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11 Signs This Will Be Celebrity Apprentice's Funniest, Most Ridiculous Season Ever

Donald Trump

Watching celebrities be forced to do "normal people" things like selling hot dogs, or working as hotel employees is inherently funny. But when you throw in a few hilarious comedians and B-listers that have inflated perceptions of their own notoriety — as they have on this season's Celebrity Apprentice — it almost guarantees viewers will be laughing the whole way through. read more

Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice: This is Our Best Cast Ever

Donald Trump

Donald Trump — who apparently is not running for president — says he initially struggled to persuade household names to sign up for Celebrity Apprentice when the series premiered in 2008. Not anymore (or so says the Donald).
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"Stole A Motorcycle"

I try my best to call them like I see them and after seeing this episode Im sadly forced to call it lackluster More often then not if the first half of an Earl episode moves a little slow it gives way to a lightning-quick laugh-fest in the second half This wasnt one of those episodes Last week Randy watched as crossing an item off of Earls list led to a miraculous upswing in his vital signs Determined to help his brother emerge from his coma Randy spent his time this week trying to make up for another of Earls misdeeds he and Randy once stole a motorcycle from the Teutul family of American Chopper fame appearing here in a cameo which almost made the Hilton appearance seem good by comparison Almost The slant on this mission was that Randy and Earl went on an alcohol bender after stealing the bike so Randy with Joy and Darnell had to piece together the night detective-style in order to locate it Now normally this is the part of the blog where I inject a fe read more

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