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“Partners in Crime”

Two stars shone their light on Medium this week First we enjoyed the return of Kurtwood Smith as Agent Edward Cooper back to solve serial killings Secondly Kelly Preston thats Mrs John Travolta thank you very much appeared as a monetary angel to Joe making him a proposition he couldnt refuse Allison began this weeks nocturnal visions by dreaming of Agent Cooper killing someone She feared he had become vigilante and was going to kill the serial killer of three young women And she wasnt far off base Allison told Cooper off because she knew he intended to kill the killer and she didnt think it was right for him to do In return Cooper cleverly pulled her into his circle He told Van Dyke he wanted her help and made him give her an office When she dreamed the same scenario the second time she saw her initial dream had some very pertinent details missing The killer had slipped into Coopers hotel room with every intention of killing him and no read more

Lady Killer

The answer to the Allison question is Allison herselfThe Arquette siblings have been out in full force for this season of Medium Brother David directed an earlier episode and sister Rosanna starred in this episode as a woman of a certain age who seduces young men for a night of fun in the sack that never ends The theme song for this broadcast was Take a Walk on the Wild Side and a more suiting song there never was The lovely narrator tells us 40 is the new 30 and lets hope thats true I feel ten years younger already The opening sequence with the narrator Michelle luring us into her web with her white jacket and sexy toss of her head was fun playful and well done Rosanna could sell a ten-gallon hat to the headless horsemanThe first dream involved the narrator a grieving young man and a large knife Allison awoke from that dream and told Joe I dont know what she was behaving like Then after thinking about it read more

Wicked Games Part II

Medium surprised me tonight I didnt see that ending coming That was a shocker for sure Before we get to the nitty-gritty details a quick recap Last week Allison dreamed about the disappearance of Cynthias daughter Suzanne a 9-year old unsolved mystery that Al knew nothing about Bringing up all sorts of horrible memories for Cynthia tensions were flaring and emotions ran hot Al was fired and hired back in a matter of a few days and a story began to unravel about Suzies disappearance It quickly became apparent that the story that was coming to light was not the real story and new truths had to be revealed Suzie was kidnapped by a man who pretended to help her with her car or so it seemed But behind the man was a far more dangerous sort a pretty sweet-faced girl who played the part of victim to lure young girls into her vile and heinous web of seductionJoanne played impeccably by the lovely Lily Rabe turned out to be a real nasty conniving gal who read more

Kelly Preston to Guest on Medium

Kelly Preston by Virginia Sherwood/NBC Photo

We didn't even dream this one up. Kelly Preston will be appearing on NBC's Medium for four eppys, starting Monday, April 14 (10 pm/ET). The actress will play Meghan Doyle, an investment banker who becomes so taken with Joe Dubois' (Jake Weber) solar-powered invention that she decides to underwrite it herself, becoming his business partner. Her interest and attention causes tension in Joe's marriage to Allison (Patricia Arquette). Exec producer Glenn Gordon Caron was exuberant about Preston's appearance. "We're thrilled to have Kelly join us for the final episodes of Season 4," he said. "We needed an actress who exuded both intelligence and sexuality. Someone who could stand toe-to-toe with Patricia and Jake, and credibly create chaos in a household and a marriage that is as strong as any on television."Will you tune in for Preston? — Anna Dimond read more

Wicked Game Part I

Theres no easy way to break into this episode of Medium lightly Combining the heartwrenching loss of a mothers daughter with the despicable crime of kidnapping and the gruesome abuse of women for mans folly this episode really revved it up from last week All I can say is thank god theres at least one person around to dream about these terrible crimes If it wasnt for Alison how many peoples deaths and abuse would go unsolved Alison awoke having dreamt about Cynthia dreaming about her lost daughter who had been kidnapped nine years earlier in a crime that was never solved You can imagine the level of pain that Cynthia must have felt as an investigator of missing people who was not able to locate her daughter It was high time that Anjelica Huston finally got the chance to flex those Oscar winning chops of hers and run the gamut of emotions in this ep From despondent to hopeful rageful to apologetic and a myriad of other feelings as wel read more

