Music Video: Elmo and Norah Jones Sing Don't Know Y.
02:33 — Norah Jones sings about the letter 'Y' with Elmo.
5-Year-Old Boy Writes First Word After Memorizing Lyrics From 'Hollaback Girl'
01:29 — Here's one sign you may have an obsession with singer Gwen Stefani: she teaches your kid how to spell. Norah Jones of New York City can't deny she's a (more…)
Audience Q&A: Happy Birthday, Jennifer
05:47 — James Corden takes a few moments to field a few questions from the audience before things are derailed by an audience member celebrating her birthday.
The Strangest Thing Nick Offerman Has Built
03:08 — After asking Nick Offerman about his new book, "Good Clean Fun," James learns about an aroma therapy device Nick's shop built for women.
Norah Jones And Stephen Colbert Sing "Christmas Is Now"
05:42 — Sick of hearing the same old Christmas songs year after year, Norah, Stephen and Jon Batiste got together to record this instant holiday classic.
Aldis Hodge Lets James Test Drive a Bangle
01:58 — After Aldis Hodge explains his passion for horology, and how he came to make his own watches, he lets James try on one of his many bangles and bracele (more…)
Ron Howard on Tom Hanks's Ron Howard Impression
01:02 — James asks Ron Howard about "Inferno" star Tom Hanks's impression of him on "Saturday Night Live" and Ron does his best Tom Hanks.
Eric Trump Pulled a Water Cup/Fountain Drink Heist
03:27 — James catches up on Election 2016 news and looks closer at Eric Trump being photographed with an In-n-Out water cup filled with what appears to be lem (more…)
Norah Jones on inspiration behind new album
02:33 — Norah Jones has won nine Grammy Awards -- five of them for her first solo album, "Come Away With Me," which included Record of the Year and Best New A (more…)
Singer-songwriter Valerie June on her indefinable sound
03:15 — In a few short years, singer-songwriter Valerie June went from self-releasing her music to a record deal, rapturous reviews from Rolling Stone and the (more…)
Pedro Pascal’s Parents Were Political Refugees
02:15 — Pedro talks about being born in Chile, his parents being political refugees who moved to the U.S. and reveals that he saw far too many movies that wer (more…)
Pedro Pascal on Working With Matt Damon
01:31 — Pedro talks about how awful it was to work with Matt Damon on the movie The Great Wall.
Pedro Pascal On Narcos Season 3
02:10 — Pedro talks about the Netflix show “Narcos” and reveals what it’s like to film in Columbia.
David Muir On White House Leaks
04:08 — David talks about reporting on intelligence leaks from The White House and shares his thoughts on fellow journalists being called “fake news."
David Muir On Getting First Interview With President Trump
04:56 — David talks about scoring the first interview with President Donald Trump and recalls pressing him on some hard questions.
Pedestrian Question - Did You Have Sex Last Night?
04:56 — Valentine's Day is supposed to be the most romantic night of the year, but it doesn’t always go that way. We thought this would be a fun area for our (more…)
"Check It Out!" With Guillermo
01:01 — This is the debut of a brand new segment on our show where Guillermo finds something fascinating and shares it with us. #CheckItOut
Southern Accents
04:58 — On the set of a Civil War film, a British actor has trouble nailing a Southern accent, so the director steps in to help him get into character.
Korin Bukowski: "Don't Know Why"
02:04 — Korin Bukowski looks for an instant save with her take on Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why."
Internet Pop Quiz With Issa Rae
03:02 — Issa Rae takes The Tonight Show's Internet Pop Quiz, answering questions about her favorite YouTube videos, her most-used apps and the unexpected cele (more…)
Ashton Kutcher Talks About Making Humans With Mila Kunis
03:06 — Ashton Kutcher chats with Jimmy about the intense toys he has to configure for his daughter, and he ends up having to reconfigure his pants.
Issa Rae's Dad Cares More About Grad School Than Her HBO Show
02:26 — Issa Rae talks to Jimmy about her HBO show Insecure and how a billboard helped her father stop pushing her to get a degree.
Ashton Kutcher's the Ranch Is a Country Song Turned Into a Sitcom
02:36 — Ashton Kutcher talks about the biggest crowd he's ever performed for and the time he and The Police could only fill a small club with a few fans.
Vice Presidential Debate Recap, Best Snore Ever
04:11 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Wednesday, October 5.
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