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Drop 10 TODAY: Dr. Oz and Joy Bauer Reveal How to Eat Healthy Dinners, Snacks
05:20 — Dr. Mehmet Oz of “The Dr. Oz Show” and TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer are back as our special series “Drop 10 TODAY” concludes.
Drop 10 TODAY: Dr. Oz and Joy Bauer Reveal How to Eat Healthy at Lunch
04:27 — With summer just eight weeks away, Dr. Mehmet Oz of “The Dr. Oz Show” and TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer are here to help as our special series “Drop 10 (more…)
Lemon Chicken With Charred Pea Salad
02:31 — You can't go wrong with Daphne Oz's Lemon Chicken!
Drop 10 TODAY: Dr. Oz and Joy Bauer Reveal How to Get Healthy for Summer
04:59 — With summer just eight weeks away, now’s the time to get healthy and lose weight.
Jump-start Your Weight Loss for Summer: Dr. Oz Reveals How
03:35 — There are only five weeks until Memorial Day, but there’s still time get in shape. Dr. Mehmet Oz of “The Dr. Oz Show” is on TODAY with tips on the thr (more…)
Diet Soda Tied to Stroke, Dementia? Dr. Oz On the New Study Highlighting Its Health Risks
03:53 — Nearly 30 percent of Americans drink at least one can of soda every day, many turning to diet drinks as a healthier alternative. Dr. Oz joins TODAY wi (more…)
Neil Patrick Harris Talks About New Stage Show That Combines Magic With Art
02:03 — Actor Neil Patrick Harris is the executive producer of “In & Of Itself,” a limited-run stage show that he tells TODAY combines magic with modern art. (more…)
Charlie Sheen Talked Being a Sex Addict Back in 2013
00:38 — The HIV-positive actor discusses being a sex addict in a nearly three-year-old interview with Dr. Oz.
Dr. Oz Reflects On Emotional Interview With Big Ang Before Her Death
01:07 — The 'Mob Wives' star died two days after the 'Dr. Oz' interview aired.
EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Oz Says Shannen Doherty Will Survive Her Breast Cancer Battle
01:41 — Dr. Oz talks to ET about his emotional interview.
Charlie Sheen Chooses Dr. Oz to Help Rehab His Image
01:44 — After announcing he's HIV positive, the Golden Globe winner is piecing his life back together with help from Dr. Mehmet Oz.
Charlie Sheen Addresses His HIV Diagnosis and Manic Depression With Dr. Oz
00:57 — Charlie Sheen sits down with Dr. Oz on Monday, January 18th.
'Mob Wives' Star Big Ang Reveals She Left Her Husband in Middle of Her Cancer Battle
01:16 — The 55-year-old confessed the secret to Dr. Oz.
Yolanda Foster Opens up About Daughter Bella Hadid's Lyme Disease Battle
00:35 — 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star tells Dr. Oz the 19-year-old model experienced severe pain for years before they were able to diagnose the (more…)
Yolanda Foster Seemingly Blames Herself for Divorce: 'David Never Changed, I Changed'
00:56 — The star tells Dr. Oz her battle with Lyme Disease redirected her focus away from the relationship.
Charlie Sheen Said He Was 'Very Careful' About Using Protection in 2013 Interview
00:44 — Nearly three years before revealing he is HIV-positive, Charlie Sheen talks to Dr. Oz about using protection during sex.
Shannen Doherty Tearfully Opens up About Her Battle With Breast Cancer
01:55 — The actress got emotional while speaking with Dr. Oz, revealing she's decided to have surgery and how the disease has impacted her career.
Charlie Sheen's Doctor Talks Risk of HIV Transmission With Actor's Ex-Girlfriend Amanda Bruce
01:20 — Dr. Oz sits down with Sheen's doctor and ex-girlfriend following the actor's HIV revelation.
Charlie Sheen's Ex-Girlfriend Amanda Bruce Had Unprotected Sex With the Actor Knowing He Was HIV Positive
00:39 — Amanda admits to Dr. Oz that she knew about Charlie for months before they engaged in unprotected sex.
Coco: Three Girls Are Better Than One
01:01 — Coco and Ice-T's baby girl Chanel was born weighing 5 lbs. 7 oz., which should give you a real good idea of how much Coco's other girls weigh ... in c (more…)
Charlie Sheen Says He's Paying Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller $55,000 a Month Each
01:49 — The Golden Globe winner is once again locked in a nasty family dispute and he's opening up about it to Dr. Oz.
Daphne Oz & Sara Make a Double Decker Buffalo Grilled Cheese Sandwich During View/ Chew Cook-off
02:46 — Daphne Oz & Sara make a Double Decker Buffalo Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
See if Mentalist Oz Pearlman’s March Madness Prediction Was Correct
05:12 — A few weeks ago on TODAY, mentalist Oz Pearlman made a cryptic prediction about the winner of this year’s men’s college basketball championship. It’s (more…)
Mama June Steals Honey Boo Boo's Clothes
00:52 — The reality stars visit "The Dr. Oz Show" and Alana Thompson says her svelte new mom raids her closet.
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