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Photo Booth With Katie Holmes
03:18 — Jimmy and Katie take turns taking weird pictures with the Photo Booth iPad app and attempt to match each other.
Nick Daniels: Qualifiers
04:24 — The Upper Division's Nick Daniels performs to OneRepublic's "Secrets" in Night 2 of World of Dance's Qualifiers.
Ryan Tedder Says GRAMMYs Feels Like A Big Class Reunion
03:32 — OneRepublic lead vocalist and solo artist Ryan Tedder talks about all the familiar faces he runs into at the GRAMMYs each year and the best part of th (more…)
Hunter Plake: "Love Runs Out"
02:01 — Hunter Plake hopes for an instant save with his version of OneRepublic's "Love Runs Out."
Ryan Tedder On Working With Adele, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello & Selena Gomez
03:52 — OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder sits exclusively with Access Hollywood and reveals what it's like to be a writer/producer for some of music's top performers (more…)
Exclusive: Ryan Tedder On His Struggle With 'Crippling' Anxiety: 'I Was Genuinely Unhappy'
02:45 — OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder sits exclusively with Access Hollywood and shares his recent struggles with "crippling" anxiety. Find out how he was able to (more…)
OneRepublic Frontman Ryan Tedder On Songwriting, Touring With U2
03:47 — On the day of OneRepublic’s plaza performance, frontman Ryan Tedder visits the TODAY studio to talk about writing songs for other artists such as Beyo (more…)
Dad Thinks It's 'Too Soon for Christmastime' In Parody Video
01:00 — Vlogger Jon Murray thinks November is just a little too soon for Christmas decorations to be coming out. In a parody video titled "Christmastime" set (more…)
P!nk Outtakes
01:40 — When international superstar P!nk served as key advisor for the semifinals, it wasn't all serious.
Alicia Keys: "In Common"
03:48 — Powerhouse vocalist, musician and future Voice coach, Alicia Keys performs her new single.
Trey O'Dell: "I Lived"
01:25 — Trey O'Dell puts his heart into his knockout performance of the OneRepublic song to stay on Team Christina.
Semifinals Instant Save
00:28 — We find out who the fans want to see compete in the finale in the most dramatic instant save yet.
Bryan Bautista: "Adorn"
02:02 — Bryan Bautista performs the smooth Miguel hit, hoping to secure a spot in the finale.
Tales from Tour: OneRepublic
05:32 — While backstage at The Tonight Show, OneRepublic share stories from the road, including a $1,500 burger and a septic tank catastrophe.
Unqualified Advice: Bryan Cranston
03:03 — Bryan Cranston gives fans advice on proposals, getting your cat to love you and more.
Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson Edge of Seventeen Movie Bloopers
02:51 — Hailee Steinfeld chats with Jimmy about The Edge of Seventeen and shows off her natural chemistry with co-star Woody Harrelson in some bloopers from t (more…)
12 Days of Christmas Sweaters 2016: Day 3
03:03 — With 10 shows left before The Tonight Show's Christmas break, Jimmy gives away a festive sweater to a lucky audience member.
Bryan Cranston Buys and Leaves Copies of His Book at Random Airports
03:59 — Bryan Cranston shares stories from his book A Life in Parts, including the time he had to officiate a wedding from a helicopter.
CIA Concludes Russia Interfered With U.S. Election, Santa Penguins March
03:14 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Monday, December 12.
Canyon Confessions With Bryan Cranston
06:26 — Jimmy and Bryan revisit their 2003 TV show about base jumpers who confess things in midair.
Hailee Steinfeld's Dad Sends Her Sweet Cards While She's Touring
02:40 — Jimmy chats with Hailee Steinfeld about her song "Starving" going platinum, getting nominated for a Golden Globe for The Edge of Seventeen and saying (more…)
Bryan Cranston Plays Cranst-In or Cranst-Out (Holiday Edition)
01:48 — Jimmy names a bunch of random holiday things, like eggnog, and Bryan Cranston reveals if he's "in" or "out."
Ali Caldwell and Brendan Fletcher: "It's Only Love"
03:02 — Ali Caldwell and Brendan Fletcher perform a duet of "It's Only Love" by Bryan Adams and Tina Turner.
Billy Gilman and Christian Cuevas: "Unsteady"
03:06 — Billy Gilman and Christian Cuevas join forces to sing "Unsteady" by X Ambassadors.
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