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Supergirl - I Dream Of Krypton
03:26 — Kara is caught in a dream world of her home planet.
Supergirl - A Soldiers Death
02:47 — Astra and Supergirl say their last goodbye's.
Supergirl - Medical Evacuation
02:11 — Agent Danvers finds Kara in her apartment with a parasite feeding off her.
Supergirl - The Kiss
02:11 — Adam kisses Kara right before she's kidnapped.
Supergirl - Held Captive
02:17 — James is held captive by Bizarro.
Supergirl - My Creation
02:08 — Mr. Lord creates a new Supergirl.
01:21 — Director Wolfgang Petersen recreates a long-ago world of bireme warships, clashing armies, the massive fortress city and the towering Trojan Horse.
Supergirl - There For A Friend
04:14 — Supergirl makes sure to be there for Hank when he needs her.
Supergirl - Hank's Devastating Story
03:00 — Hank tells Agent Danvers about his family.
Supergirl - Anti Alien Senator
02:00 — A new alien emerges at an anti alien rally.
Troy Trailer
Paris (Orlando Bloom) kidnaps Helen of Troy (Diane Kruger), provoking an invasion by the Greeks with Achilles (Brad Pitt) at its head.
Supergirl - Prison Escape
03:13 — The FBI comes to question Winn about his father escaping out of prison.
Supergirl - Infiltrating Lord Technologies
03:18 — While Agent Danvers has dinner with Mr. Lord, Hank discovers what is hiding in his lab.
Supergirl - A Special Toy
02:16 — Winn is held captive by his father.
The Hurricane
Cleveland and his family become trapped in the house without food when a hurricane ravages Stoolbend; Cleveland Jr. announces that he does not believe (more…)
Supergirl - Watch Supergirl's Greatest Saves: 40,000 Lives And Counting
02:31 — Relive Supergirl's most exciting moments so far, with a super-fast roundup of all the action-packed ways she saved the residents of National City.
Supergirl - Get To The Truth
02:29 — Supergirl tries to stop the General from torturing her aunt for information.
Supergirl - Kara And Supergirl
02:37 — Cat Grant is shocked to see Kara and Supergirl in the same room at the same time.
Supergirl - Perception Problem
02:29 — Kara continues to deny that she's Supergirl.
Supergirl - Cat Discovers Kara's Secret
01:56 — Cat Grant comes to a new conclusion about Kara.
Supergirl - Family Memories
03:55 — Supergirl learns the truth about her mother.
Supergirl - Fair Fight
01:55 — Supergirl gets into a fight with her aunt.
Supergirl - Hacked!
02:05 — Cat Grant's Catco emails have been hacked. She meets with her lawyers to get ahead of the scandal.
Supergirl - Supergirl star Mehcad Brooks takes you behind the scenes
01:23 — Actor Mehcad Brooks shows the magic of automated dialogue replacement for the Supergirl episode "Human For A Day."
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