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February 1, 2007: "It Feels Good to Laugh"

Before we get started with this weeks 30 Rock debrief a moment of silence please for the just-passed Prince Gerhardt one of sitcomdoms hardest to look at most unsettling and thus and alas funniest creations [Silence]Yes Paul Pee-wee Reubens served up a memorable majesty on a very strong very laugh-out-loud funny installment of the Rock Still I cannot help but fear that his character may have offended anyone out there who employs a prosthetic baby hand and suffers from a malady that prohibits the production of joint fluid as well as the metabolization of grapes NBC may get lettersAlso big props to Reubens fellow guest stars Isabella Rossellini really letting loose as Bianca Jacks now-tortured ex and SNLs Will Forte as the princes stewardWhat really impressed me as a aspiring comedy writer was how 30 Rock deftly handled Lemons date with Jack Lesser shows would have gone there in that final scene and really jacked up the tension between its two read more

Last night the dinner ...

Question: Last night the dinner discussion was Pee-wee's Playhouse and we were trying to recall who was who on the show. We remembered that Samuel L. Jackson was the cowboy, but was he also the King of Cartoons? Phil Hartman was the genie, but who made up the rest of the cast? Also, wasn't the show cancelled after Paul Reubens' arrest in Florida? It was a great show (except the cartoons were rather dumb, in our opinion). Thanks.

Answer: One can only hope your food was better than your memory, Laura, for your facts are just slightly off (though I commend you on your taste — the show was indeed great and I'm betting you folks make for an entertaining dining experience).

Since there were way too many characters and cast members for my fingers (and your eyes) to cover in this column, I'll just hit the most recognizable players. First off, you've fallen victim to the same phenomenon that, according to re read more

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