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Idol's Bucky: Simon Says... Nothing Helpful

Bucky Covington, American Idol

Despite some rockin' country (or is it countrified rock?) performances, North Carolinian Bucky Covington bottomed out last week on Fox's American Idol (Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET) despite serving up a solid spin on Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls." "I'd rather leave on a high note than a low note," Bucky shared the day after his swan song. "If I'm not going to win it, eighth is just as good as fourth to me, do you know what I mean?" One of the many ladies surely sad to see Bucky say goodbye is none other than Paula Abdul, who was often spied boogying and b read more


Paula Abdul

Did Paula Abdul fabricate her claim of assault in order to save face? While the accused attacker's lawyer calls Abdul's allegations "completely outrageous and utterly false," witnesses to Abdul's Saturday-night exit from an after-hours club in L.A. tell the New York Post that the American Idol judge looked "out of it" and in fact was kicked out of the hot spot for being "falling-down drunk." Abdul's spokesperson was unavailable for comment on the Post's story. read more


Hollywood police are investigating a report filed Tuesday by Paula Abdul claiming that a man "argued with her, grabbed her by the arm and threw her against a wall" at a private party last Sunday, resulting in a concussion and spinal injuries for the American Idol judge. The man, whose name is being withheld pending further investigation, has not yet been charged. read more


In semirelated news, Paula Abdul has signed on for another three years as an Idol judge. In her official statement, the "Straight Up" song stylist mentions that the Kelly and Ruben wannabes "truly inspire and amaze me each week." What her statement neglects to mention is how happy she is that the show's producers are always so quick to refill her glass with... um... Coke. read more

American Idol George Huff was...

Hugh Laurie, House

American IdolGeorge Huff was in the house, but these off-key performances probably removed the smile from his face for the first time ever. I did actually enjoy Taylor and was freaked out to be in agreement with Paula Abdul — Taylor is really great when he just stands there and sings. Mandisa wasn't at her best, but vocally she was still miles above the others. Yes, Simon Cowell, we know the "song isn't for you." If it were, it would be called "Damn You," not "Praise You." Paris definitely had the "attitude" part of "Work It Out" down, and she managed a decent vocal while doing the patented Beyoncé booty dance. Bucky was OK — though the band drowned him out a bit, he picked a good song read more

American Idol Fifties night was...

Michael Chiklis, The Shield

American IdolFifties night was far kinder to the wannabes than Stevie Wonder night was last week. And the evening clearly belonged to Mandisa. Wow... just wow. A note to Paula Abdul: No woman wants to be compared to a horse. Paris thrived vocally on "Fever," but she's so young that the "vamp" thing didn't work so well for her. To quote the cinema classic and '50s-themed flick Grease, "she's too pure to be pink." For a minute I was so excited to see Live on stage doing "I Alone." But then I realized it was Chris, stopping once again in the '90s for inspiration instead of heading to the '50s like everyone else. He's always great, but I'm waiting for Simon to coax Chris out read more

American Idol The leadoff performers,...

Taylor  Hicks, American Idol

American IdolThe leadoff performers, Ace and Kellie, bolstered my belief that American Idol should stay away from Stevie Wonder songs. Thankfully Ace didn't attempt to sing unnecessary falsetto notes, but I had to agree with Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell: It just wasn't the best vocal performance. Naturally Paula Abdul dissented. Eyeing Ace like he was the last chocolate chip in the Keebler tree house, she thought he "entertained everyone." Kellie professed little prior knowledge of Stevie, and then talked about her false eyelashes looking like tarantulas, something clearly less scary than calamari. Honestly, I was expecting better from both Elliott and Mandisa. I actu read more

American Idol Bo Bice sounded...

Cher and Josh, Beauty and the Geek

American IdolBo Bice sounded a bit hoarse on his single "The Real Thing," probably from new-daddy lack of sleep. I do miss Bo, but he's lucky Simon Cowell wasn't judging that one. It's not surprising that Kinnik and Will had the lowest number of votes — neither one had a good night this week. And they haven't exactly gotten much love from the judges. While America has heard every detail of Kellie Pickler's lunch orders and knows everything about Taylor but his ring size, Kinnik and Will were the very last of the top 24 picked and we've barely heard a word about them since. Both were total class acts in their farewell speeches, and they finally got to hear the words "I like you" from Simon. Kellie, Kathar read more

American Idol I much prefer Gedeon's...

Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model

American IdolI much prefer Gedeon's singing to his odd speaking voice. Once again he made the perfect song choice, as did Chris, who wasn't as impressive as last week but was still on top of the heap. I loved when Chris admitted that he used to have Ryan Seacrest-style hair but shaved it all off when he started going bald. The shrieking you heard was Ryan falling off the stage after facing his worst nightmare. Kevin mentioned his love for Kanye West and then went on to perform one of the blandest, most milquetoast '70s songs ever created. Way to prove your street cred, Chicken Little. I always hum "Vincent" when I think of Kanye — doesn't everyone? Bucky remained in his country-song safety zone with read more

American Idol Katharine McPhee...

Dennis Haysbert and Scott Foley, The Unit

American IdolKatharine McPhee was rumored to be this year's Mario Vasquez, the dropout from last season who went on to superstardom. Or, rather, Starbucks. Well, Katharine said she'll be in it for the long haul, although I might have to quit Idol if Ryan Seacrest insists on saying things like "do you have the McPheever?" No, but cheese-ball lines like that do make me ill. Katharine did an okay Aretha Franklin — not quite up to Kelly Clarkson standard, but the judges loved her. They weren't quite as sold on Paris Bennett's "Conga," but she had fun anyway. I was very impressed with Lisa, but she once again was scolded for singing an "old" song. read more

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