Patti Stanger



  • Rescue Me "I have a huge crush on Denis Leary and have a thing for firemen. The show may have serious overtones, but it is also hysterical. Denis is uber-hot and sexy and fun to watch. "
  • Big Love "I love this family. If polygamy were legal, I'd be a billionaire matchmaker. Writing and acting are so realistic. I sometimes wonder if what it would be like to be a sister-wife. One of the best casts on TV. "
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl "This show is one step away from true matchmaking, so I understand the drama and craziness. Billie Piper is amazing, as is her wardrobe. "
  • True Blood "The best show on TV, these are the real vamps... great sex, romance and supernatural intrigue. I have a Sunday True Blood party at my house. Can't wait for the next season. "
  • Glee "I sing so I downloaded their app and CDs on my iPad. To get my day started, I sing along with my TiVo'd Glee episodes...which puts me in the best mood. It's better than Broadway! "

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