Storms Come And They Go
00:30 — Michael Scofield returns! Don't miss the return of PRISON BREAK on FOX!
Murder On the Rising Star
Apollo uncovers a blackmail operation and finds his own life in great danger as he races against time to clear Starbuck, who has been accused of murde (more…)
Eager Beaver
Joanna suggests that Marta & Romain meet to clear the bad air between them. Karent welcomes Rodolfo home and he gives her advice on how to deal with " (more…)
Haunted Family
When the ghost council finds out the Prestons have been living alongside humans, they force them to make a decision: haunt the Hathaways or leave thei (more…)
Sensing Secrets
Young mother of three Christine Sheddy is trying to put her life back on track after tragedy and heartbreak. But just when she's on the verge of a fr (more…)
MAP 1213
12:17 — Mahone takes a sudden interest in the “myth” of DB Cooper and receives a special delivery at FBI headquarters; Michael and Lincoln are determined to b (more…)
The Ways of Love
A girl's murder tied to the theft of priceless jewels sends McGarrett undercover as a convict, where he tries to extort information from his cellmate, (more…)
Home Sweet Home
Season Eight Premiere. Fresh from rehab, Vince is psyched about a new film idea, but the guys do not share his excitement. Eric and Scott sign Johnny (more…)
Sleepover At Sikowitz's
Sikowitz invites the gang to have a sleepover at his house in order to teach them a lesson in method acting.
Cheeseburgers in Paradise
Sponge and Donkey Lips train for the wrestling team while the kids smuggle real food into camp.
Game of Phones
When Molly disappears, it's up to Hank and Don to bring her home safely, but the rescue effort turns dangerous. Divya travels to Italy to see her moth (more…)
Hope in Pieces
Now that her mother Lyria's gone, Onchao's bored, lonely and lost. Though Mia is desperate to cheer him up, she soon finds herself in a sticky situati (more…)
Dr. Sarah questions if she should leave a light on and the door open for Michael, who must betray the Pope in order to carry out his escape plan. Vero (more…)
Michael and Lincoln plan another breakout.
Bonds of Love
Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, his wife Beth and family are returning for season three of A and E's hit real-life series, Dog the Bounty Hunter. T (more…)
The Awful Truth
Carrie invites Mr. Big to her birthday party, Samantha must tell her boyfriend about his shortcomings, Charlotte gets a puppy, and Miranda musters up (more…)
Here Comes the Judge
Philip's campaign for superior court judge begins with an embarrassing scandal when Will is arrested for $2,000 worth of unpaid parking tickets.
Datsun 240Z
The only rust-free Datsun 240Z Mike can find in his budget is an automatic with a wheezing engine. Mike buys it anyway, hoping to turn it into a money (more…)
Mel Grows Up
Martha Raye plays Carrie Sharples, Mel's mother, who shows up as a surprise to visit with her son in Phoenix. Mel must face up to Carrie and remind he (more…)
Larry Miller, Kevin Pollak, and Bob Saget
Host David Steinberg interviews big stars and living legends as they share never-before-heard anecdotes, intimate memories, and career-defining moment (more…)
Get the skinny on fat, weight loss, and more in this documentary. Stories include: weight-loss tips from a supervised program at Washington University (more…)
Rugrats: The Santa Experience
The families escape to a mountain cabin in search of "the perfect Christmas". Things get a little crazy when Tommy and Chuckie lay traps for Santa and (more…)
Episode Nine
After Detective Carver’s heart condition worsens, he has 24 hours before his boss removes him from the case. So he and Miller race against the clock t (more…)
Reel Theatres
Mike, Robert and the team salvage a movie theater in Sevierville, TN. Key items include analog projectors, movie screens, and neon letters. Mike also (more…)
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