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Perez Hilton On Bullying & Past Celebrity Feuds
01:29 — Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reveals to Larry King how his stance against bullying has forced him to change his tune regarding his own celebrity-bas (more…)
Perez Hilton Peeks Down Jill's Shirt
00:23 — It's Perez Hilton's party so if he wants to peek down Jill Zarin's shirt, he can!
The Talk - Do You Dare Go Against A Doctor's Orders?
02:10 — Perez Hilton of perezhilton.com visits "The Talk" to discuss Taylor Swift's boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris. He left the hospital early "against medical a (more…)
The Talk - Tuesday Preview, May 24th
00:20 — Tuesday's special guest is Mia Wasikowska.
The Talk - Julian McMahon Reveals Favorite Sex Scene From 'Nip/Tuck' - Aisha Tyler!
02:06 — Julian McMahon visits THE TALK and recalls the hit series "Nip/Tuck," where his character had a very active romantic life. Asked about which of the fr (more…)
The Talk - Did 'SNL' Take It Too Far In Their Tribute To Prince?
02:26 — Top Talker Perez Hilton of perezhilton.com visits "The Talk" to discuss the "Saturday Night Live" tribute show to Prince. While most thought the tribu (more…)
Chris' Exit Interview
00:34 — Chris is flabbergasted by his Tinkerbelle-inspired elimination.
Kaitlin's Exit Interview
00:23 — Kaitlin expresses regret over not meshing well with the other potential BFFs.
Nicole's Exit Interview
00:40 — Nicole insists she's not a "psycho stalker" and is happy that she got the chance to know Paris.
Arika's Exit Interview
00:30 — Arika expresses regret over not getting to show Paris all of her good qualities.
Perez Hilton Vs. Will.I.Am: The Timeline
04:59 — From the first tweet to the latest video response, MTV News has the rundown on the beef between the blogger and the Black Eyed Pea. (6.24.09)
Paris' Reaction To Arielle
00:29 — Paris just wasn't feeling Arielle's show and tell presentation, so she says goodbye to the "boring, wallflower" BFF-wannabe.
Rachel's Exit Interview
00:21 — Rachel's left in shock when she's the first to be eliminated, but believes "everything happens for a reason."
Monica's Exit Interview
00:35 — Monica names the other girls she thinks should have gone home before she did.
Paris' Reaction To Arika
00:26 — Although she believes Arika really feels bad about her actions, Paris had to send her home because of the broken trust.
Paris' Response To Chris
00:19 — Paris and Tinkerbell both agree that Chris was not BFF material and seemed a bit confused about the difference between friends and friends with benefi (more…)
Paris' Reaction To Rachel
00:22 — Rachel and her "fried, bleached, cotton candy" hair have the tiger AND Paris convinced she's just not BFF material.
Paris' Response To Katie
00:15 — Paris says good riddance to diva-in-the-making Kaite.
Paris' Reaction To Monica
00:19 — Paris explains why Monica's outlandish behavior got her an unexpected "TTYN" at elimination.
Katie's Exit Interview
00:24 — Katie defends her decision to curse out Paris during her explosive elimination.
Kristen's Exit Interview
00:40 — Kristen expresses no regrets about her time in Paris' mansion.
Arielle's Exit Interview
00:34 — Arielle is crushed that Paris couldn't see beneath the makeup and feels she wasn't given a chance at real BFF-ness.
'There's A Place For Everyone In This Industry, Good Or Bad'
01:24 — Celebrities from Nick Cannon to Aubrey O'Day weigh in on the Perez Hilton/ Will.I.Am altercation. (6.23.09)
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