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Preview: Season 4
00:32 — A brand new season of Unforgettable, beginning November 27th!
Making a Memory Sequence
Poppy Montgomery and director of photography Christopher LaVasseur describe visualizing Carrie's powers on-screen in this web exclusive.
The Cast on Relationships in Season 4
Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh, La La Anthony, and James Hiroyuki Liao discuss their characters' romantic and platonic relationships in Season 4 in thi (more…)
Preview: Behind the Beat
00:30 — See what’s to come on the next new episode of Unforgettable, airing Friday, December 4 at 8/7c.
Trapped with Rosie
Rosie gets a ride to court from Carrie and Alan - and gets a little nosy along the way - in this scene from "Gut Check."
Searching for the DeMars Brothers
A clue at a hotel leads Carrie and Alan to an abandoned building in search of the DeMars brothers in this scene from "Blast From the Past."
Sneak Peek: Det. Slaughter (Adam Baldwin) Is Back!
01:27 — Preview Episode 6: Slaughter is looking for Castle.
Sneak Peek: Det. Slaughter (Adam Baldwin) Is Back!
01:27 — Preview Episode 6: Slaughter is looking for Castle.
Esposito Never Believed Castle's Story
01:11 — But Castle proves him wrong.
Castle Owes It All to Beckett
02:22 — Castle accepts a career achievement award.
Castle and Beckett Finally Know the Truth
01:01 — Castle may not know everything, but he knows enough.
Castle Fights for His Life
02:13 — Castle must slay a demon to survive.
Beckett's Career Crossroads
01:16 — Castle will support whatever path she chooses.
Not Our Mission
00:32 — The crew clashes with a menacing group.
Which Castle Is the Best?
00:45 — Two Castles are better than one!
Castle Prevented a Terrorist Attack
01:45 — Jenkins finally gives Castle answers.
Bilal Has Answers for Castle
01:05 — But Castle still doesn't know who shot him.
What if Castle Did Something Terrible?
01:26 — Sometimes Castle goes to a dark place.
Castle Meets Bilal
01:43 — They used to be friends... before he joined Al-Qaeda.
Kate Beckett for State Senate?
02:00 — Beckett gets a surprising offer.
Louise Joins Daniel in the Shower
01:21 — "Who were you expecting silly?"
Sneak Peek: Castle Starts to Remember
01:41 — Was Castle with Chuck Norris?
"I Live Between Two Worlds"
01:30 — Ben finds Emily taking out her frustrations on a punching bag…probably not the best time to confront her. Watch this preview from the Season 4 episod (more…)
A Very Castle Christmas
01:56 — Castle's Christmas tradition.
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