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Hannah Simone and Daphne Make Indian Spiced Meatballs With Coconut Dipping Sauce
04:32 — Daphne Oz has a delicious and spicy twist on meatballs with her Indian Spiced Meatballs with Coconut Dipping Sauce. Watch as she makes this dish with (more…)
See Mentalist Oz Pearlman Predict March Madness Champion
04:48 — March Madness is upon us, and everyone’s brackets are either great or going horribly wrong. Mentalist Oz Pearlman was proven right about the Super Bow (more…)
Daphne Oz Visits DO
04:05 — Daphne Oz Visits DO
Mentalist Oz Pearlman Blows Harry's Mind
02:03 — Watch mentalist Oz Pearlman freak out Harry and his audience with an amazing phone trick!
How to Make Mini Gem Rocks
04:33 — Daphne Oz shows you how to make Mini Gem Rocks.
Prostate Cancer Screening and Treatment: What You Need to Know
04:35 — About 180,000 cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed this year, and 26,000 men will die from the disease. Dr. Mehmet Oz visits TODAY to clear up t (more…)
Check Yourself for Testicular Cancer at Home in 3 Easy Steps
03:24 — November means it’s time for “No Shave TODAY,” when our male anchors refrain from shaving to raise awareness for men’s health issues. Dr. Mehmet Oz vi (more…)
PSA With Plenty of Cool ‘Guy Stuff’ Teaches How to Check for Testicular Cancer
00:48 — Dr. Oz and TODAY have teamed up to create an informative PSA to teach men to do a self-check for testicular cancer, but don’t worry — there’s plenty o (more…)
Charlie Sheen Addresses His HIV Diagnosis and Manic Depression With Dr. Oz
00:58 — Charlie Sheen sits down with Dr. Oz on Monday, January 18th.
4 Foods That Could Be Killing You (and 6 to Help You Live Longer)
03:09 — An eye-opening new study links high-risk foods to half of all heart disease-related deaths in the U.S. Dr. Mehmet Oz joins TODAY to reveal six foods ( (more…)
Charlie Sheen's Doctor Talks Risk of HIV Transmission with Actor's Ex-Girlfriend Amanda Bruce
01:21 — Dr. Oz sits down with Sheen's doctor and ex-girlfriend following the actor's HIV revelation.
Dr. Oz: Even With a Splurge Day You Can Lose 2 Pounds a Week
01:09 — Dr. Oz is unveiling his new diet plan. He calls it the "Day Off Diet." Dr. Oz says having one cheat day-a-week will help keep you on the right course (more…)
'Mob Wives' Star Big Ang Reveals She Left Her Husband in Middle of Her Cancer Battle
01:17 — The 55-year-old confessed the secret to Dr. Oz.
Colin Powell slams Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump in leaked emails
06:25 — Colin Powell criticized both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a series of leaked emails. Meanwhile, the GOP nominee talked about his health in an e (more…)
After Alan Thicke's Death, Dr. Oz Advises What To Do In Event Of A Heart Attack
02:49 — Following Alan Thicke's sudden passing due to a massive heart attack, Dr. Oz is advising the public on what to do in a similar situation. The TV host (more…)
Charlie Sheen: I Have Been Diagnosed as Bipolar
00:40 — Charlie Sheen has revealed that, along with HIV, he's been diagnosed as bipolar. The actor shared the diagnosis, which he said explains his manic beha (more…)
Bringing Oz to Life
01:34 — A tornado on a soundstage, a human scarecrow, a bright yellow brick road -- bringing "The Wizard of Oz" to life challenged the limits of early special (more…)
Daphne Oz Shuts Down Haters for Criticizing Her Bikini Bod: 'I Am Not Perfect'
01:11 — 'The Chew' co-host took to Instagram Sunday to clap back at the internet trolls leaving negative comments on her photos.
Charlie Sheen's Ex-Girlfriend Amanda Bruce Had Unprotected Sex With the Actor Knowing He Was HIV Positive
00:39 — Amanda admits to Dr. Oz that she knew about Charlie for months before they engaged in unprotected sex.
Charlie Sheen Says He's Paying Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller $55,000 a Month Each
01:50 — The Golden Globe winner is once again locked in a nasty family dispute and he's opening up about it to Dr. Oz.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton release parts of their medical records
04:03 — Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump released some medical information Wednesday. Hillary Clinton's doctor called her "healthy and fit to serve as pr (more…)
Delicious Chocolate Cake from World of Warcraft - Hordes Kitchen
04:27 — Blizzard made a War of Warcraft cookbook to keep you well fed on your journey. Here's the full list of ingredients: Cake: 4 oz. white baking cho (more…)
How Well Do Dr. Oz and His Wife Know Each Other?
01:48 — Dr Oz. and his wife, Lisa, put their decades-long marriage to the test in this hilarious speed-round challenge.
Shannen Doherty Tearfully Opens Up About Her Battle With Breast Cancer
01:55 — On Thursday's episode of 'Dr. Oz,' the actress got emotional about her cancer battle, revealing she's decided to have surgery and how the disease has (more…)
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