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Patricia Arquette's Son to Guest-Star On Medium

Patricia Arquette, Medium

Monday night's Medium will be a family affair for star Patricia Arquette.

Not only does the episode, titled "A Person of Interest," mark Arquette's directorial debut, but it also guest-stars her son, Enzo Rossi. "He plays a boy who's an egg-headed, scientific kid, and his dad is like a real weirdo," Arquette told on the red carpet for The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection 2009 fashion show.

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Medium's Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber Finish Each Other's Sentences

Jake Weber, Maria Lark, Patricia Arquette, Medium

Medium returned for its fifth season Monday, Feb. 2 (10 pm/ET, NBC) with an appropriately ghostly murder mystery featuring guest star Max Casella (The Sopranos) as a mysterious suitor who goes to great lengths for true love. Future episodes will mark a shift in how Allison (Patricia Arquette) "sees" things (look for a True Blood star to cameo), as the line between the corporeal and ethereal worlds is blurred. On the homefront, Joe's got a sweet new job, Ariel's teen years are ready to rear their ugly head and Bridgette is drawing naked pictures in art class. listened in as Arquette and her TV hubby, Jake Weber, bickered like a real married couple. See what they agreed on — and what they didn't — after the jump...

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Medium's Patricia Arquette and Husband Split Up

Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane

Medium star Patricia Arquette and her husband, actor Thomas Jane, have filed for divorce after more than two years of marriage.

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Drowned World

What a show The Medium season finale opened with Joe throwing the 2200 cashmere robe at Meghan and then asking for his idea back and then he shot her Unfortunately he woke up Too bad that conniving bottom-feeder deserved thatWhen he actually did see Meghan aka your favorite neighborhood she-devil he was understandably ticked off at her He told her he had shown the robe to Allison and she was none too happy about it Its a robe Its cashmere Its a luxury item Meghan offered to call Al and straighten everything out But Joe wouldnt let her He said he intended to dissolve the business Meghan reminded him she owned him He responded by packing his things and walking out of the office Meghan came after him asking where he thought he was going Im taking my morals and Im going homeIt looked like Joe was out of an idea and a job and the potential of an awful lot of money However Meg read more

Being Joey Carmichael

It all started with a scrawny little kid beating up the school bully with his lunchbox that only minutes before the bully had berated Oh how I yearned to do the same with my Partridge Family lunchbox That would have shown any school bully I meant business It would take several dreams for Allison to find the significance of the dream of the young boy and his twin brother sitting outside the principals office But soon she would realize that the boys in her dream were the same as the adult brothers she was also dreaming about Miguel Ferrer starred in this episode of Medium as the grown-up version of twin brothers Joey and Teddy Carmichael The story a drug dealer Curtis Lambert was shot execution style one shot into each knee and one into his head Not that he didnt deserve it but it was nasty watching him crawl across the floor with his bloody knees Who shot him was only part of solving the crime According to Allisons dream it was cut and dry Joey Ca read more

Car Troubles

Its a car our car and we love it Allison mused about her beloved family vehicle and then the car went boom What a scary way to start this episode Luckily it was just a dreamAl tried to relay the dream to Joe but he asked unbelieving What do you mean blow up To which Allison responded with a hand gesture and sound effects to drive her point home Allison reminisced that the Volvo was the first car they bought together Supposedly theyd driven that Volvo home from the hospital after each daughter was born which would make that car around 14 years old Thats pretty darn good Who knew the Swedes made such a durable and reliable vehicle She couldnt start the car herself and wouldnt let Joe do it either She was actually teary-eyed pleading with him not to but to her great relief he couldnt get it to turn over much less blow up So he surprised her with an SVU that he got for a steal from some guy unloadi read more

A Cure for What Ails You

Medium began this episode with a Peeping Tom If a guy walks around the neighborhood peering into peoples houses from the sidewalk no less is considered a Peeping Tom then I guess I am one too Who doesnt love to look into random houses and see how other people live I always thought of Peeping Toms as rather seedy characters who crept around in bushes and spied on people But the real mystery is why was the girl undressing in front of the window that looked out on the main street anyhow I think people are as much exhibitionists as they are voyeuristic Sure there would be no Jerry Springer without voyeurs but youve got to have people willing to open the proverbial trench coat in order for there to be something to see Lynns tennis partner Kim ended up dead after an apparent accident cause when her pain medication affected her ability to stand upright The womans husband Russell Furlong claimed to have argued with her and then went to sle read more

“Partners in Crime”

Two stars shone their light on Medium this week First we enjoyed the return of Kurtwood Smith as Agent Edward Cooper back to solve serial killings Secondly Kelly Preston thats Mrs John Travolta thank you very much appeared as a monetary angel to Joe making him a proposition he couldnt refuse Allison began this weeks nocturnal visions by dreaming of Agent Cooper killing someone She feared he had become vigilante and was going to kill the serial killer of three young women And she wasnt far off base Allison told Cooper off because she knew he intended to kill the killer and she didnt think it was right for him to do In return Cooper cleverly pulled her into his circle He told Van Dyke he wanted her help and made him give her an office When she dreamed the same scenario the second time she saw her initial dream had some very pertinent details missing The killer had slipped into Coopers hotel room with every intention of killing him and no read more

Lady Killer

The answer to the Allison question is Allison herselfThe Arquette siblings have been out in full force for this season of Medium Brother David directed an earlier episode and sister Rosanna starred in this episode as a woman of a certain age who seduces young men for a night of fun in the sack that never ends The theme song for this broadcast was Take a Walk on the Wild Side and a more suiting song there never was The lovely narrator tells us 40 is the new 30 and lets hope thats true I feel ten years younger already The opening sequence with the narrator Michelle luring us into her web with her white jacket and sexy toss of her head was fun playful and well done Rosanna could sell a ten-gallon hat to the headless horsemanThe first dream involved the narrator a grieving young man and a large knife Allison awoke from that dream and told Joe I dont know what she was behaving like Then after thinking about it read more

Wicked Games Part II

Medium surprised me tonight I didnt see that ending coming That was a shocker for sure Before we get to the nitty-gritty details a quick recap Last week Allison dreamed about the disappearance of Cynthias daughter Suzanne a 9-year old unsolved mystery that Al knew nothing about Bringing up all sorts of horrible memories for Cynthia tensions were flaring and emotions ran hot Al was fired and hired back in a matter of a few days and a story began to unravel about Suzies disappearance It quickly became apparent that the story that was coming to light was not the real story and new truths had to be revealed Suzie was kidnapped by a man who pretended to help her with her car or so it seemed But behind the man was a far more dangerous sort a pretty sweet-faced girl who played the part of victim to lure young girls into her vile and heinous web of seductionJoanne played impeccably by the lovely Lily Rabe turned out to be a real nasty conniving gal who read more

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