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Short Cuts: Medium, Sexy Smarties and More!

Patricia Arquette will take orders from her "little brother," In Case of Emergency's David Arquette, when he directs an upcoming episode of Medium, says Reuters.... Best-actress nominee Judi Dench (Notes on a Scandal) won't be on hand for the Feb. 25 Academy Awards, as she is due for a knee operation.... Finesse Mitchell: Live, a concert tape starring the onetime SNLer, arrives on DVD today.... Mohinder? Sayid? Who is TV's sexiest brainiac? Cast your vote in the latest poll! read more

February 7, 2007: Apocalypse, Push

Or as this episode is otherwise known as Alive and Tearing It Up Tonight starred our favorite Texas Ranger Captain Push the incomparable Arliss Howard who is married to Debra Winger as the dreamer Listening unofficially I just liked the way that sounded And I loved the way Push said Tell 145em you dreamt itHappiness and puppies abound as we get a whole new side plot with the fabulous Maria Lark Bridgette has learned 150 street names for heroin She rattles off a litany of names for the drug H big daddy rainbow dust and even Bart Simpson then goes on to discuss the aliases of marijuana Shes concerned when her father knows the word spliff but he tells her he learned all about drugs at the same kind of drug assembly she had just attended Then he assures her he would never use them although by his tone he learned about drugs while using a few Being her mothers daughter Bridgette is looking though Dadd read more

January 30, 2007: Very Merry Maggie

Very Creepy Maggie would have been more appropriate if you ask me God I love this show Just when theres nothing much going on all of a sudden Bam Medium steps it up with a new show full of twists and turns and surprises The whole doll beginnings were just fantastic although Joe was not looking too sexy in his new body He was looking like the exorcist with his head turned sideways Even Allison mentioned that if she took off his doll clothes there would be a smooth little nub where your boy parts are supposed to be I was frankly quite shocked and surprised to hear her say that Especially as a doll But no matter I laughed I found myself laughing out loud during this ep But well get to that This show was a bit on the disturbing side for my taste Im not generally a fan of shows about child abuse but I thought it was handled quite well That kid Oliver was so mature for a 6 year old What I found most distressing is that his father r read more

January 24, 2007: Better Off Dead

The music in the beginning of tonights show is fantastic Romping fun An older man runs through the streets of the city shoeless and in his underwear Hes trying to escape his crazy knife-wielding wife It was perfect music for the scene The return of Bridgette Yippee Bridgette has a school project to do after reading the comics which are only in color on SundaysJoe gave the best line No diorama drama Runners-up Joe He rebuffed you Allison He rebuffed meMorgan Im dead why shouldnt I be ZenAnd when I die and when Im dead and gone David Clayton-Thomas singing a Laura Nyro tune The use of music in this show has moved to a whole 145nudder levelOne of the things I really like about Medium is how things reveal themselves They always start with a basic story and you think you know whats going on Then slowly each layer gets pulled back and a new piece of the drama comes to light and shakes everythin read more

January 17, 2007: The Whole Truth

Our Medium has to find out how the death of a well-respected assemblyman and a young boy stuck in a deep well are connected And I believe the Rolling Stones can help I loved that the Stones spoke to Allison It was like God and the burning bush speaking to Moses Please allow me to introduce myself A little Sympathy for the Devil can go a long way The screaming of the boy in the well sent shivers both up and down my spine I got terrifying goosebumps Allison dreams about the boy Jimmy again and runs to the desert to try to help him She finds him in one of the many holes in the ground near the train tracks How is she going to get this boy out of there Oh right the magic of cell phones plus she has an in with the DAs office This is all rather hopeful until of course the rescuers only find the skeleton of the boy rather than the boy himself It was great to see Ruth Williamson as the wife of a man who may have practiced autoerotic asph read more

December 13, 2006: Profiles in Terror

Id have preferred the title Hunches and Instincts myselfEdward Cooper otherwise known as 145Red on That 70s Show and Kurtwood Smith in real life plays a character a little bit like Dexter the vigilante serial killer on Showtime Hes just not nearly as lovable I knew there was something a little creepy about him when he first appeared in this ep talking at the press conference about a serial killer There was a lot of talk about undergarments tonight My sister Wendy who lives on the East Coast called me two-and-a-half hours before I would get to see the episode and told me I had to say something about Joes boxers She said and I quote He looks fabulous in those blue boxers She may have said more but it is unprintable Theres no denying that Joe is hot and sexy and probably 145considered long after the show ends each week Then there was the serial killer who liked to strangle his young female victims with their o read more

December 5, 2006: Ghost in the Machine

The Bloggah has a cold and needs to go to bed But for you my devoted readers I have fought sneezes and chills to remain awake long enough to watch and blog our favorite show MediumA shooter from an overpass has killed a woman on the highway and has terrified the entire city Joes birthday has arrived and there are no presents at breakfast because Allison has not gone shopping yet Luckily the gift she gets for Joe was really meant for herself She buys him what she will come to find is a pre-owned video camera and comes with a ginormous discount The camera beckons to her Seeing things in the video camera is a nice new twist on Allisons dream visions and a good way to let her get some uninterrupted sleep The non-film in the camera relates the story of two young people Kathy a local girl who works at the country club and Travis a recently retired sharpshooter from the army as they plan to kill her husband The ghost in the machine is Travis mak read more

November 22, 2006 – Medium – Be Kind, Rewind

Arraignments Attitude and Bad AOn the tail of the Madonna concert earlier this evening Allison wakes up on a Friday four separate times It takes her until the fourth morning to figure out whats going on Ive got squash to cook and bread to bake so this is going to be a short one Allison dreams the same dream over and over until she gets it right Her handsome and sex-deprived husband Joe keeps begging for endorphins to be released He rallies again and again Sex is good for you you release endorphins and endorphins make you happy Her bullied daughter Ariel refuses to go to school for fear of being beaten up by Amy Ahmsen and precocious Bridgette repeatedly asks what an arraignment isThe first Friday Allison is in a horrific car accident She sees a body in the trunk of the offending vehicle Ariel cries Its all my fault It was heartbreaking but it was Bridgettes face in the hospital that killed me She looked so read more

November 15, 2006: Four Dreams

I am thrilled to be bringing you the new Medium blog I have loved Allison DuBois the character since she graced us with her presence two seasons ago Medium gets better with age Its smart its clever its funny when you dont expect it to be and everyone is pretty likable Even when theyre being grumpy theyre likable because they seem like such real people or at least like people we all would like to be The third season premiere a two-hour extravaganza included Patricia Arquettes real-life husband Thomas Jane in a touching role as Clay Bicks her high-school boyfriendWhen Clay Bicks showed up at the DuBois house and told Alison that she was the one he always thought of I just about lost it And that was in the first few minutes of the show And that he hung around wanting to be near her We know in the end it was to help her find the killer but it was sad and heartbreaking to watch Seeing Joe get really jealous was a nic read more

Medium Gets Blogged!

Alison Dubois lovers unite! A new blog for Medium begins next week. Please stayed tuned for a rundown of last night's season opener. read more

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