Odette Yustman



  • American Idol "[My husband and I] are friends with Randy Jackson, so we get to go watch a taping. I'm excited to see Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, and see how that dynamic works. I think it's a great show. We'll see who wins this year. I hear the ladies are the stronger option this year. "
  • Dexter "I just love the whole concept of it. Michael C. Hall is so genius and he's such a brilliant actor. I think Julia Stiles has been great on the show. "
  • Modern Family "I am obsessed with that show right now. It doesn't get much better than that. I love the whole concept of it. I think every actor on that show is genius, even the kids. It's so, so good. "
  • Jersey Shore "It's out of control in a way where I cannot stop watching. "
  • Boardwalk Empire "This show is so genius. "

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