Olivia Munn



  • Dateline NBC "I found out, to catch a predator, all you really have to do is offer him lemonade, and you've got yourself a predator. I'm learning a lot on this show. "
  • Friends "This show and Will & Grace are tied. I grew up with Thursday-night comedy, which is why it's so exciting for me. Those are such great examples of shows and comedy that's done with just a lot of heart, but just taking something that's normal and making it extraordinary and funny. "
  • The Wire "There were times in The Wire where I would pause and just start crying. These characters are so amazing. It's really the storytelling in The Wire. It's a story that a lot of people don't hear and a lot of people couldn't relate to. It's about what things look like from the outside. People don't realize that they're just real people. Something looks like one way, but behind all of that, they're just real people just trying to make it. "
  • Intervention "I watch it and honestly, sometimes my life stresses me out so much and I get anxiety, and I watch and I think, "Man, it's kind of nice because these people don't give a sh-- about anything besides heroin. Man, would I love that! I wouldn't care about my family or my friends." If I had enough money to sufficiently go into an overdose -- people watch Intervention and go, "I don't want to become an alcoholic." I watch and I'm like, "I want to get on drugs," because they don't care. These people do not give a sh--. "
  • Mad Men "Mad Men is amazing. Just the structure of the show and the casting of it is so fantastic. How they delve into the inner workings of each person's psyche, you really get to see people in their most horrible state, which I find fascinating. "

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