Patty McCormack



December 18, 2006: Jumbo Jets, Funnel Cakes and Karma

Well, the players may have changed, but the Brian group is still commencing for group dinners, watching sports and small talk in the kitchen. Sure, Heather may be no Marjorie, and Ivy puts a twist in the normal girl gab, but I like the changes and how this group is constantly mutating and conforming to the present situation. And presently, we've got an uncomfortable mother-to-be with "full-on Sydney Bristow kicks" — I wonder if co-producer J.J. Abrams (creator of Alias) snuck that in there — and lots of other uncomfortable non-pregnant problems, like the latest sad Dave-and-Deena moment when they verbally recognized the fact that they both aren't wearing their rings anymore. But I'm not going to dwell on the separated couple this week. I finally feel bad for Brian. Up until now, I've been telling myself that he puts himself in tough situations and hangs out there just to torture himself. But now, I think he's just finding unfortunate holes that suck him in like quicksand... read more

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