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Cheers & Jeers: Nurse Jackie — Just What the Doctor Ordered

Edie Falco

Cheers to Nurse Jackie for recuperating from its creative ills in Season 4.

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After spending much of its past two seasons repeating itself, Showtime's hospital dramedy has shown vital new signs of life. Jackie's cleaned up its act by sending Edie Falco's drug-addicted caregiver into rehab and forcing her to face the consequences of her actions, including her affair with Eddie (Paul Schulze). Husband Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) kicked her out and is now threatening to take away her daughters — and we don't blame him.

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Nurse Jackie Finale Postmortem: Executive Producer Liz Brixius on Luck, Lies and Season 4

Edie Falco

[WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from the season finale of Nurse Jackie. Read at your own risk.]

Somehow, Jackie continues to avoid rock bottom. During this season of Nurse Jackie, she got around a surprise intervention and then flirted with sobriety, though not by choice — her drug dealer died, Eddie cut her off and her kid's plea for prescription drugs forced her into temporary withdrawal.

But by the end of Monday's Season 3 finale, Jackie's stars had realigned once more: She was still using, yes, but O'Hara was back on her side, she had moved into the power position with Kevin and her all-important career remained intact. Could Jackie be the world's — or just TV's -- luckiest drug addict?

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Cheers & Jeers: Nurse Jackie Needs a Script Doctor — Stat!

Nurse Jackie

Jeers to Nurse Jackie for its ill-conceived third season.  

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We still love Emmy winner (and Tony nominee!) Edie Falco, but frankly we're starting to get a little sick of her Showtime dramedy. Maybe it's because the show never goes away long enough for us to miss it — we became accustomed to the long waits between seasons of The Sopranos, but every time we turn around, Jackie checks back in for another round... read more

Nurse Jackie's Merritt Wever: Zoey's Breaking Out of Her Shell

Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie

Season 1 of Nurse Jackie focused on the wreckage of Jackie's personal life. But in Season 2, there's plenty of mess to go around.

"I think, for all the characters, the writers laid great foundations for them last year," says Merritt Wever, whose quirky nurse Zoey is one of the characters who will grab more attention. "For everybody this season, you're just learning a lot more about who they are specifically."

Nurse Jackie: The story behind Mo-Mo's exit

For Zoey, that means no longer only playing Jackie's lovable sidekick... read more

"Automatic for the People"

This weeks Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles blog will be extremely abbreviated because of the Monday Night Football game that Im watching while imbibing a few beers why couldnt the Philadelphia Eagles play during a repeat Hope there arent many typos -haha Next weeks blog will be in my standard formatSarah decides that the sanctuary thing isnt working out so she finds a house to rent I predict that this house will be destroyed by the end of the season My prediction almost becomes a reality as yet another time traveler sent from the future by John man I hate exposition for the newbies -check out the way crapped out is explained jumps through a window and dies but not before warning them of the danger at a nuclear power plant Sarah and Cameron get jobs at the plant so they can investigate Carl Greenway OMG Its Ryan Chappelle Shame what happened to him Why Jack why an official at the facility They discover that if Greenways precaut read more

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