Thu May 7 6:00am
Little People, Big World TLC

A family trip to Costa Rica features one Roloff's solo stumble through the jungle, while Matt and Amy hope to rev up their relationship.

Thu May 7 7:00am
Little People, Big WorldNew Year, Big Changes(Season 7, Episode 9) TLC

The kids are home for the holidays, but they have to get used to a new family situation since Matt moved out of the main house and into the bridal suite to give him and Amy some space and time to work out their differences.

Thu May 7 8:00am
Little People, Big WorldThe Proposal(Season 8, Episode 1) TLC

In the season premiere, Jeremy prepares to graduate and thinks about his future with Audrey. Meanwhile, Amy pursues a new business venture.

Thu May 7 9:00am
Little People, Big WorldThe Family That Plays Together, Stays Together(Season 8, Episode 2) TLC

The family go on a ski trip for the weekend in an attempt to repair broken bonds when Matt and Amy's troubles overshadow Jeremy and Audrey's wedding plans.

Thu May 7 10:00am
Little People, Big WorldDon't Rain on Our Parade(Season 8, Episode 3) TLC

Pumpkin season's approach inspires an idea to drum up business by entering a float in a local parade. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Audrey are overwhelmed by wedding plans with only a few months to go.

Thu May 7 11:00am
Little People, Big WorldAnother Roloff Pops the Question(Season 8, Episode 4) TLC

Zach declares he's ready to propose to his girlfriend, Tori, as wedding preparations continue for Jeremy and Audrey.

Thu May 7 12:00pm
Little People, Big WorldA Roloff Gets Married!(Season 8, Episode 5) TLC

Matt's sudden illness could jeopardize his chances of attending Jeremy and Audrey's wedding as the big day approaches.