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Rob Lowe Plays "Name That You!"
03:49 — Rob plays our game “Name That You!”.
Chloe Bennet Finally Got Super Powers
01:06 — Chloe talks about how ridiculous she sometimes feels.
The Guillermo Show With Rob Lowe
03:15 — Guillermo hosts his own late night talk show with guest Rob Lowe.
Bebe Rexha: No Broken Hearts
03:39 — Bebe Rexha Performs "No Broken Hearts"
Rob Lowe Saved a Shark
03:58 — Rob recalls a recent trip around the world and talks about helping to save a shark.
Rob Lowe Was Directed by His Brother
02:53 — Rob talks about getting directed by his brother on "The Grinder".
What's the Biggest Lie You Ever Told Your Mom?
03:34 — We asked people "What's the biggest lie you ever told your mom?"
Chloe Bennet Sings Like Britney Spears and Macy Gray
04:53 — Chloe talks about being a young pop star in China.
How Many Times a Month Do You Have Sex?
06:19 — We asked people on the street how often they have sex.
The Wall of Election Results Had a Bad Day
02:32 — Our giant video wall decides it doesn't want to cooperate.
What to Do With Those Bernie Sanders Tattoos
01:00 — Jimmy has a few ideas for Bernie tattoos.
Ted Cruz Attack Ad
00:59 — Ted Cruz and John Kasich agreed they wouldn't campaign against each other.
Kate Hudson Explains Goldie Hawn's Instagram
03:24 — Kate talks about her mother Goldie Hawn's Instagram account.
Commercial for Jaguar With Guillermo
01:20 — Guillermo unleashes his inner Brit.
Kate Hudson Tries Explaining the Term "Hot Mess"
04:19 — Kate talks about her birthday and tries to explain what "hot mess" means.
Evan Peters On His Famous Quicksilver Scene
04:42 — Evan talks about filming a special scene on his character Quicksilver.
Dress Rehearsal: Kanish
04:49 — TV Land's Lost Classics looks back at the short-lived series "Kanish" which suffered from ill-timed freeze frames. From dress rehearsal with Zach Gali (more…)
Kristen Wiig and Vampire Weekend
00:36 — Kristen Wiig hosts Saturday Night Live with music guest Vampire Weekend!
Jennifer Aniston Contest
06:00 — A Jennifer Aniston look-alike contestant is beside himself when he founds out he finished in last place.