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Was Clinton's forceful tactic against Sanders in N.H. debate risky?
02:46 — "Face the Nation" moderator and CBS News political director John Dickerson joins “CBS This Morning” from Washington to discuss the contentious debate (more…)
Evolution of the Super Bowl halftime show
05:20 — Beyoncé is joining Coldplay for Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show. With about 100 million people expected to tune in, Coldplay and all the special gue (more…)
Americans need more exercise to prevent heart disease, survey shows
02:38 — Heart health is a big issue for many people, especially during Heart Awareness Month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in this country, kil (more…)
Clinton and Sanders clash in fiery New Hampshire debate
02:55 — The gloves are off in the Democratic presidential race. Thursday night’s debate in New Hampshire was loud and sometimes rough. Hillary Clinton was blu (more…)
Trump gets profane as GOP rivals rally in New Hampshire
02:55 — Most of the Republican presidential candidates will debate Saturday night in New Hampshire. A new poll in the state shows Donald Trump still leading t (more…)
Barbara Bush: Humor has kept love alive with former president
01:12 — In her first TV interview since son Jeb Bush started his presidential campaign, the former first lady tells Norah O'Donnell about her relationship wit (more…)
Barbara Bush on husband throwing shoe at TV
00:28 — Norah O'Donnell asks Barbara and Jeb Bush whether it's true that former president George H.W. Bush has thrown his shoe at the TV while watching debate (more…)
Barbara Bush makes case for why Jeb is fit to be president
06:02 — Jeb Bush is looking for a comeback after finishing sixth in the Iowa caucuses. The ex-Florida governor and his mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, (more…)
Levi's Stadium prepares turf for Super Bowl 50
03:05 — The site of Super Bowl 50 is the newest stadium in the league, but crews are busy tackling one of pro football’s oldest challenges -- the turf. Jeff G (more…)
Unclaimed $63 million lottery ticket in California to expire
03:12 — Today will either be one of the best days of someone's life or the one they regret for a very long time. Whoever bought the lucky ticket for the $63 m (more…)
Ted Cruz fires back after Donald Trump's Twitter tirade
03:20 — Ahead of the New Hampshire primary, tempers are rising and the number of Republicans in the presidential race is falling. Donald Trump tried to dimini (more…)
Barbara Bush: Jeb Bush is needed in White House
00:36 — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is hoping for a very different result in New Hampshire after finishing with the bottom of the pack in Iowa. (more…)
Spanx founder introduces shapewear company's new pants
05:26 — The shapewear company Spanx was formed in 2000 by then-29-year-old Sara Blakely. While selling fax machines as her day job, she used scissors and a pa (more…)
Florida declares Zika health emergency in four counties
02:53 — There are now at least 48 cases in 12 states and Washington, D.C., of the mosquito-borne Zika virus. Florida’s governor is the first in the nation to (more…)
Denver vs. Charlotte: Battle of Super Bowl 50 hometowns
07:00 — While sports reporters were busy handicapping Sunday's game between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, two CBS News correspondents were dispatc (more…)
Barbara Bush: "I don’t know how women can vote" for Trump
01:34 — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush and his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, spoke with "CBS This Morning" anchor Norah O'Donnell about (more…)
Virginia teen's death highlights threats kids face online
03:02 — A friend of Nicole Lovell, a Virginia teen whose body was found in North Carolina, says she told a school official about the 13-year-old’s relationshi (more…)
Stephen Colbert talks Donald Trump, Super Bowl "Late Show"
10:09 — “The Late Show” host, writer and executive producer Stephen Colbert is preparing for a special live edition of his show after Super Bowl 50. He hosted (more…)
Jeb Bush: "We need a proven leader"
01:27 — In an interview with Norah O'Donnell for "CBS This Morning," Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush discusses his "comeback plan" and his GOP oppo (more…)
Judge rejects Bill Cosby's immunity deal with former DA
02:40 — The sexual assault case against Bill Cosby will go back to court next month. A Pennsylvania judge refused to dismiss the criminal case after a two-day (more…)
Massive Super Bowl security presence covers air, sea and land
03:19 — Super Bowl 50 isn’t just the biggest sports event of the year, but it’s also one of the largest security events. Sunday’s game in Silicon Valley will (more…)
Joy Mangano builds her empire one idea at a time
06:59 — For inventor Joy Mangano, it all began with an idea for a mop. More than 25 years later, the Miracle Mop is part of a multi-billion dollar empire. Joy (more…)
Destructive tornadoes rip across Mississippi, Alabama
03:02 — Severe weather threatens millions in the South, a day after several destructive tornadoes swept through. The outbreak damaged homes and knocked out po (more…)
Eli Manning on Peyton's Super Bowl moment
04:20 — The Super Bowl is a family affair for Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and his younger brother, Eli, quarterback for the New York Giants. Cou (more…)
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