This TV Season's Winners and Losers!

Patrick Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy, Matt LeBlanc of Joey

Put a fork in the 2005-06 TV season. For the fourth straight year, CBS was crowned the most watched network, with an average of 12.6 million viewers per week. Fox was able to crow as well — for the second year in a row it was No. 1 among viewers ages 18 to 49, the group most coveted by advertisers. ABC didn't come up with a new hit, but its audience grew as Grey's Anatomy, Lost and Desperate Housewives remained hot, and Dancing with the Stars read more

The Results Are In
A look at the winners and losers of the 2005-2006 season

Hugh Laurie, House

Put a fork in the recent TV season — it officially ended on May 24, so now it's time to tally the results. For the fourth straight year, CBS was crowned the most-watched network, with an average of 12.6 million viewers per week. While the network didn't score any smash hits, new shows such as Criminal Minds, The Unit and Ghost Whisperer were solid ratings performers. Fox was able to crow as well: for the second year in a row it was No. 1 among viewers aged 18 to 49, the group most coveted by advertisers. But this year the network won the demo race wi read more

What happened to your ...

Question: What happened to your minute-by-minute diary of the upfronts?

Answer: You're thinking of the Press Tour Diaries. That's in July. But had I blogged Fox's upfront on Thursday, it probably would've looked something like this:

4:00 pm: Could this East Side venue be more out of the way?
4:15 pm: Or crowded?
4:20 pm: Or hot?
4:35 pm: Someone kill me.
4:40 pm: Brad Garrett calls Paula Abdul crazy and Ryan Seacrest gay.
4:50 pm: Make it stop.
5:05 pm: I want to die. Now.
5:15 pm: Am I in hell?
5:17 pm: Sports executives make terrible comedians.
5:25 pm: Maybe the roof will collapse and we can all go home.
5:26 pm: Wow, Spike Feresten is not funny.
5:45 pm: Look! The ad executive behind me is putting a plastic bag over his head!
5:50 pm: Oooh, a read more

Elliott Defends Idol Swan-Song Pick

Elliott Yamin, American Idol

In the end, for American Idol wannabe Elliott Yamin, it came down to a trio of giant, video-projected percentages: 33.68, 33.26 and 33.06 — the last of which, separated from second place by just 10,000 votes, belonged to him. "I just knew.... I had that intuition that my name was going to be attached to the bottom number," he told the morning after being sent packing. "And I was prepared for it, so it was easy to take and grasp." As for the oh-so-slim margin of loss to finalists Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee, he says, "It was really flattering to have been involved in such a close, tight-knit race."

Early on in the competition, the 27-year-old Virginian was handed some of the highest praise one could ever expect to hear from read more

Idol's Chris Has Left the Building

Chris Daughtry, American Idol

So much for Elvis' plea that people don't be cruel. That look you saw on Chris Daughtry's face at the end of last week's American Idol results show vividly sums up the front-runner's take on his surprising fate. "[My jaw] was pretty much on the floor," he told the day after his ouster] He later used such words as "bummed," "disappointed," "shocked" and "speechless" to describe his reaction to the "gut-wrenching moment" he anticipated "not even a little bit."  Few predicted the outcome, including his bottom-two companion as well as Idol's judging triad. "[Katharine] and I didn't get a chance to talk after, so I don't really know what was going read more

Idol's "Chicken Little" Gets Plucked

Kevin Covais, American Idol

Chicken Little ran out of cluck, I guess you could say. (OK, that's it for the nickname jokes.) Last week on Fox's American Idol (Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET), no amount of cooing from Paula could save Kevin Covais' goose, as the little-too-adorable 16-year-old sang his final song, a rendition of this reporter's wedding song, "When I Fall in Love" (not that I hold it against him). If anything, the extrication from the spotlight might — someday — let Kevin's adopted moniker fade away, not that he minded it much. "I'm loving it," he told the morning after his ouster, "because I'm a fun-loving guy and I enjoy that type of stuff. I'm sarcastic and witty, I have a sense of humor, so I really appreciate it. And it's nothing agains read more

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