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Penny Marshall and Lorraine Bracco to Play Lesbian Couple on Fox's Mulaney

Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall and Lorraine Bracco have signed on for Fox's Mulaney, has confirmed.

Based on the life of John Mulaney, who will also write and star in the comedy, Mulaney follows... read more

Fox Picks Up Animated Comedy Murder Police

Murder Police

Fox has ordered 13 episodes of the new animated comedy Murder Police for next season, the network announced Tuesday. The series, from Family Guy's David A. Goodman and Jason Ruiz, follows a passionate but incompetent detective and his colorful colleagues at the city precinct. read more

Fred Armisen Revives Penny Marshall Impression to Promote Her Memoir

Fred Armisen

How much does Penny Marshall like Fred Armisen's impression of her? Well, she's using it to sell her new memoir.

In the promo for Marshall's memoir My Mother was Nuts, the SNL star once again dons the author's signature blonde bob and shrimpy spectacles to play the spacey star. Carrie Fisher references soon follow. read more

Keck's Exclusives: Laverne and Shirley To Be Honored at TV Land Awards

Laverne & Shirley

Schlemeel. Schlemazel. Hasenfeffer, incorporated. Crack open a can of Shotz brew!

I'm excited to announce the first honoree for the upcoming 10th Annual TV Land Awards — The Fan Favorite Award will go to the iconic 1976-83 sitcom Laverne & Shirley. Accepting the award will be four cast members: Penny Marshall (Laverne), Cindy Williams (Shirley), David L. Lander (Squiggy) and Michael McKean (Lenny).

read more

Break Out the Milk 'n' Pepsi: Laverne & Shirley Reunite!

The line between reality, reality TV and plain old TV just keeps getting blurrier. According to the trade mag TV Week, TV Land is moving ahead with production on a loosely scripted series starring Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams as themselves — only a version of themselves in which they both live at Penny's house. Weird. Eddie Mekka, call your agent. "If I could go from rags to riches...!" read more


Good ol' Laverne, aka Penny Marshall, is part of a team developing and exec-producing On the Edge, a one-hour drama pilot for UPN, says the Hollywood Reporter. The prospective series centers on a young female ADA out to find her parents' murderer, all the while battling demons from her drug-addict past, during which she associated with all manner of lowlifes and creeps. (Enter Lenny and Squiggy.) "Hello, girls!" read more

While last week's pretty eye-candy...

While last week's pretty eye-candy Michael Vartan crashed and burned quickly at the poker table, this week's dreamily dimpled Eddie Cibrian managed to stick it out and win. Even more impressive is that Phil Gordon finally broke his curse, which caused him to pick good players to win and then watch them lose terribly. Eddie — who's had kind of a leg up on the rest of them as he has been trained by pros for his gambling-themed show Tilt — didn't even have to do any of the dirty work, since Travis Tritt was the one who simultaneously knocked out Mo Gaffney and Rosie O'Donnell and then made short work of Penny Marshall. But I do think that Eddie's looks might have been a bit distracting. Penny — who was so clueless at the poker table that even Dave said, "I'm getting the feeling she doesn't know what's going on" — wanted "cute Eddie" to stay in the game from the get-go. And Mo commented that "he's got little villag read more

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