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"Concussion" author talks football brain injuries, NFL response
06:38 — In 2009, Jeanne Marie Laskas wrote a GQ article focused on relatively-unknown pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu who found evidence of Alzheimer’s-like dise (more…)
Ex-CIA insider on overseas travel alert, policy against ISIS
02:44 — In light of the government alerts on travel and joint intelligence bulletins warning law enforcement about ISIS' tactics, former CIA deputy director a (more…)
Chains refuse to carry genetically-modified salmon
03:15 — Despite FDA approval last week, major food suppliers including Target, Trader Joe's and Costco are refusing to carry genetically-modified salmon. Dr. (more…)
Princeton students demand Woodrow Wilson's name be removed
03:22 — Some student protesters at Princeton University are calling for Woodrow Wilson's name to be removed from buildings because of the former president's r (more…)
Putin calls Turkey shoot-down of Russian jet a "stab in the back"
02:26 — NATO will hold an emergency meeting, as Vladimir Putin warns the shooting will have serious consequences for Turkey-Russia relations. Turkey says the (more…)
Suicide vest found in southern Paris suburb
01:59 — Belgian police are still hunting for Salah Abdeslam, Europe's most wanted man and a key suspect in the Paris attacks. A suicide vest, containing simil (more…)
Philly high school basketball team searches for a place to play
04:35 — Basketball season begins this month for high school teams nationwide, but some inner-city Philadelphia players already face a tough season -- and it's (more…)
French president meeting Obama after Paris attacks
01:40 — A European Union official tells CBS News French President Francois Hollande will deliver a clear message to President Obama Tuesday at the White House (more…)
Saturday Sessions: Jeff Lynne's ELO performs "Mr. Blue Sky"
04:57 — Jeff Lynne, one of the most influential rock musicians and producers, is now leading a 21st-century version of a hit-making powerhouse. Formerly the E (more…)
Jeff Bezos on launching first fully reusable space rocket
06:23 — Amazon CEO and space entrepreneur Jeff Bezos says his rocket company, Blue Origin, successfully flew the first fully-reusable rocket to space and made (more…)
Turkey shoots down Russian jet near Syrian border
02:26 — NATO member Turkey says it shot down a Russian warplane flying from Syria that violated its airspace. Video shows the fighter jet on fire before it cr (more…)
Government warns of terror threat ahead of holidays
01:59 — Sources tell CBS News the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have issued a joint intelligence bulletin warning law enforcement agencies about ISI (more…)
Trump doubles down on story of Muslims cheering 9/11
02:17 — A new poll finds Iowa Republicans give Trump the most support for handling terrorism. Meanwhile, the billionaire is still using his questionable memor (more…)
Airports boost security for holidays after Paris attacks
02:18 — Americans are more vigilant heading into one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, as nearly 47 million people are expected to travel for Thanksgiv (more…)
Syrian family starts new life in Texas amid refugee tension
02:54 — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is doubling down on his stance against accepting Syrian refugees after the Paris terror attacks, but the state has already take (more…)
Report exposes 50 worst traffic bottlenecks in U.S.
03:18 — As nearly 47 million Americans hit the road for Thanksgiving, driving remains the most popular method of travel, according to AAA. The government repo (more…)
Belgian police arrest 16, Brussels on lockdown
02:29 — Brussels is on its third day of lockdown with the highest possible terror alert. Soldiers and police line the streets, as Belgians fear a Paris-like a (more…)
Karl Rove on 2016 campaigns, lessons from McKinley
07:15 — Political strategist Karl Rove led both of President George W. Bush's White House bids. He is looking deeper into history to a possible guide for toda (more…)
Murdoch's Wall Street Journal takes on Trump
04:29 — GOP presidential candidates are used to duking it out with the mainstream media, but now one of the world's most powerful media moguls – Wall Street J (more…)
Manhunt for Louisiana gunman after attack on good Samaritan
02:34 — There is an intensive search for a suspected gunman, believed to be 21-year-old Euric Cain, who shot a Tulane University medical student in New Orlean (more…)
The people behind Pixar's masterpieces
06:32 — This week marks 20 years since Pixar Animation Studios released its first feature movie, “Toy Story.” When it premiered, critics praised the advance i (more…)
Fairygodboss.com lets female employees review workplaces
05:35 — Fairygodboss.com allows women to anonymously post information about their workplace, including policies on parental leave. The site is being called th (more…)
Obama attends the Asian summit to tackle South China Sea, ISIS
02:34 — President Obama is denouncing the recent terror attack in Mali. This morning he is in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur for an Asian summit. The b (more…)
State of emergency declared in Mali after dozens die in terror attacks
02:32 — In the wake of Friday's terror attack, a 10 day state of emergency is in effect in the West African nation of Mali. More than a dozen people died in t (more…)
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