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LSP Rehearsal
01:59 — LSP rehearses and directs a play.
00:37 — BMO confronts a chicken about a hunch as if she's a private detective.
01:28 — Football gets taunted by BMO.
Have You Seen My Baby?
02:02 — Lumpy Space Princess loses baby sweet pea.
Melon Rage
00:42 — Finn goes overboard and throws a basket full of melons at a little elf man's wife.
LSP Monster
00:38 — Finn and Jake go inside a house to fight a monster only to discover it's really Lumpy Space Princess.
00:37 — Finn and Jake use a portal spell to get back to help Marceline.
Good Business
00:41 — Finn and Jake spot an old friend at an outdoor market, Jake wants to do business but Finn reminds Jake what he sold them last time.
Secret Tapes
00:32 — A knock at the door make Finn, Jake and BMO paranoid that someone wants to see their secret tapes.
Secret Tapes 2
00:31 — The Ice King has assembled a group of dead snowmen to help him get the secrets from Finn, Jake and BMO.
00:31 — Finn and Jake try and make a movie with a frog pulling Princess Bubblegum in a chariot.
This Thing Really Stings
00:45 — Jake and Finn retrieve guardian blood for Martin's injured leg
Just Wait
01:13 — Huge King refuses to let Finn leave.
Explain It to Me
01:38 — Ice King trys to find out what his friends are interested in.
Story Torture
00:30 — Ice King is reading a story he wrote to his captives who see it as a form of torture.
BMO Late Night
00:47 — BMO is working late and listening to talk radio.
00:45 — Jake makes a fancy sandwich with the works.
Break in
00:30 — Someone's breaking into the Tree House at night and it's not The Ice King this time.
Princess Sleepy
00:44 — Finn and Jake step up to teach Goliad when Princess Bubblegum is way too tired.
Ghost Killer
00:37 — Dressed in costumes: Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum are scared there's a ghost killer on the loose.
Lady's Folks
00:41 — Lady Rainicorn is nervous about Jake meeting her parents, but Jake has a plan that will put them all at ease.
I'll Do My Best Sis
00:45 — Flame Princess along with her brothers and aunt, discuss the magma core.
02:05 — Finn and Jake prank the Ice King at a water park.
Not Suited
00:30 — The Suitor is making his way to his goal when he's seen by a giant spider.
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