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Paris Hilton escaped unhurt when a Bentley driven by her beau, Stavros Niarchos — while he had a jacket pulled over his head — crashed into an SUV. Witnesses say it was like watching Paris' life. read more


Jennifer Garner has signed on to produce and star in the Touchstone thriller Sabbatical, per the Hollywood Reporter. The story revolves around a couple who, after their seventh year of marriage, decide to take a two-week break from each other during which they can do whatever they want — within reason. When the wife (Garner) returns to their agreed-upon meeting place two weeks later, however, she discovers that her husband has vanished. My advice? Check the backseat of Paris Hilton's Mercedes. read more


Fox may not have room on its schedule for it, but, as previously reported, The Simple Life will go on for Paris Hilton and ex-gal-pal Nicole Richie. "We're shooting Nov. 1," says Hilton. "All the networks are fighting over it." OK, maybe not CNN or BET, but I think you get her point. read more


Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton

Reports that a fourth edition of The Simple Life, again starring friends-turned-feuders Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, is dead in the water are exaggerated to a degree that is, like, so not hot. Although Fox says it has no room on its schedule for the celebutante-based spectacle, producers are confident that the "ladies" will find a new home. "[This] is still a dynamic and valuable franchise, [and] we hope to announce a new network partner in the coming days," says a statement from Twentieth Century Fox Television. Adds Simple Life exec-producer Jonathan Murray, "We have a hit series starring two of the most-written-about women in the world. We're very excited about the creative plans for the next group of episodes." And just what are those plans? read more

Any scoop on Simple Life 4? I ...

Question: Any scoop on Simple Life 4? I hear Paris and Nicole will be back even though they can't stand each other.

Answer: Actually, the word is "poop," and I'm full of it. Simple Life 4 poop, that is. Yes, Paris and Nicole will be back, but for the how, what, where and when you'll have to pick up the inaugural full-size TV Guide this Thursday. (Hint: Their feud will be addressed on camera in the first episode.) And here's a mini-poop that didn't make it into The Ausiello Report: Exec producer Jonathan Murray reveals that Paris and Nicole's friendship began deteriorating during the tail end of Simple Life 3, but "we made a conscious effort not to use any of that" footage. And, sadly, there are no plans to include those deleted scenes on the forthcoming DVD. "We've built up a good deal of trust with Par read more


Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean has inked a deal with HBO to produce and star in a comedy series loosely based on his life, per Variety.... NBC is developing an untitled sitcom that will chronicle the period leading up to a young couple's wedding. Or, as Paris Hilton calls it, "My restless period." read more

At last! It seems like forever...

At last! It seems like forever since we last saw our favorite plastic surgeons nip it in the bud and make each tuck everlasting. So right away I was like, "This better be a dream sequence — Christian can't be dead!" Then, after shots of Sean ID'ing the body and the funeral, we learned that this was just Christian dreaming that he died. Come on — four and a half minutes is too long for a dream sequence! After I got over the Debbie Downer beginning, I began to enjoy the show I've missed so much since last October. Where do I begin? This 90-minute season premiere was chock-full of highlights. First and foremost, let me point out that we have to wait until (get this) the very last scene of the very last episode of this season to find out who the Carver is. Ugh! So this entire season will lead up to that revelation. Right now, knives are pointing to new series-regular Bruno Campos as Dr. Quentin Costa, but I'm thinking that might be too obvious. It is s read more


The Massachusetts teen who reportedly hacked into Paris Hilton's cell-phone account and posted the digits of such celebs as Anna Kournikova and Ashley Olsen online has been sentenced to 11 months in a juvenile facility after pleading guilty to nine counts of juvenile delinquency. Once released, the unnamed 17-year-old will be prohibited from using any device capable of accessing the Internet! What is this, Singapore? read more

[Editor's Note: The Teen Choice...

[Editor's Note: The Teen Choice Awards were rebroadcast on Wednesday night on the TV Guide Channel.] I have to say right away, our TV Guide Channel kicked butt on the official red carpet two-hour preshow, and I'd state this even if I didn't work here. Kimberly Caldwell, Rosanna Tavarez and Chris Booker were awesome hosts and set the proper tone for Fox's awards show. Speaking of which…8:00 pm Gwen Stefani opens the show with her No. 1 hit "Hollaback Girl." Can I stress how much I love the original, unedited version and how much I detest the edited version? I know it's network TV, but why perform the song if it has to be edited? Sing "Rich Girl" or something else. All those "shhh" sounds go right through me. OK — got that off my chest.8:06 I said this about the MTV Movie Awards and I'll say it here. How does Andy Dick continue to get booked on these awards each year? So. Not. Funny.8:12 Jim Car read more


Simple Life star Paris Hilton now has bigger concerns than figuring out why you shouldn't milk a bull: Apparently a rather convincing doppelgänger for the slender socialite is doing some globe-trotting and passing herself off as the real deal. Accessorized to a T, complete with a teacup Chihuahua in tow, the pretend Paris has been seeking VIP treatment at Disneyland and haughtily demanding upgrades at four-star resorts, the New York Daily News reports. The way to spot the poseur: She sometimes slips up and declares, "That's tepid." read more

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