuAnn and Kelly are at a show when Bethenny arrives. LuAnn makes a snide remark to Bethenn (more…)
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