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Woman on Airplane Says She Watched Passenger Open Window With Bare Feet
01:43 — Imagine seeing bare feet resting on the armrests of the seat next to you on a flight! Jessie Char, who runs an app business, thought she'd hit the jac (more…)
Airlines pushing back on customer complaints?
02:52 — A New York mother of three says her family was removed from a JetBlue flight because her one-year-old kicked another passenger's seat. Despite the thr (more…)
Jennifer Lopez Pulls a Disappearing Act!
01:05 — Photogs caught Jennifer Lopez riding passenger while her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart was behind the wheel. Does this mean they’re back together? One thi (more…)
Plane Passenger Pulled After Yelling "I Have Ebola"
02:55 — After a passenger on a US Airways flight joked about having Ebola, a hazmat team escorted him off the plane. Meanhile, the director of the CDC compare (more…)