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An Extreme Ending for a Television Icon

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

For 199 episodes, Ty Pennington and his design team have led a television phenomenon that has helped deserving families in all 50 states. This Friday, January 13, at 8/7c, the 200th episode and series finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition airs on ABC.  To all who have ever cried or laughed watching an episode of this series over the last nine years, I hope you will set aside the two hours to watch what I believe is the most impressive feat of non-fiction television in a long while.  From my experience, no factual television series has attempted to accomplish so much, by so many, for such a good cause, in one single episode. 

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Paige Hemmis on Veteran's Day Special

Paige Hemmis

In honor of Veterans Day we are hosting a special in collaboration with the Entertainment Industry Foundation. We're so excited for this opportunity to partner with them as well as multi-platinum recording artist Jewel. It's so important to be able to make a difference for those who have given so much for our freedom and since today is Veterans Day, we have the opportunity to do just that.

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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Paige Hemmis Talks About the Arboleda Family

This week we traveled to my home state of Wisconsin to surprise the Arboleda Family.  This family is amazing. Rex and Clare followed their dream and came over here from the Philippines with CJ, their oldest daughter, when she was just a baby. They bought a house and Rex got a job as a music teacher. 

Rex not only teaches people about music and dance, but how to live a healthy lifestyle through the love of music and through the love of dance. It's one thing to be a teacher and teach kids the regular curriculum and it's another thing to think outside the box and to combat a bigger problem. Rex has brought it to our attention that one in four kids in America suffers from childhood obesity. read more

Paige Hemmis, The Superstars: The Final Four... and More?

Hello, Superstars!  The competition is heating up, and I am the last girl celebrity standing! Yay!  Bode and I are in the final four, and our competitors are Max/Kristi, Julio/Brandi and Lisa/David.  Since we only have four teams left, the competition changes from two events to three events before the obstacle course.

Thank you all for your encouragement and your good wishes!  I feel them all the way over here!  Wish you could all be here cheering us on! But you are, in spirit. And for those of you who sent scrutiny about last week's episode — ouch! One thing you may not know is that ... read more

Paige Hemmis, The Superstars: Week 3 and Going Strong!

Another day in paradise. I'm sitting on our balcony again, listening to the rush of the wind (perhaps the wind never stops here), the occasional sound of hammering of nails, trying to get comfortable. It seems that no position is without pain. Today's pain is my left groin muscle. Owwww!

There are many clouds in the sky today, but they are moving at a rapid pace, revealing sun every few minutes. Below me, hotel staff is cleaning the pools with a large machine that is traveling along the pool's bottom surface. It reminds me of those ... read more

Paige Hemmis, The Superstars: The Competition Looks Extreme

Paige Hemmis with Bode Miller

In this new series of celebrity blog entries, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Paige Hemmis shares an inside look at her run on ABC's The Superstars, premiering Tuesday, June 23, at 8 pm/ET.

Usually, I write to you while I'm building a house for a family on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This time, my location is a bit more glamorous — the Bahamas! But my television experience is not glamorous in the least. It consists of hard work, both mentally and physically, and many of us are ... read more

Paige Hemmis, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: The Almquist Family

Meeeeoooooowwwww! Ty, Michael, Ed, Paul and I traveled only a short distance to this week's destination, Phelan, Calif., to meet the largest family we have ever helped. There were at least 130 members of the Almquist family, although they are not the traditional family "members." I'll give you a hint - lions, tigers and reptiles, OH MY!

Joel Almquist (the Dad) has always been involved in the wildlife community, helping care for and raise many large animals that otherwise would not have a home. When he married Chemaine, he shared ... read more

Paige Hemmis, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Chapman, Kansas

Last June, a small town in Kansas experienced a devastating loss. While the entire town was going about their daily lives, the unthinkable happened. The town of Chapman was torn apart by a tornado — a phenomenon that the citizens of this town were all but certain this could never occur. Chapman is located in a valley, and experts had predicted that it was near impossible to ever be hit by a tornado. Unfortunately, those experts were wrong.
This week the design team (Ty, Michael, Paul, Ed and Rib) built a house for the Tutwiler family. This is an amazing family who has experienced more tragedy in their young lives than most people will experience their entire lifetimes. Dad, who's only 25 years old, was shot about a year ago while ... read more

Paige Hemmis, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Missouri

What do you think of when you think of a blessed life? Is it having a tremendous amount of fortune or fame? Is it being in love? Is it having close family and friends in your life? Or how about having two special needs children and a dilapidated house? How about being born with cerebral palsy and left in a trashcan to die?

Well, that is what the families that we helped this week consider a blessing. This week we helped both the Martirez family and the Malek family in St. Louis, Missouri. They both have had difficult situations given to them, yet they feel that they are among the most blessed people in the world. This week, we considered ourselves blessed ... read more

Paige Hemmis, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: The McCullys

This year we at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are celebrating heroes. Many of these heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Some are people you may pass every day in the street, and never know the amazing things that they have accomplished. Well, this week we are celebrating the heroism of a 10-year-old boy and his incredible family that stands behind him every single day.

Job McCully is no ordinary 10-year-old. He in an inspiration to everyone around him, and even those who have simply heard his story but have never met him. He is a fighter, and a constant reminder to everyone to never give up. Little Job has survived leukemia, a bone marrow transplant, a coma, a double lung transplant, and is currently fighting an infection that could be life threatening. Through all of this, however, he has stayed strong and kept a smile on his face all while inspiring those around him. He is constantly worried about everyone else but himself, continuously giving praise, support and encouragement to those who need it most. Even when his grandmother went through breast cancer, he was there by her side encouraging her not to give up and letting her know, through his own experience, that she could beat cancer just as he did. AT TEN YEARS OLD! It's amazing when you think about your own life — how may people have you affected over the years? And could you continue to do that while simply fighting to survive?

If Job's situation wasn't hard enough ... read more

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