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Cancer doctor sentenced for "horrific crimes" against patients
02:26 — Dr. Farid Fata was sentenced to 45 years in prison for defrauding patients and administering chemotherapy treatment to more than 500 people, some of w (more…)
Middle-class women lead surge in heroin usage
06:20 — The number of women fighting heroin addiction is on the rise. The low cost of the drug is making it hard for officials to get a handle on the problem. (more…)
Penn & Teller Perform Lift Off Of Love
03:59 — Magic and comedy legends Penn & Teller revel how they perform this amazing illusion.
John Krasinski & James Corden Were Cut From All Your Favorite Films
07:06 — Whenever John and James team up for a movie, they get fired.
John Seymour joins "The Dish" to cook up some dynamic comfort food
05:07 — Most successful restaurateurs don't start off serving beer as young kids to make lunch money, but that's how this chef got his start. After seven year (more…)
Finding his voice: The throwback soul sound of Leon Bridges
03:53 — After years of playing local, small shows and washing dishes to make money, the 25-year-old Fort Worth native has become one of the most celebrated so (more…)
Watch: Daredevil takes on steepest Los Angeles hills in reverse
00:30 — Cellphone video shows a driver steering down the steep and winding roadway against traffic, for two miles. Now, police are investigating the incident, (more…)
OPM director resigns after hacking fallout
02:58 — The Obama administration now says the breach may have compromised personal information of more than 21 million people. At first, the federal governmen (more…)
Deadly crime wave erupts in Milwaukee
02:01 — Two teenage boys are the latest victims of the Wisconsin city's growing gun violence -- two of 10 people who have been shot and killed in the city in (more…)
Confederate flag removed from South Carolina Statehouse
02:19 — In the wake of the South Carolina church shooting, the flag became a flashpoint. Decades of debate over the Confederacy's banner transistioned into a (more…)
John Krasinski, Jimmy Butler & Adam Pally Compare Basketball Skills
02:51 — Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler and actors John Krasinski and Adam Pally discuss their basketball talents.
"Chasing Pluto": NASA probe traveled 3 billion miles in 9 years
04:18 — NASA will complete a discovery mission that began more than half a century ago Tuesday. Since 1962, U.S. robotic spacecrafts and landers have visited (more…)
Team USA honored with ticker tape parade in NYC
01:36 — The heroes of the World Cup-winning U.S. women's soccer team were honored Friday in a historic celebration. Members of the team also joined Taylor Swi (more…)
NBA veteran's guide to managing money for pro athletes
04:41 — Financial troubles have become a sad yet prevalent problem for athletes of the nation’s three biggest and most profitable leagues: the NBA, NFL and (more…)
FBI admits mistakes allowed South Carolina shooter to buy gun
02:18 — FBI Director James Comey said a series of errors enabled Dylann Roof to purchase a gun. Roof is charged in the massacre that killed nine African-Ameri (more…)
Magicians Penn & Teller head back to Broadway after 23 years
06:14 — For the past 40 years, the dynamic duo have amazed audiences around the world with their unique style of illusion and comedy. This past week, the pair (more…)
Iran nuclear deal deadline extended
01:16 — Talks between the major world powers and Iran over its nuclear program have been extended again. Secretary of State John Kerry has more meetings Satur (more…)
Eurozone leaders meet to decide Greece's fate
02:26 — Negotiators for Greece are in Brussels for a meeting with European finance ministers aimed at keeping the country from financial collapse. The Greek p (more…)
Trump's Doctor Lied About Some of His Medical Credentials
04:06 — After discussing the British Olympians' bag situation, James talks about Donald Trump's untrustworthy physician.
Las Vegas' Dynamic Duo
01:36 — Penn and Teller join in on the culinary fun.
New Document Reveals Bill Cosby Used Quaaludes During Sex with a Woman in 1976
04:29 — 2005 documents reveal that Bill Cosby purchased and used quaaludes for sex with a woman in 1976. "The View" co-hosts debate if this document supports (more…)
Deconstruction Definition
01:17 — Kevin and Eli discuss the merits of the other chefs' dishes.
Apple Cardamom Crisp
04:43 — with amaretto caramel sauce with raw apple salad with fennel
My First Concert: Ice Cube
01:43 — Ice Cube was nervous to go to a Cameo concert with his older siblings but ended up loving it.
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