Pauly Shore

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Paul Montgomery Shore
  • Birth Place: Hollywood, California, United States
  • Profession: Comedian, Actor, Director, Producer

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Pauly Shore Sits Down With Our Man Chuey Martinez.
03:22 — They dish about everything under the biodome!
Pauly Shore: I’m Not ‘Goofing Off’ in New Documentary
03:58 — The comedian talks with the TODAY anchors about his upcoming film, a documentary of his travels doing stand-up comedy in small towns as he struggles w (more…)
Gordon Ramsay Brings A Little Vegas To The Kitchen from "Playing Your Cards Right"
01:07 — The chefs all sit around a poker table as Gordon explains the rules to the game.
The Chefs Are All Out For Blood from "Playing Your Cards Right"
01:06 — The kitchen goes from a team environment to everyone for themselves.
Ryan Struggles Picking Her Ingredients from "Playing Your Cards Right"
00:51 — Gordon questions Ryan about her not choosing any ingredients.
Heidi's Last Card Is Exactly What She Wanted from "Playing Your Cards Right"
00:54 — Gordon Ramsay deals Heidi the exact card she wanted.
The Guests Begin To Arrive from "Playing Your Cards Right"
00:55 — Celebrity guests Neil Everett and Pauly Shore dine at Hell's Kitchen.
Jenn Louis Arrives As A guest Judge from "Playing Your Cards Right"
00:44 — Jenn Louis, the owner and chef of Lincoln and Sunshine Tavern, is introduced to the chefs.
Kimberly Shares Her Excitement For Winning A Black Jacket from "Playing Your Cards Right"
00:37 — Kimberly and the chefs enjoy a drink after receiving their black jackets.
Kimberly Gets To Sit In The Leader's Chair from "Playing Your Cards Right"
00:52 — Kimberly's dish is liked by both judges.
Who'd You Rather: Pauly D or Pauly Shore?
00:44 — Pauly D is filming a new reality show with Aubrey O’Day and somehow it got the newsroom to get in to which Paul they would rather have Pauly D or Paul (more…)
Casper: A Spirited Beginning - Official Trailer
01:25 — Our lovable see-through supernatural friend is back and no one can see him but you! Prequel to the 1995 smash theatrical hit.
Class Act - Trailer
01:55 — An A student and a young delinquent get their school records switched.
Jury Duty - Trailer
02:13 — An unemployed freeloader gets picked for jury duty in a sensational murder trial and will do anything to keep deliberations going as long as he can. W (more…)
Hawaii Five-0: Ho'amoano (Chasing Yesterday) Trailer
00:33 — A woman is found murdered in a hotel suite occupied by three married men. Five-0 help the guys get over their massive hangovers so the men can recall (more…)
Pauly Shore on Britney Spears
Stand up comedian, Pauly Shore tells us about a time Britney Spears came to watch his show.
Pauly Shore: Arsenio Hall, Garry Shandling Come To Visit My Ailing Mother
Pauly Shore joins HuffPost Live and talks with Ricky about the various comedians who still check up on his mother.
Pauly Shore Talks Rodney Dangerfield: 'He Liked To Smoke His Weed'
Pauly Shore talks with Ricky about working with Rodney Dangerfield and how 'he liked to smoke his weed.'
How Pauly Shore Snuck Risque Sexual References Past The MTV Censors
Pauly Shore talks with Ricky about how he snuck risqu sexual references past the MTV censors.
Pauly Shore Discusses The 'Oh Shit' Moment He Knew His Career Was Crumbling
Pauly Shore joins HuffPost Live and talks about the moment when he knew his career was crumbling.
'90s Icons Share What They Miss the Most
It was a decade of neon, Pauly Shore, Coolio and no cellphones. On Saturday it was recreated at a one-day music festival in Williamsburg.
Pauly Shore: Andy Dick Needs To Change His Behavior 'Or He's Going To Die'
Pauly Shore speaks candidly about his relationship with Andy Dick, and admits to being scared for Andy's life.
Pauly Shore LIVE
From stand-up comedy to shows and movies, Pauly Shore has made us laugh for years. He stops by HuffPost Live to talk about his new documentary 'Pauly (more…)
Pauly Shore Joins "The Doctors"
'The Doctors' are joined by stand-up comedian and actor Pauly Shore to explain how humor plays into your overall health. Pauly describes how performin (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Paul Montgomery Shore
  • Birth Place: Hollywood, California, United States
  • Profession: Comedian, Actor, Director, Producer