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Magic Lisa
01:07 — Lisa turns Bart into a magic dispenser with her new conjuring powers.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
02:48 — The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Escape Artist: Death-Defying Trick
05:16 — James welcomes world famous escape artist David Seaman to perform his most dangerous trick yet, but things go awry when Reggie Watts gets excited.
House of Cards Road Trip w/ Kate Mara & Michael Kelly
01:07 — Kate Mara and Michael Kelly discuss their carpool from New York City to Baltimore for House of Cards shoots.
Michael Kelly Has A Family Tradition of Fur Jockstraps
03:15 — House of Cards' Michael Kelly tells James about his family's love of fur jockstraps.
The World's Longest Aircraft Crash
04:33 — James is able to discuss numerous news stories during the time it takes the world's largest aircraft to crash.
New Document Reveals Bill Cosby Used Quaaludes During Sex with a Woman in 1976
04:29 — 2005 documents reveal that Bill Cosby purchased and used quaaludes for sex with a woman in 1976. "The View" co-hosts debate if this document supports (more…)
Penn and Teller Teach the Tonight Show a Card Trick to Find Love
05:06 — Penn and Teller teach Jimmy and the Tonight Show audience a love ritual card trick that viewers can perform at home.
"The View" Co-Hosts Get Into Heated Debate Over Same-Sex Wedding Cake Hot Topic
05:02 — An Oregon bakery was fined $135,000 for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. Candace Cameron Bure feels the bakery had the right not to p (more…)
Jimmy Meets Lilly Singh's Parents
02:33 — Lilly Singh's parents give Jimmy a few suggestions to improve The Tonight Show.
This or That: Desus & Mero
06:36 — Viceland's Desus & Mero answers questions about eyebrow placement, ketchup juice and fighting the world's last horse-sized duck.
Thank You Notes: Mel from the Emoji Movie, Swimming Nose Clips
04:07 — Jimmy pens thank you notes to wearing Apple AirPods, getting a text that says, "Bahahaha" and other things.
David Spade Took a Rickety M*A*S*H-Era Helicopter Ride to the Hamptons
03:20 — David Spade shares the hilarious story of the time he thought he was going to losing his life on a shoddy helicopter ride to the Hamptons.
David Spade Realized His Home Was Burgled When He Reached for His Shotgun
05:43 — David Spade chats with Jimmy about milking first-class privileges on JetBlue and a recent break-in at his mansion that resulted in an entire safe bein (more…)
Penn & Teller Pull Off Their "Flates" Card Trick Rocking Inflatable Suits
03:09 — Penn & Teller stun Jimmy and the Tonight Show audience with a card trick that leaves everyone deflated and seeing double.
Desus & Mero Give Their Hot Takes On Shark Week and O.J. Simpson's Parole
06:16 — Desus & Mero crack Jimmy up with their takes on Shark Week, O.J.'s parole and fermentation pots.
I've Got Good News and Good News: Your Friend Just Canceled
01:49 — To counter all the bad news being reported, The Tonight Show asked NBC news anchors across the U.S. to read happy stories we wish were true.
Backstage Magic Trick: Penn & Teller Return!
05:06 — Penn & Teller perform a magic trick inspired by Jimmy Fallon's Classroom Instruments series.
Penn & Teller's Memorization Act from "Extreme Awareness"
03:42 — Penn & Teller's visceral take on the a memorization act. They make it interesting by adding a nail gun to the act.
Jessie Takes The Pillar Instinct Challenge from "Extreme Awareness"
02:03 — Jessie must maneuver her way through lighted pillars, blindfolded.
Penn & Teller's Memorization Act from "Extreme Awareness"
02:33 — Penn & Teller visceral their take on the a memorization act.
Superhuman: Extreme Awareness Trailer
00:20 — Penn and Teller play an important part in one special challenge when five new contestants showcase their unique talents.
Las Vegas' Dynamic Duo
01:36 — Penn and Teller join in on the culinary fun.
Deconstruction Definition
01:17 — Kevin and Eli discuss the merits of the other chefs' dishes.
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