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Will Brothers & Sisters' Time Jump Reinvent the Show?

For the storytellers of Brothers & Sisters, jumping ahead a year in time offers a jolt of creative energy, but also poses a challenge for the season premiere.

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"There are a lot of things we need to catch the audience up on, and there's a lot of closure we need to acknowledge and let the audience share in," executive producer David Marshall Grant tells "We are doing a lot to deal with that finale and get us into a place where we feel that we understand what happened and move beyond it, just as the Walkers are beginning to move beyond it."

Season 4 ended with a massive car crash that seemed to seal the fate of departing cast member Rob Lowe's Robert McCallister and left William Walker's ex-mistress Holly (Patricia Wettig) in similarly critical condition. Plus, Saul (Ron Rifkin) revealed that he was HIV-positive and Justin (Dave Annable) and Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) came to a crossroads in their young marriage.

The events of the finale are still very fresh in the minds' of the characters, but Grant says the jump in time will quickly allow them to move on and more

Keck's Exclusives: ABC Scoop from TCA

Kate Walsh tells me that Private Practice's season premiere finds her scrubbing up‑but not for surgery. She'll be in a bathtub with Taye Diggs.

With all the talk about Rob Lowe's Robert McCalllister dying in Brothers & Sisters' season finale multi-car pileup, everyone seems to have forgotten ...
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Brothers & Sisters Downsizes As End Looms

The cast of Brothers & Sisters returns to work in mid-July, with a few jarring changes besides the absence of Rob Lowe, whose character was killed off in the season finale's tragic multi-car pile-up that also left Patricia Wettig's character, Holly, hanging on by a limb. (Calls to Patricia's reps inquiring about her fate have not been returned.) But the biggest question involves ABC's downsized order of 18 episodes — shorter than a series' typical 22-episode order. Are the Walkers about to have their final group hug? Series star Rachel Griffiths, who plays eldest daughter Sarah, isn't exactly sure herself, telling me, "In my negotiation, I asked, 'does 18 mean it's the last season?' I would love to know. I feel like this is the last season, but I don't know for sure."

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Year Title Description
2006 Brothers & Sisters TV Show Series, Actor - Holly Harper
2005 Prison Break TV Show Series, Actor - Vice President Caroline Reynolds
2005 Lackawanna Blues Movie, Actor - Laura's Mother
2001 Bongwater Movie, Actor - David's Mom
1998 Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 Movie, Actor - Mrs. Lusk

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One Big Happy Family

Episode Recap Something NewThere are some remarks only family can get away with saying Mom you slut is one of them While these are words that would never come out of my mouth they barely raise an eyebrow in the Walker household Truth be told their being uttered during a family discussion recalling what music was playing when they each lost their virginity took the sting out of such a declaration but it also goes to show the comfort level in this family This week we were in full wedding preparation mode with Kitty feeling that all planned elements for her big day were recycled From her dress to her first dance with Robert who of course had done this before She had a point so were happy that she found a perfect dress to wear instead of Noras outdated and oversized hand-me-down This also was a perfect moment for ABC to subtly remind viewers of the upcoming Dancing with the Stars finale by featuring a ballroom dancing sequence In read more

I love Brothers & Sisters but ...

Question: I love Brothers & Sisters but cannot stand Holly. I mean, how realistic is it for Nora to invite her late husband's mistress to her daughter's engagement and birthday parties? What annoys me the most about her is that she has no remorse for her actions and basically demands that the Walkers be nice to her. Also, it feels like the writers are making Sarah look like the bad guy sometimes, to make Holly look more sympathetic. In my opinion, the show should write out Holly. What is her purpose, anyway? She has no real storyline. Answer: She is the odd person out in this series, isn't she? And that's no fault of Patricia Wettig, a fave of mine since her triumph on thirtysomething. What the show needs to do is give Holly more of a purpose — a romantic interest outside the Walker family, maybe? — because the character isn't going anywhere (and not just because Wettig is married to Ken Olin, one of the executive producers). Consider the show's premise, which is all about the Walke ... read more

The War At Home

Episode Recap Home FrontAs Brothers and Sisters jumps into its second season its nice to see that the neurotic and argumentative Walkers are still just that The little quirks that made us love them last year are all back in full force They talk over one another pick at each other hold mini-grudges against each other get drunk together and they worry about each other Tonight it was the worrying that was at the crux of the show Justin still on active duty in Iraq has not been in touch for 21 days Is he okay Is he injured or worse Starting the show off with Nora recording a video message to her son was an effective way of catching us up with the family and keeping Justins off-screen character as much a part of the show as the rest of the family One of my favorite moments was just after Nora signed off and her game face immediately reverted back to the mask of concern that we know shes been wearing since that tearful airport good-bye in last seasons finale T read more

Walker On By: Brothers & Sisters Season 2 Preview

The Brothers & Sisters ensemble (sans the actors who play Nora, Robert, Kitty and Sarah) recently walked a red carpet outside the San Antonio Winery (where the show has filmed on occasion) in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the release of the prime-time serial drama's Season 1 DVD release. was on the scene to get the scoop on that as well as Season 2, which debuts on Sunday, Sept. 30, at 10 pm/ET, on ABC. Arguably, the biggest shock twist at the end of the show's freshman year was Uncle Saul possibly being gay. (Those longing looks with guest star Michael Nouri sure implied it, didn't they?) Does Ron Rifkin (Saul) know anyone who dealt with their sexual preferences later in life? "Are you kidding?" he responds rhetorically to "All of us [know someone like Saul]." That is, if Nora's brother read more

May 6, 2007: Grapes of Wrath

The wine tasting at Tommy and Holly’s new vineyard put Tommy at the center of tonight’s episode. The "center" of course being a place Tommy isn’t normally accustomed to being. He handled everything well, and he definitely came across as the voice of reason among the extended Walker family. Not that that was hard to do, what with the Walker siblings missing the point of the wine tasting and doing a fair amount of wine drinking. But Tommy’s toast was a nice tribute to his dad, managing to be both honest about his father's flaws and respectful of all he taught them. Unfortunately the episode didn’t end on a good note for Tommy. Hopefully the twins will be OK.Holly, on the other hand, didn’t exactly play the gracious host to the Walker family. In the beginning of the episode I actually felt sort of bad for her, which is unusual because Holly’s generally not the sort of character who generates a lot of sympathy. I don’t think Nora was really under ... read more

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