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A Former Girl Group Threatens To Expose Empire from "Without Apology"
01:32 — A former girl group signed to Empire years ago, threatens to expose dirty secrets about Cookie and Lucious.
Cookie's Fashion Through The Seasons
01:23 — Watch as Taraji P. Henson and costume designer, Paolo talk about some of Cookie Lyon's signature looks throughout the seasons.
"I Thank You" Musical Performance featuring Eddie & Lucious from "Slave to Memory"
00:53 — Catch the performance for the single "I Thank You" from the FOX series, EMPIRE.
The Lyons Throw A Going Away Party For Uncle Eddie from "Slave to Memory"
00:41 — The Lyon family put together a going away party for Uncle Eddie.
Mrs. Claus Is About To Have A Very Litty Christmas from "The Lady Doth Protest"
01:44 — Mrs. Claus and her girl friends are about to have a party.
The Lyons Plot To Take Down Diana DuBois from "Slave to Memory"
01:21 — The Lyon family plots on different ways to take down Diana DuBois.
"Superstar" Musical Performance featuring Andre from "Slave to Memory"
01:49 — Check out the performance for "Superstar" from the FOX series, EMPIRE.
"Superstar" (Official Audio)
02:14 — Check out the new single, "Superstar" from the FOX series, EMPIRE.
OMG Moment: Andre Is Hanging By A Thread
01:37 — Gabby Sidibe talks all the twisty turny OMG moments from 408.
"Let Me Rock" Lyric Video
01:02 — Lyric video from the FOX series, EMPIRE.
Sneak Peek: Cookie Can't Do It Alone
01:12 — Grace Byers talks about Lucious and Cookies revenge, a Lyon Dubois face off and EMPIRE's craziest mid-season finale yet.
“Trapped” Musical Peformance
01:49 — Check out the performance for the single "Trapped" from the FOX series, EMPIRE.
“Let Me Rock” (Official Audio)
05:02 — Check out the new single from the FOX series, EMPIRE.
Light It All Up Musical Performance from "The Lady Doth Protest"
00:59 — Check out the "Light It All Up" performance from the FOX series, EMPIRE.
Hakeem Punches Angelo
00:47 — Hakeem goes looking for Diana, but runs into Angelo instead.
“Do You Remember Me”
04:02 — "Do You Remember Me" official audio for the FOX series, Empire.
Tiana Performs "Sexy On ‘Em"
01:24 — Tiana puts her "Sexy On ‘Em" during EMPIRE's "20 for 20" audition.
"Love Is A Drug" V2 (Official Audio)
02:56 — Music available here:
Jamal & Thirsty Break Lucious Into EMPIRE
00:49 — Jamal and Thirsty team up to sneak Lucious into EMPIRE.
Hakeem Keeps Bella Away From Anika
01:13 — Anika returns from prison and wants to spend time with her daughter, Bella. Hakeem, on the other hand, wants to keep Bella to himself.
Someone Tries To Drown Lucious from "Full Circle"
01:22 — Nurse Claudia gets Lucious ready for his bath, and the second she leaves someone tries to drown him.
Cookie Gives Nurse Claudia A Piece Of Her Mind
00:54 — Cookie steps into her rightful place and moves back in with Lucious. In the process, she tells Nurse Claudia to do her job and fix her man.
OMG Moment: The Demon Inside
01:36 — Gabby Sidibe talks the OMG moments from EMPIRE, season 4 episode 2, "Full Circle."
"Appreciated" (Official Audio)
02:51 — "Appreciated" (Official Audio) Music available here:
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