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"Cooking by Numbers"

Hello folks. I missed all of you on the Fourth of July, when Bravo decided to be nice and air a rerun so you could watch fireworks instead (or if you aren't in the U.S., then revise that to read "so you could sit around in your undies and eat Doritos until you passed out"). But after the very brief hiatus, they come back with one of my favorite parts of the show: teamwork!!!I just love the first time the chefs get to work as a team. You have to enjoy seeing their brains churn as they try to make their own dish great while still worrying if they should help their teammate or let him do his own thing. The bitching, bickering and overall back and forth is wickedly fun to see. But before we get into the team challenge, we had a cool Quickfire this week. A mixologist named Jamie Walker creates cocktails made from the Bombay Sapphire Gin that he represents. The contestants have to make an appetizer to complement the drink, and each one has something different. First of all, I love the more

June 27, 2007: Yuck!

Hello, everyone. Unfortunately, right off the bat, I'm telling you that this blog will be short. Why, you ask? Because it's stormin' like Norman out here in Pennsylvania and I'd like to keep my hard drive in one piece. So today, we're skipping all the attempts at humor (at the start at least) and getting right to the chatting about what went on in this week's contest. Chef Alfred Portale from Gotham, in New York, was the guest judge this week for the quick-fire challenge. He's billed as having the most breathtaking platings in the world, so much so that you almost don't want to eat the food. (Um, look at the menu at Gotham: A four-course meal with a glass of water is going to run about a hundred bucks. I don't know if you print money in your basement, but I don't. So he could take a piece of salmon and make it sing "New York, New York" in front of me and I'm still licking the plate until it looks like it's clean enough to serve the next meal on it.) Clearly, though, a good-looking more


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