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Liam Neeson to Appear on The Big C

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson will guest-star on Showtime's upcoming series The Big C, the network announced Monday.

The actor will play a character named "Bee Man," who Cathy (Laura Linney) sees about alternative cancer treatments. Neeson joins Cynthia Nixon, Idris Elba and My Boys' Reid Scott as guest stars in the first season.

Cynthia Nixon to take on The Big C with four-episode arc

The Big C follows Cathy, a schoolteacher and suburban mother who tries ...
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Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Dies at 80

George Steinbrenner

Longtime New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, who transformed the dormant franchise into a dynasty, has died. He was 80.

Steinbrenner died Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. in Tampa, Fla., his spokesman, Howard Rubenstein, said in a statement from the Steinbrenner family.

See other celebrities who died this year

"He was an incredible and charitable man," the statement read. "First and foremost he was devoted ...
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The Wire Star Idris Elba Joins The Big C

Idris Elba

The Wire's Idris Elba has a multi-episode arc in Showtime's upcoming drama The Big C. And he'll star in and produce Luther, a six-part crime thriller for BBC America.

Showtime sets summer slate: Weeds, The Big C

The 37-year-old Elba, who portrayed Charles Miner on The Office as well as Stringer Bell on The Wire, will play... read more

Showtime Orders 13 Episodes of The Big C

Laura Linney

The Big C has gotten a big order from Showtime.

The Laura Linney drama has been picked up for 13 episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series will debut... read more

"Magda & Jeff"

Im going to cut to the chase and say that this was one of my very least favorite episodes since the series began but that ending was one of the best ever Hows that for running the gamut Lets start with that ending Ding-dong the witch is dead Just when I thought I was happy to see Gina back because I thought she changed her wicked ways here she was being more sadly pathetic than ever So pathetic that I grimaced every time she was on screen after that scene when she paid the Gina-look-alike Ali Raymer to have sex with Christian while she watchedand then begged Christian to Kiss me Then when she morphed further into Alex Forrest and lied by manipulating Julia into thinking Christian could be HIV positive because she was having sex with him I cringed even more I wanted the bee-yotch to get punished for her craziness I was so glad to see Christian hand her the restraining order towards the very end How many of you were thinking or perhaps screaming No way He is read more

Nip/Tuck: Not Quite the Bomb

Dylan Walsh by Michael Becker/FX

There are still moments, fleeting though they are, that remind me what I used to enjoy about Nip/Tuck, back before it became a burlesqued send-up of itself. A few of these moments were on display Tuesday night in the haunting storyline involving Sean (Dylan Walsh, in top form) and Rachel, the grotesquely scarred victim of a Palestinian suicide bomber. Rachel is one of this show's few unironic heroic figures, helping Matt get through his injuries after the meth-lab explosion. Her dilemma this week was classic Nip/Tuck. In an exam to help get to the root of her lingering "exquisite" pain, it is discovered that parts of the suicide bomber have been embedded into her flesh. "Human shrapnel," Sean calls it. Ugh, and wow.As they head toward surgery, Sean is visited by the ghost of the bomber, a reflection of his own repressed rage and pain over the betrayal of Julia's resumed affair with Christian. Sean's inner demons gnaw away at him until he ultimately explodes in a fistfight with Chris... read more

"Rachel Ben Natan"

After a four-week break it was nice to revisit the adventures of our favorite fantastically plastic duo Too bad we still dont know what Eden put in that dang fruitcake four weeks ago All we know is that it gives Julia spontaneous nosebleeds which just makes Christian pout about being deprived of sex with his best friends ex Speaking of Eden how lovely to have a completely Eden-free episode Sure the skank returns next week but it was pleasant to get through an entire hour without her Four characters returned that I enjoy Dawn Budge Rosie ODonnell Freddie Oliver Platt Aidan Bradley Cooper and after a long time away Gina Jessalyn Gilsig Ill get to Ginas return laterEver since we first met Freddie it was beyond apparent that he was gay Then when Freddie and Dawn started dating besides thinking Huh I was immediately reminded of Dana Carveys character on SNL Lyle The Effeminate Heterosexual So leave it to Dawn to budge it out of him after seeing read more

"Dawn Budge II"

As a longtime Rosie fan I was looking forward to her return as lottery winner Dawn Budge as were a lot of you I was skeptical though How could they make it believable for any former McNamaraTroy patients from their Miami years to fly to LA besides having them there just to visit That question was answered quite well after we got to experience seeing Dawn hang gliding in Calgary and being attacked in the mouth by a flying eagle Truly one of the funniest NipTuck visuals ever so funny I had to rewind three times So of course Dawn had to fly or rather get on a plane to LA pronto Who else would she trust to fix her busted mouth besides her pals Christian and Sean How many of you immediately thought of Donald Trump or Elisabeth Hasselbeck after Christian told Dawn Were going to have to sew your mouth shut for two weeksI thought of them but also Barbara Walters when Christian said to Sean during the surgery For several days as Dawn Budge heals the wor read more

"Carly Summers"

Why hello strangers Its been ages since Ive blogged about this show 105 months to be exact Im hoping that most of you will agree that the Season 5 premiere was well worth the wait especially after all the hype and advance publicity awesome job by the way FX After four seasons in Miami it was a welcome change of pace seeing our favorite nippers and tuckers start anew in our countrys plastic-surgery capital Los Angeles As we expected Christian Julian McMahon and Sean Dylan Walsh started out as small fish in an extremely large pond once they hit LA or to be exact Beverly Hills It was crickets and tumbleweeds for McNamaraTroys new Rodeo Drive offices until Fiona McNeil came along One of the things that helps you make it here in Hollywood is a powerful publicist so meeting Fiona in that nightclub was excellent timing Right away I have to point out the fabulous casting of Lauren Hutton as Fiona Lauren is one of the few actresses over 60 in this town wh read more

Nip/Tuck Goes Hollywood (Literally)

Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh by Michael Becker/Fox

They’re back. Miami’s busiest plastic surgeons are back in business, but they’ve moved operations to Los Angeles, where they hope they’ll duplicate some of their successes. The Nip/Tuck duo have a rough start, but soon, Sean and Christian have everything they think they want.TV Guide hung out on the red carpet at Saturday's Nip/Tuck season premiere screening at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. While newly ultrathin star Joely Richardson was a no-show, and her former beau, John Hensley (who plays her son Matt on the FX series), slipped by reporters, some cast and crew were willing to share stories.Dylan Walsh tells us that with Sean McNamara and Christian Troy moving to sunny Southern California, a new angle was offered to the series: "something we haven’t done before — farcical humor... with Sean working on a medical show ['Hearts and Scalpels'] as a technical advisor — has freed us up to make fun, silly fun, of our show, medical shows, TV, the indu... read more

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