Burn Baby Burn II

Theres only one thing worse than the sound of nails on a blackboard - the dentist drill That has got to be one of the worse sounds in the entire universe And we were all lucky enough to hear it in the opening sequence of MediumFor the second half of a two-part arch this was a rather lackluster Medium and a let down from the excitement of last weeks episode I knew last week that Graham hadnt killed his wife So why drag it out here Besides arent most crimes all about the Benjamins Once you knew there was a large insurance policy and really how much is the monthly payment on 7 million you had to know that it went farther than the husbandNow your mouth is ready for anything the dentist quipped before pummeling poor Sally in her newly designed mouth Tell me something is this show getting more violent Or has it always been this way and I just never noticed It also seems that it is terribly violent towards women I mean read more

Burn Baby Burn

The folks over at Medium have done it again with the knock-out opening It was a cheery choice of music playing as Ariel watched her classmate Owen wave good-bye to his mother The mother is none other than Journeymans Gretchen Egolf Its good to see shes working even if her show is not slated to come back next fall Sadness But it was hard to watch her pour gasoline all over herself and then light the match And then Ariel woke up I would be torn apart if I knew my daughter my 15-year old daughter no less was having these kinds of dreams It would be heartbreaking to know what she was going through and knowing there was nothing you could do about it On a happier note this episode had a little bit of everything and so many storylines Im not sure I caught everything It was great to see Bruce Gray return as Joes dad and as usual he was trying to warn Allison about something First she dreamed of him at the driving range with Joe discussing read more

Rosanna Arquette Sizes Up a Deadly Medium Role

Rosanna Arquette by Eric Charbonneau/

And Rosanna makes three… as in, the third Arquette sibling to be involved in sister Patricia's soccer-mom-psychic thriller Medium. Rosanna will guest-star this spring as a "cougar" that prowls after younger men. She'll appear in Allison's dreams when her naughty activities turn deadly. Patricia is thrilled that her sis is dropping by, this after brothers Richmond and David guested and directed, respectively. As she told the AP, "I'm really excited about this part they wrote for [Rosanna] because she is a very strong comedic and dramatic actress and this requires both elements." She also joked, "Of course, every time one of my siblings comes on set, the crew realizes that I have yet another [one] nicer than me." Rosanna's episode is scheduled to air April 7 on NBC. — Erin FoxDo you love the Arquette family? If you could write a Medium role for Alexis, what would it be?Related links:• Watch episodes of Medium using our Online Video Guide.• Read our in-depth recap o... read more


OK that is a totally gross title for this weeks totally gross Medium But it is exactly what Allison had when she awoke after the first dream about the Senator and his cannibalistic tendencies Did you catch her She raised her hand to her mouth You could almost taste it with her And it was totally gross Finally the return of Devalos Lets hope that soldier-eating Senator can get Manny back in the DA driving seat Its been long overdue Speaking of which did Manny look a little heavier than when he left last year Perhaps all that time off from the job he got a little lazy I kept thinking the Senator might find him dinner-worthy Not only was Devalos back but he was directed by none other than his alter ego Miguel Sandoval Thats right Sandoval directed this weeks show so to the reader who was panicked worry not Hes baccckGregory Itzin made a fantastic return to primetime since his days on 24 as the Senator with a secret Unfortun read more

Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble

What a fantastic start to Medium tonight I loved the silent movie portraying the sad ills of the Dubois ladies with barely a morsel of food to share between the four of them But where was Joe in all of that In a short video on the NBC website Maria Lark said it was fun to do but she wasnt terribly fond of the scratchy clothes A man was accused of killing his wife and Allison was asked to join the defense team headed by her favorite defense attorney Larry Watt played by the fantastic Conor OFarrell He handed Allison a check saying Think it over but think fast Bank opens at 8 jury selection at 9 A big paycheck makes working for the enemy very palatable while a dream telling of the defendants guilt made it hard to enjoy Ariel is either stealing or I dont know what OK its I dont know what because she was taking the 5-finger discount she was giving readings When Joe told this to Allison I thought he meant A read more

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